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It's about confidence and trust; vote for Huddleston & Stopford

A recent “Letter to the Editor” admonished Fayette County citizens to “know who you are voting for.”

We do. We have known some of the people who are running for County Commission for years and have gotten to know others more recently. We also know the issues and challenges that confront a county commissioner.

That's because we've served a combined 16 years on the Fayette County Commission. We still live in Fayette and our focus is still on Fayette. We're concerned about Fayette's future and about preserving the quality of life that brought us all here.

Based on this, we have agreed that we should support Sheila Huddleston and Susan Stopford for County Commission. We trust them.

We are confident that these individuals want to represent the citizens of Fayette County, and not themselves. We are confident that these individuals will carefully consider issues by using the understanding of Fayette's values that they share with all of us.

We are confident that they will not take part in cliques or factions. Fayette County citizens have had enough of that.

We are grateful that these independent individuals have stepped forward. We ask you to join us in voting for them.

Rick Price (Fayette County Commission 1988-1996; State Senator 1996-2000)

Peter Pfeifer (Fayette County Commission 2000-2008)



Prior to this election, neither of these candidates has demonstrated any interest in the position of commissioner by attending and participating in the commissioners least the ones I have attended, which is almost all of them. It was indeed a surprise when their names appeared as candidates. To the best of my knowledge, neither has ever made a public comment at a commissioners meeting. And prior to their registration, I am not aware of their publicly showing any opposition to the current administration, as the other candidates have. I have yet to see any published articles by either one comparing their positions on specific current issues against those of the current regime. Most people I've spoken with who are actively involved in county government never heard of either candidate until they registered to be candidates this past Spring.

Here, we have the ingredients that are likely to result in a runoff election, which, in my opinion, would give Commissioner Hearn and Ex-Commission Chairman Jack Smith a step up. If these candidates are serious about actually winning, they need to be much more aggressive as contenders by making public comments at the commissioners meetings, and communicating their platforms publicly.

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but Ognio beats Hearn by 15 points. 55% to 40%, the rest vote for the lady. I think the Oddo/Horgan race will be very close.

And yes the runoff leans toward Smith because he has the good old boy network and it is likely the defeated Barlow supporters just stay home - unless Maxwell riles them up again or Huddleston is able to make a lot of noise about Smith's past history as chair. Most likely scenario is that Smith beats Huddleston in the runoff by a couple hundred votes - out of maybe 1,500 that actually show up to vote again in August. It will be a dreadfully low turnout with just one local race. Pretty expensive as well.

Live free or die!

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Both of these candidates may be late to the game by your standards but I suspect they both saw the writings and behavior of the regular meeting attendees who are now running and thought, "Oh my gosh, I cannot let this happen to my county". I appreciate their willingness to step up....even late.

Once again folks, please watch the candidate interviews on Comcast Channel 25. County Commission interviews are at the top of every hour and BoE interviews are at the bottom of every hour. Elections have consequences.

Gene Drake

The two female candidates who have announced candidacy at last minute have never been regulars at the meetings to learn what's going on in the county? I believe one of them has stated she did attend "one" meeting? Just curious where these candidates have obtained knowledge on the county's current affairs? I've seen them in a recent debate and their knowledge consisted mainly of their bio's; current occupation, travels, family, past associations, employment, etc? Just curious. . . . .

While I’m happy that people attend and participate in County Commission Meetings, I’d disagree with your conclusions. Let’s follow your logic a bit. 1.) I attended perhaps 2 County Commission meetings in the early ‘90’s (when they were held in the old courthouse). In the next 10 years I attended maybe a couple more before I ran for Commissioner in 2000. While there are people who might disagree with some of my votes, I don’t recall anyone saying that I wasn’t prepared because I hadn't been to enough meetings. 2.) Rick Price and I attended a total of 16 years of Commission Meetings. Do you say our opinions are more valid than your opinion, who hasn’t? If that’s the measure, then I guess you’ll be voting for Susan and Sheila? 3.)And don’t forget Herb Frady, who’s attended more meetings than any of us! Is he your ideal Commissioner?

as the fortune-teller’s in the Georgia Lottery commercial. I have attended all of the debates/forums for the candidates for commissioner and have NOT been favorably impressed with Ognio. If anything, he’s scary. He doesn’t have real solutions which, I believe, is from a lack of understanding of the issues, and only complains about how things are done now. He’s just going to “vote ‘em out!” Then what? Yes, life would be easier if we could stop the world from turning, regroup, and start it back up again, but it doesn’t work that way.

