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Early voting nets 3,800 ballots in Fayette

Some 3,801 ballots for tomorrow’s primary election have already been cast,

Fayette County elections officials said today.

Among those are 3,331 people who voted in-person during the early and advance voting periods, which ended Friday afternoon. The remaining ballots were casted via mail-in absentee ballot, according to county Elections Supervisor Tom Sawyer.

Fayette has approximately 80,000 registered voters, though not all of those are considered to be active voters by the state, Sawyer said.

Those who have waited until election day tomorrow will have to go to their regular precinct to cast a ballot for either the Republican or Democratic primary. The Republican ticket is the only one on which any local races are transpiring.

This year 10 of the county’s precincts will have a barcode reader that will make check-in much easier for voters who are using their driver’s license as their main form of identification, Sawyer said. The equipment reads the barcode on the license to verify the person’s identity before they are given a card that allows them to vote at an electronic kiosk, Sawyer said.



Maybe another 10% will vote regular today?

If Lindsey Lohan was attending the vote tables or was running, bet it would be 99%! No matter who is elected in November, the taxes will raise, the road will be built, no one will be laid off, and a SPLOST will be required. I look forward to a floated bond also to build an ice rank, put a roof on pool, hire Haliburton (Black Water) to patrol North and central Fayette, raise officials salaries, pay all of their health insurance, and furnish a full pension at 55 or 25 years with a 19@ 401-k paid by taxes.
All Mayors, Managers, and Commissioners and Judges will get a full pension after one term, like congress.

As usual, you make statements about something you clearly know nothing about. There is no such thing as "full pension after one term" for congresspeople. All it takes is a simple Google action using "Congressional Pension" and you might learn something.

This is turning out just like the 2009 SPLOST vote where people were furious at the local government for wanting to raise our sale tax for a bunch of useless projects. That was a 3 to 1 drubbing killing the SPLOST.

Having MARTA buses from Clayton County whizzing through Fayette probably isn't helping voter fury either.

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