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Man arrested in PTC for Gwinnett kidnapping

A routine golf cart traffic stop in Peachtree City Saturday netted a man wanted in Gwinnett County for armed robbery and kidnapping, police said.

Garrett Michael Mourterot, 22, of Allen Drive, Doraville

was arrested after the officer checking his license discovered the active warrants for his arrest, police said.

The golf cart Mourterot was on was stopped Saturday on Terrane Ridge for driving without headlights, police said.

Mourterot was taken to the Fayette County Jail and later was booked into the Gwinnett County Jail.



No headlights...LOL

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No candle behind the windows either. Methinks the perp has had access to "controlled substances".

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Wheres Mike King when you need him? I suppose he thinks that one of those silly ticket writers got lucky. Or, police rarely prevent crime, they just get confused when they get there. Hey! anti-police idiots, ticket writing does more than make you slow down, it picks up trash like this. Some of the worst or the worst were picked up on a traffic stop. I was waiting for a story like this to come along, I just didn't expect it so soon. Officer presence makes a difference in deterring crime. Officers doing thier job, writing tickets, encounter dirtbags like this EVERYDAY. Thanks PTC PD, keep up the good work. Thank you Mayor and council, for giving them the tools they need to pick up the trash.

I'm with Concerned Citizen, way to go PTC PD!

You need to join the Auxulliary Police and ride the Paths! Or, are you already a cop?

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Ditto redrooster

Didn't know the cops had started a full routine coverage of the cart paths!
Did anyone tell them this guy was running without lights? Can't ask for "papers" unless a law is being violated. How good do the lights on carts have to be? I have an air squawker on mine (T-model Ford type) to blow at someone--they throw rocks at me! And curse----whew!
I do hope this patrol practice continues---maybe some of the mail box destruction and eggings of homes can stop? How many of those guys have they arrested? Careful they have bats and sticks.
Are the day-shift desk jockeys working the night shifts, maybe?
Do we still have a person on the computer after porn guys and youth molesters?
Maybe Hawk 1 could see these night hawks on the path with infra-red!

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Speaking of papers, could you give me an email address for two of your familiy members, I need them to see these papers I have for you.


Now THAT is a very funny post!!

I red thu apprehensine of the involuntary person (whatever that is) and her subqint clerk order (not the judge) fer thu sheref to in 6 days comit her to a chiropractor fer evalue.
Air ye kidin? Whut wood moste no bout whithr er knot she war alkie or doper or jest fed up wif idgits!
As ye kin sea i kin writ more beter then who writ that fak artticle!
i nevr new a involuntary persone! is thet lak mebe sum1 who happen by accidente?

Speaking of thanking the Mayor and Council for giving them (PTC PD) the tools they need....word on the street from folks that saw this incendent is that this golf cart was stopped by an cop while on an ATV in the area....NOW THAT'S POLICE WORK AT ITS BEST!

Speaking of thanking the tools they nede the street wurd is thet this INCENDENT wuz caused bye a nother cart. is this feler frum augusta?

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Tue, 12/19/2006 - 3:56pmBy: The Citizen

Peachtree City Police Department

Sunday, Dec. 10

Garrett Michael Mourterot, 18, of Senoia Road, Tyrone for theft by receiving stolen property.

Perhaps the same individual?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

We're just gonna have to rename you "CyTheSleuth"---just think how that'll look if you get elected!

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It's amazing and scary what one can find using Google.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Kudos to PCPD. Obviously this isn't someone on Gwinnett's most wanted list. He has a facebook page open to the public that lists his address (along with directions), phone number, invitation to his birthday party, etc... This isn't exactly some guy on the lam sneaking around avoiding the law.

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