As each debate/forum has continued, the “that was 10 years ago” and “it’s not relevant” road rage incident keeps creeping back to mind as Ognio’s behavior is observed. He tends to get angrier and louder as he comments. He appears to have been pushed into running for commissioner and isn’t at all comfortable with the idea. His erratic behavior can also be seen in the candidate interviews on Comcast channel 25. Please watch these interviews before voting.

Oh, and Stopford? She says a whole lot without saying anything.

My vote is going to Hearn.

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Below I was musing. Now here are my hard and fast predictions

Ognio over Hearn by 15%
Smith over Huddleston (or possibly Barlow) in a runoff
Oddo over Horgan by 5% - Charles is pushing hard to meet people in Fayetteville door to door and the "new face, open mind" is a terrific slogan.

Save it somewhere and we shall see on August 1.

Your preferences or mine each count for 1 vote. The overwhelming majority of the people voting in this thing have never met the candidates, attended a debate, looked at Comcast 25, been to a county commission meeting or have any idea at all about county government. Sad, but true. So, they will be influenced positively by yard signs or negatively by memories of newspaper headlines. Hearn and Horgan do indeed have their supporters, but likely there will be more detractors because of something a voter may have read or heard or just plain old "out with the old" sentiment. I realize it doesn't make sense, it certainly isn't fair, but that is what happens - this time and almost every time.

The Barlow/Smith/Huddleston contest is much more interesting, but only Barlow seems to be trying, and once again the negatives of the bankruptcy and the connection with Brown will lose him many votes. Those votes will go to Smith or Huddleston probably based on yard signs or name recognition or gender preference - which is all there is since neither of them appear sufficiently motivated for hard campaigning. Smith suffers a little as he is a quasi-incumbent, but he is backed by the power structure.

Live free or die!

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Give us your thoughts

[quote=suggarfoot]Give us your thoughts[/quote]

Why, because the guy posts here constantly?

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Lighten up, Francis.

It appears that candidates Stopford and Huddleston are expending somewhat less than the effort it takes to get elected. I do quite a bit of driving in and around Fayetteville and have not seen them or their supporters waving signs like the other commissioner candidates. I have found quite a bit of campaigning effort expended by candidates Barlow, Oddo, and Ognio. Not only are the "gals" behind in waving signs, they appear to have far fewer stationary campaign signs as well. To get elected, they are going to have to get more aggressive sooner or later speaking out on issues, shaking hands, and putting forth enough effort to convince folks that they are serious candidates.

Jack Smith, too, seems to be much more subdued now than two years ago in terms of far fewer signs, waving signs, and overall election efforts. With the anti-incumbent atmosphere evidenced by the last commissioners election and mayoral election results, it would seem vital that Messrs. Hearn and Smith stop the most vocal challengers Barlow, Oddo and Ognio from winning the Republican Primary election. My own reaction is that you can't really be a duck without quacking like one. In my estimation, it will take a far greater campaigning effort by the ladies to be recognized as seriously pursuing the commissioners positions.

What we see within the next week should tell the story.

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Really? That's how you judge whether someone is a "serious" candidate or not?

I don't think these women stepped up but were sought by the men who signed this letter plus others connected with past commissions. The women signed up at the last moment, joined the GOP at the last minute and with little knowledge of county activities. Anything they are aware of is most likely based on briefings from former commissioners who have one objective and it is not for the good of Fayette County. It is to stop an itch that bothers the hell out of them. The itch is Steve Brown. Their dislike borders on hate. Ms. Stopford said in a phone call to a person connected to this election, she could not lose because she has influential friends. She also stated that her next mission is to help defeat Steve Brown. She admitted that she did not know him or has heard him speak but she knew he was loud and arrogant. She knew this not because she knew it first hand but because that was what she was told. Ms. Huddleston has been very silent on how she became a candidate but I think the two women are linked. The county commission has been playing a lot of games on the people. We need to make a big change and get men and women who have no agenda, either their own or their promoters. Barlow, Ognio and Oddo fit that description. Please vote.

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While I'm sure they are both qualified in their areas of expertise, what would they bring to the Board of Commissioners' positions?

I have been attending budget meetings and the monthly board meetings for over three years and I have never seen either one at any meetings.

Simply signing up to be a candidate and being endorsed by two former commissioners, Peter Pfeifer and Rick Price, hardly meets the requirements for a seat on the Board of Commissioners.

Charles Oddo, Randy Ognio and David Barlow have been coming to budget meetings and the monthly meetings and speaking out on many issues for the last two or three years.

In my opinion, they are the only three candidates that are qualified to be elected to the Board of Commissioners.

Jim Richter

PIPS, your view of “campaigning” is colored by your (very) recent exposure to it. I’ve been on a ballot 8 times, lost twice. In 2004, after 5:00 pm on election day I “waved” at the incoming traffic on Highway 54. Once.

I don’t usually prognosticate about campaigns because I’ve been shocked by wins and by loses. I’ve seen people with a huge number of signs win, and lose. I’ve seen people “wave” and win and “wave” and lose. There are many ways to campaign besides those. Bless your heart but I think it’s silly to attempt to judge candidates qualifications using the limited criteria that you use.

And, I guess you missed this but Sheila Huddleston has run for office before! In Fayette County! She ran for Magistrate 4 years ago and almost beat the sitting Chief Magistrate, Bob Ruppenthal. I think that’s running for office at least one more time than three of the people you are supporting. I think Jim missed that one too.

Susan is fairly new in the County so she’s not run before but she’s doing something now that 99+% of people never do, put her name on a ballot and step up to run for office. Good for them.

Neither Sheila nor Susan, nor I have attempted to demean your choices. Your attempts to denigrate these people don’t speak highly of you nor Jim Richter. You are being part of the problem.

As far as being informed and aware of what's going on. There are alternates to going to Commission meetings. Thanks to Janet Dunn, and later Dave Barlow, a lot of the Commission meetings are on the internet. Also, the County posts improved Minutes, a cause for which I fought but might predate your interest in the Commission. And one can read the papers and talk with people. With all these alternates, one doesn't need to “go to meetings” to be informed, I don't go and I am.

Sheila Huddleston wasn't admitted to the State Bar until 2010, therefore I am fairly certain that she didn't run, nor did she almost unseat Judge Ruppenthal in 2008.

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From an old Steve Brown column, she lost by 1.58%:

At that time, I don't believe you had to be a member of the GA State Bar in order to serve as a Judge in FC.

The easy way to find them: go to the Fayette County website,, click on the button on the right -"Elections/Voters", then button on left side “Election Results”, then the .pdf for “General Election November 4th, 2008” – (a day that shall live in infamy as the day Obama got elected), “Election Summary Report” & scroll down to page 7.

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Peter, we get it! You don't like Commissioner Steve Brown and you and your pals are supporting Stopford and Huddleston primarily to stick it to him.

I have not found anyone that remebers seeing either of these fine ladies at a budget meeting or at any monthly meetings. So, where have they demonstrated any involvement or committment regarding the county's business?

Why would anyone vote for them when we have three people who have been heavily involved in the process for at least three years? Ogino, Barlow, and Oddo have clearly demonstrated their geniune interest in our county by going to almost every meeting and attending the often boring budget meetings that span three full days?

Jim Richter

Are you saying that your criteria for who is a good/bad candidate is based on who has gone to the most meetings? Are you sure? Do you know how many meetings all past candidates have attended prior to election? Allen? Steve? Does the fact that the incumbent has attended the most meetings qualify them over any challenger? And, speaking of Steve, who was? Is that your red herring?

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[quote=americanpatriots]Peter, we get it! You don't like Commissioner Steve Brown and you and your pals are supporting Stopford and Huddleston primarily to stick it to him.
There are plenty of very valid reasons to support other candidates besides "sticking it Steve Brown" who I don't recall as being on the ballot in the first place. Demeaning every other candidate and their supporters is a rather broad stroke, don't you think?
I have not found anyone that remebers seeing either of these fine ladies at a budget meeting or at any monthly meetings. So, where have they demonstrated any involvement or committment regarding the county's business?

How many Fayetteville City council meetings did Greg Clifton attend before running against Ken Steele? Were people upset about how he attended ZERO but beat Steele anyway? I imagine the local fringe crowd was ecstatic and could have cared less. Frankly, it was past time for steele to go IMO also, but the criteria for replacing him seems to be a helluva lot lower than what you want in others.
Why would anyone vote for them when we have three people who have been heavily involved in the process for at least three years? Ogino, Barlow, and Oddo have clearly demonstrated their geniune interest in our county by going to almost every meeting and attending the often boring budget meetings that span three full days?

I don't question whether Ognio, Barlow and Oddo have a genuine interest in FC or not, just like I don't question whether the opposing candidates have a genuine interest. What I do question is how a sane person can support a David Barlow for anything besides resident kook who thinks that every issue has something to do with his religious interpretations of God that I frankly find offensive and demeaning to Christianity. WOW! He's going to a lot of meetings! He cares! So? I want a lot more than "caring" or "interest;" I want someone who doesn't believe that God has a vested interest in whether TSPLOST passes or not and also doesn't act and speak like the FC Taliban. The guy is a real fringe kook that also has filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy twice. What a terrible choice.

As far as Ognio and Oddo go...more power to them and good luck on the election as I'd like to see both of them win myself. If it comes down to Smith vs. Barlow, Bald-Headed Cyclist gets my vote. If Huddleston makes the runoff, I'd go with her over either in a second. Smith was an abject failure and Barlow is a kook. Not so tough to not vote for either.

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I have to agree with you that Greg Clifton did not attend many meetings. Ken Steele was a hazard to the entire county and Greg was the only one who dared run. Greg was not Ken; thus, Greg got the majority. The majority got wise to Ken's behind the scenes dealing. As for Greg, he has a big learning curve and he is plowing away at it. Greg's heart is for the people and a lot of us are hoping he succeeds.

David Barlow had to file for bankruptcy after a divorce - that happens. What you fail to mention is that he later manned-up and restored his relationship with his wife and they remarried and have had decades of a wonderful life together since.

The other bankruptcy came from the debt of having to defend himself in a lawsuit against an employer he turned in for tax evasion. David is guy that will not stand for corruption and we could sure use that in Fayette County.

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I think Barlow would be toxic to FC with his mindset of every-issue-involves-God. I cannot swallow that whatsoever and I completely reject that kind of fundamentalism.
Yelling his holier-than-thou stuff at both Drake and Terry Garlock and what I have seen myself tells me he's a real kook.

As far as Barlow's reconciliation with his former wife and now wife again, I didn't mention it because that's a personal and private issue that doesn't need to be dredged up on either side of the political spectrum because it has nothing to do with this election. I don't think less or more of the man because of that issue and as far as I'm concerned, it's off-limits. I've said the same thing before many times here when people have disgustingly tried to drag your family into your political career and I think it's completely wrong. Barlow seems to be trying to make that a "high point" in his campaign with his letter to The Citizen, but I'm not going there.

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I can easily say that I have a lot more time around David Barlow than you have. We share the same faith. We share the same views on most issues facing the county.

He does not go around injecting Jesus into every issue we discuss. However, in our Christian faith, we are taught to take on a mindset that reflects the teachings of Jesus. I meditate on the Sermon on the Mount as a guide for governing - no apologies. I wish I could say I got it all down, but I try my best.

David Barlow calls and emails me asking me to check his facts, wanting to see my research on issues and he shows up to meetings, workshops and the like. He is not perfect (none of us are). But I can say his heart is in the absolute right place and he has been a force for the right causes.

If you are going to throw a bankruptcy after the division of assets from a divorce in his face as a reason not to vote for him, I can tell you about a boat load of LOCAL developers and builders who filed bankruptcy after screwing their customers to avoid making good. You know which party would get my support - Barlow.

One of the greatest compliments I ever received was when a political enemy said in front of a few that I never acted out of self-interest. My guess is David Barlow will be the same way.

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The best way you could have helped Mr. Barlow to get elected was not to endorse him but worked for him behind the scenes. If you really believe all you have said about him you have done a great disservice to your colleague. Despite your election, you are still not well regarded by much of this county and I wouldn't expect a large turnout based on anything you might say. If you haven't noticed, it's going to be an anti-incumbent year, including endorsements by those that are currently in power.

Now you've done it!


You could vote for both of them.

Nothing wrong with Christian Faith, I judge it as a positive; But to wear it on your sleeve and habitually shove it in the face of others is not positive. Sounds like one who does that may be better suited for the Ministry.

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Nowhere have I questioned Barlow's faith or anyone else's...that is what Barlow himself has done time and again and why I am also so opposed to him being elected to anything. Why Steve Brown went way off on a tangent about sharing the same faith as Barlow does(or most people in FC) I don't know, but I guess it is a good way to dodge the issue of Barlow's kooky leanings and public pronouncements.

Who has stated that people shouldn't vote for Barlow simply because he's a Christian? I must have missed that. As far as I know, about everyone in office already and their opponents share the same Christian faith. It's the Bible-thumping yelling at others he disagrees with that sets Barlow apart and his being Brown's lap-dog and two bankruptcies sure doesn't make him much of a candidate IMO. Sounds more like a disaster. Sort of like a male version of Michelle Bachmann.

Sir, in the years you were mayor of Peachtree City, I would offer the opinion that you ALWAYS acted in your self-interest. You went out of your way to destroy the team that built a world-class public tennis center, then tried to weasel out of the cost of your actions. Your only real claim to fame there was a dog park. He-he!

Fortunately, the citizens of Peachtree City realized their mistake and did not return you to office. Too bad the rest of Fayette County did not pay attention.


Steve Brown's picture

First of all, Rick Price is a very nice guy, BUT his voting record in the state senate ranked with some of the top Democrats. His endorsement is not going to sway conservatives and Republicans.

It is humorous that Peter Pfeifer goes on about cliques and factions. He was part of one on the Board of Commissioners. Again, there's nothing wrong with a faction or voting block that votes in the best interest of the people.

Sheila Huddleston is a sweet woman and she should run for office one day after she participates in the process. I am voting for the people who have been there day-in and day-out fighting for right actions and fiscal responsibility. Sheila never showed up.

Susan Stopford is further out on the spectrum than Shelia. Susan does not have a clue what is going on and she has proved it in the debates.

It appears as though Peter wants a group in there that he can control from the outside.

Again, if you want independence, if that is ultimately what is most important to you, go review the all the votes over the last two years and you will see that I was the most independent vote on the entire Board of Commissioners.

The most independent vote on the Board recommends that the voters elect David Barlow, Randy Ognio and Charles Oddo.

Several weeks ago, in his very special “personal attack” way, Steve informed you that I was “feverishly” working on a Plan to re-elect Greg Dunn to the County Commission. To check on Steve's veracity, you could see if Greg's name appears on your ballot. It's not on mine.

Now, Steve claims that I'm working to build a “Faction”. I think that folks can understand what the current situation is. I'm not currently serving in public office, but he is. So, if anyone is trying to build a voting block, that would have to be him wouldn't it?

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I'm sure Sheila Huddleston will be glad to know you think she's sweet. And you probably think that it's so cute of her running for commission but now she needs to go back to cooking and cleaning and let you smart men fix things up.

You are one condescending jerk!!

Gene Drake

If you looked up condescending in the dictionary you would see an 8x10 glossy of yourself next to the description. You have shown time after time on this site that you feel no one on here is bright enough to read or comprehend for themselves. I guess you find calling someone 'sweet' worse than calling them jerks, crazy and so much worse. But, then, you must be excused for using such pejorative terms because it must be so taxing (no pun intended) for someone of your superior intellect and knowledge to have to explain over and over to the great unwashed masses just how wonderful T-SPLOST is and still we don't seem to get it. You must go home at night and fall on your knees and pray to the GREAT T-SPLOST MASTER in the sky (or at least downtown Atlanta) to deliver you from having to deal with such thick-skulled, stubborn individuals.

efdrakejr's picture

I'm not sure who the Great T-SPLOST Master in the Sky is but I did have a conversation with God last night and he told me that the T-SPLOST was good but that Barlow and Brown were bad for the county. I'm not going to tell you what he said about you but you might think about going to confession...soon!!

Gene Drake

schedule takes time to discuss local politics and lil ole me with you. Are you sure it wasn't Kasim Reed's voice you heard and you just thought it was God? I wouldn't be surprised to hear you don't have a cassette of Kasim's voice that you play as you go to sleep each might repeating over and over "T-SPLOST is good--now go spread the word--help get T-SPLOST passed and there will be many rewards for you--here on earth. My city has many mansions and they all need roads leading to them---and you will be master of all the roads you survey. Go, now, my son and make it happen." I feel pretty certain that is what you heard instead of God's voice. If God spoke to you it would probably be to say "Elfie, get a life, I have too much to deal with with war, floods, pestilence, etc. to be bothered with you and your petty requests. I have no time to suffer fools and their foolish requests. NO, I will not bring forth a tsunami on July 31st to wash away all the NO votes--you are on your own. But, a little advice, if I were you I would acquire a taste for crow."

efdrakejr's picture

But God bless you anyway.

Gene Drake

yours. You just don't get it--but hey, that's okay not everyone can be bright--even tho there are those who think they are the brightest lightbulb in the fixture. Not calling any names but his initials are EFDRAKE, JR.

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[quote=Steve Brown]
Again, if you want independence, if that is ultimately what is most important to you, go review the all the votes over the last two years and you will see that I was the most independent vote on the entire Board of Commissioners.

The most independent vote on the Board recommends that the voters elect David Barlow, Randy Ognio and Charles Oddo.[/quote]

Let's see how "independent" Barlow, Ognio and Oddo really are. Despite the fact that I'll be likely voting for 2 of the 3(not Barlow, I'm not that stupid), I don't for one second feel like Barlow or Ognio are too independent and think they are mainly Brownies. Oddo, don't know but I think he's likely truly "independent" of Steve Brown.

So......candidates start your engines and read this:

Now, to prove your "independence" and of not simply being a Brown acolyte, tell the public whether you AGREE, DISAGREE and WHY with the content of this Steve Brown missive. You see, I've never heard a single Steve Brown supporter EVER question this letter to the editor in any way whatsoever and I would think a truly independent FC person would in fact have a comment. So, let's hear it! It's a real relevant issue now and was back then also when the letter was published. There is no disputing its origin or authenticity. Agree, disagree, why? So simple and I can almost guarantee you that no Brownie is going to respond.

just like when I said Mr. Brown misleads....he's the drum major for these folks. Independent voices, my left eye.

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I have often wondered if you are so ashamed of the endless babble you post that you don't have the cojones to put your name on your blogs? Does it give you a real rush to be anonymous?

Jim Richter

NUK_1's picture

If you don't like it, go cry me a river. If you are too dense to understand why someone would desire anonymity on the Internet and especially here, get educated and then come back and discuss.

I'm glad you were my boss once :)

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I endorse everything Nuk says, you just don't like like it because he's not a Steve Brown butt monkey like you and Pips and ginga and lets not forget sugga. The fact is Brown didn't win because he's Steve Brown, he won because he's not Jack Smith. Oh yeah, my name's Randy Clokey, since you seem to worried about peoples packages.

I yam what I yam

I'm curious, since you seemed to have an issue with a candidate with nothing more than a JOURNALISM degree.

Does that really matter to you, or are you trying to push another agenda?

I'm finding there's a common thread to a certain group of thought who support a particular string of candidates in this election:

1. Retired. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
2. Feel wronged in some way by the "establishment".
3. Ready to get behind ANYONE who will help them, regardless of their shortcomings.
4. Appear to be in lock-step on a variety of opinions, as if they were fed to them.
5. Seem to be able to wield Excel with ferocity to disastrous results.

I wonder how many of these folks actually pay the full compliment of taxes they complain about? Homestead and School exemptions may run rampant. I wonder how many of these folks live in what others might consider opulence by regular standards and are fighting to keep their pile?

Here's my agenda:
1. I own a home here in the County. I pay taxes for that and for a school system I don't use.
2. I work a full time job in Atlanta in the PRIVATE sector, and I'm not a lobbyist.
3. I choose to commute and can find ways to avoid traffic congestion, but I believe there are problems that need to be fixed and improved to help our region stay competitive in the next 20 years.
4. I believe that government CAN do good, with appropriate checks and balances, just like the private sector can.
5. I understand that if revenues go down and expenses stay the same or go up to perform the same services, either services need to be cut or revenues need to be increased.
6. I haven't heard the citizens volunteer to have any services cut in the local sector, therefore they may tacitly be asking for tax increases.
7. I am voting for the T-SPLOST because I believe some action is better than the continued griping. If you look for the perfect solution, you'll keep looking.
8. I am voting to keep the incumbents in local office, as I don't believe in the conspiracy that others seem to about vast corruption and (gulp) developers. The West Fayetteville Bypass was voted in by Fayette County voters, including me, so finish it already.
9. I am voting for a school board that is involved and participates in the school system, not for outsiders to it. I want a good school system to encourage good demography in our area.

I enjoy the debate on this site - it's a shame there's generally only one side presented for most of the arguments on here. I'm anonymous because I can be - I am a citizen, same as you. Just because I don't post my name or credentials doesn't mean my opinion is of less value than yours.

Now, let's all go vote and get this mess over with.

Veritas's picture

The issue with your candidate with the journalism degree is that he goes around touting himself a financial genius when in fact he has little to no experience. Especially , when it comes to "Real World" finance and budgeting. It's obvious you "still don't know" .

I do agree let's get this mess over with!

hmmm......okay, so Dr. Marchman TEACHES finance classes.

When has he been any of the following?

- Comptroller
- Finance Director
- Accountant
- Budget Analyst
- Primary or Secondary (non-college) instructor or administrator

What has he been?
- Engineer
- Independent consultant on FCC licensing
- Sales Rep
- FAILED entrepreneur (
- Sales Rep again
- Taught college business and finance classes

SOURCE - Dr. Marchman's LinkedIn page -

Getting a PhD in anything means you can write papers and theses and do a bunch of research. It doesn't mean you have any more or less "experience" than someone who works as a "financial consultant" actually working with clients.

No governmental finance experience or accounting experience. He wouldn't get hired in a government or school board accounting or finance department with that "experience".

He's an engineer who became a sales rep and wanted to start his own Internet business. Failing at that (bubble burst), he changed careers to be an assistant professor - not fully tenured or advanced in the seven years at Tech.

His opponent in the primary? Kinda did the same thing - worked in one field, then changed horses to get to the realm of finance. He has no specific experience in governmental or education accounting either.

So, when I look at that, I see them as equals. Going to school and writing papers does not make you more of an expert in anything other than going to school. Ask 100 people if they work in the field they got their degree in...I bet more than half say no.

suggarfoot's picture

"He wouldn't get hired in a government or school board accounting or finance department with that "experience"."

You are so right, he is so bright....they are paying him to ..TEACH.. the classes with his experience and training at one of the best colleges around! Ha Ha! You are RIDICULOUS!

Nice looking, well educated ladies, but it looks to me as though they expressed no public interest in county government until candidate registration time. Barlow and Ognio, on the other hand, have shown a keen interest in the Commissioners office for many months. They have been speaking out against the "three vote block" guys for ages.

Stopford's and Huddleston's platforms are anti-incumbent, and contain some of the same planks as those of Ogino and Barlow (like anti mass transit and anti West Bypass), which would suggest that they will cost B, O and O votes. All that will help Jack Smith and his boys reduce the serious opposition.In terms of addressing current issues, it was Barlow and Ognio, not the ladies who have been on the forefront, especially in the media and commissioners meetings. Unlike last year, the addition of Stopford and Huddleston this year is likely to give Smith and Hearn a runoff election opportunity they would not otherwise have had.

If they are really serious about winning, I'd like to see the ladies aggressively get into the nuts and bolts of major controversial issues, and start waving some signs like the other candidates are doing. Otherwise,they become stumbling blocks that the actively campaigning candidates who have been continuously addressing the major county issues don't need.

If any person or group helped either of the ladies make up her mind to run, they should step forward and assist with more active campaign support.

NUK_1's picture

[quote=pips1414]Nice looking, well educated ladies, but it looks to me as though they expressed no public interest in county government until candidate registration time. Barlow and Ognio, on the other hand, have shown a keen interest in the Commissioners office for many months. They have been speaking out against the "three vote block" guys for ages.

Greg Clifton-the now Mayor of Fayetteville-attended ZERO meetings of the Fayetteville City Council and unseated your hated Ken Steele. Why weren't you whining about that then? It's because you and others of your ilk engage in total hypocrisy about EVERY issue and have no principles whatsoever that apply to every candidate; only those who you oppose. My candidate=PERFECT. Other Guy=TOTAL SCUM. I wish I could walk through life stumbling around on such simplistic ideals.

The only thing you give a damn about is whether your candidate that Steve Brown told you to vote for happens to win. You could also care less about whatever happens to "others" in FC as long as you're happy. We've all seen that with how you wanted to throw the EFB residents under the bus in order to stop the WFB.

Come up with anything to say besides a Steve Brown talking point and maybe people will take you seriously instead of your constant whine, attacks, and complete hypocrisy.

I need to know who not to vote for.


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