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7 US applicants, but BoE picks a foreign teacher

An Australian teacher with a temporary work visa has won a Fayette County drama teaching slot over at least seven U.S. applicants.

It was an agreement between the Fayette County School System and Global Teachers Research & Resources, Inc. that would place a drama teacher with a Global work visa at McIntosh High School. The vote on the measure ended in a 2-2 vote at the June 29 meeting and a 3-1 vote two weeks later.

School system Human Resources Director Reanee Ellis in introducing the proposal noted that Fayette had used a different company in the past to place hard-to-fill positions such as hospital homebound teachers, occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech therapists.

Ellis told board members that McIntosh had seen five different drama teachers in the past several years. She said McIntosh staff had interviewed seven candidates for the position and had requested that the school system “cast a wider net” for additional applicants.

The Global teacher, an Australian national with a bachelor’s degree and three years experience, was “heads and shoulders above the rest,” Ellis explained.

McIntosh Principal Lisa Fine was also present at the meetings to advocate for the placement. Fine at the July 13 meeting said the position had been temporarily filled by a long-term substitute since February. She said her belief was that the Global teacher was the best person to help grow the drama program.

Ellis explained that under the one-year contract the drama teacher would be a Global employee and would receive no benefits from the Fayette County School System. The cost to the school system would be the $36,133 salary and an $8,000 administration fee to Global that would include the teacher’s benefits. Ellis said the total would amount to a savings of $6,000 if the teacher were an employee of the school system.

“This is essentially a cultural exchange,” Ellis said, adding that, as a Global employee, the teacher would have no due process rights and would be on a year-to-year contract.

Board member Bob Todd asked what would happen if an issue came up with any teacher that is not employed by the school system. Ellis responded, saying that both Global and the school system check out potential teachers and that if problems did arise they would, ultimately, be referred to Global.

Todd in his response said his concern was not with the particular teacher but with the process that included having a school system position filled by a company rather than continuing to search for a teacher that would be a Fayette employee.

Board member Janet Smola at the July 13 meeting asked Fine if she could continue to advertise the position. Fine said she could do so though that outcome might be the hire of a lesser candidate.

The June 29 vote on the measure was 2-2, with Smola and Chairman Terri Smith voting in favor and Todd and board member Marion Key opposed. Brought up again July 13, the vote was 3-1 in favor of the Global hire, with Smith, Smola and board member Lee Wright supporting the measure and with Todd opposed.



Finally some votes by the Board that aren't 3-2 - oh yeah - a board member was missing at each vote! When will these people learn to work together??

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Can we dare hope that Shakespeare might invade MHS?

Is this the cultural exchange that we can expect?

We can only hope!

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Hope she's as good looking as Nicole Kidman. I'll enroll.

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"The Global teacher, an Australian national with a BACHELOR'S DEGREE’s degree and THREE YEARS EXPERIENCE, was “heads and shoulders above the rest,” Ellis explained."

I've looked at this companies web site. One of their requirements for hiring is 'you must be a foreigner
Prior to being considered applicants must meet the minimum requirements:

"Demonstrate fluency in English;
Possess citizenship OUTSIDE the United States;
Earned the equivalence of a Bachelor’s Degree or higher and completed an accredited educator preparation program;
Previous successful teaching experience"

The requirement that you must NOT be a US citizen makes me wonder if this company is playing both ends and how much of the 36,000. the teacher will get.

I also wonder if this job was adverstised when it was suppose to be and if so, how good is Rene Ellis at her job?

When McIntosh said 'cast your net wider' I don't think they meant the other side of the earth. A bit extreme don't you think?

Would you like to know how many teachers from the USA teach in Australia? Or any other country?No. I didn't think so.

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When I saw the headline in the paper, I couldn't wait to see what backwards and insular comments might appear in the Comments section online. I was pleasantly surprised to see only one. Is it possible that PTC is actually beginning to think more globally? I'll reserve judgment for now. But let me add that we have just returned from Australia after a visit with my brother-in-law. Nice place, in case you were wondering.

Wonderful place, if you hear my brother-in-law and his fiancee describe it. They've lived there for 5 years and have decided to put down roots and buy a house there. Ironically, he is a graduate of McIntosh High. After multiple degrees from UGA and Penn State, he went on to become a research scientist, met his fiancee - a Minnesota native and professor of geography - and they moved to Australia to work for a notable research institute and a major university, respectively.

So, in the spirit of the global economy (and to those who haven't realized it yet, I invite you pull your heads out of...the sand), I congratulate McIntosh's new unnamed visiting Australian drama teacher and wish him or her the best. I also congratulate Principal Fine and Ms. Ellis for (1) selecting the best person available for the job to educate our children,(2) pursuing a cultural exchange that might provide our children new perspectives than the ones typically found in Fayette County, and (3)apparently finding creative ways to hire at the best value for our tax dollars during these troubled economic times. And thanks to the board members (Smola, Smith & Wright) who voted to support the decision.

When you take a look at the big picture, the solution is not to insulate ourselves from the world and hire "our own kind." Instead, we must educate our children to compete in the world by providing them with the finest educations we can give them.

Finally, in the balance of global exchange, we still need to hire another Australian, don't we?

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We have talented out of work teachers in the US that could have done this job. Ms Ellis didn't look too far to come up with this teacher. Where she came from, Dekalb county, has hired over 60 green cards and they ain't Ausies. Hardly a novel idea there, but one I hope doesn't take root here. I don't want to see us modeled after Dekalb schools. They are making they news, but it isn't for brainstorms about where to get their teachers.

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It would be fine with you if I out source your job and all of your family memebers jobs to make this or any Global headhunter company rich. Smith ,Smola, Ellis and Wright you've got another member of the MORON society. This job was vacant in FEB. not posted until May(Strange??) What about the teacher lost in RIF. In case you haven't noticed Americans are suffering and looking for work!
Use your head for something besides a hat rack!!

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>> It would be fine with you if I out source your job and all of your family memebers jobs to make this or any Global headhunter company rich.

I've got news for you, Veritas - it happens every day. Want to know why I still have a job? Because I got an education and can compete in the global marketplace.

You just don't/won't get it, will you? Then you and your offspring are doomed.

This has got to be the most dumbass thing ever heard of. We have plenty of qualified teachers in Fayette County and the State of Georgia. The person must be somebody's buddy. It's got to be somebody tied to Somola, Smith an Wenzel or one of the stooges working in the school district.

What the hell is wrong with you idiots?

Should be left to those with the authority and knowledge of requirements and availability. We who are not in that loop should stay out of it. I know that we have had foreign teachers in the Southern Crescent for several years, so this is not some earth-shattering NEW endeavor.

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Thanks for not disappointing.

Shame on PTC for allowing The Little River Band to play in The Fred on July 10th. Aren't there plenty of qualified bands in Fayette County and the State of Georgia. Why the hell are we lettin' these furrin' bands into our country?

ACS - are you getting the message yet, you backwoods moron?

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When people feel the need to channel Colin Cowherd. As far as the LRB goes "Take it easy on me, It should be easy to see,I'm getting lost in the crowd"

.... For the most glib right-outta-the-gate personal insults of the day?

The envelope please....


(1) "Grabbed Right Out of The Air Opening Slur" (for "uninformed mouthbreathers")


(2) "Cheap Parting Shot" (for "backwoods moron")

Braveswin.... Braveswin.... Braveswin....

How about a little civil discourse??

Can you tackle the issues and differences of opinion without casting personal slurs or cultural aspersions on other contributors with legitimate concerns -- and perhaps consider -- their right to express their own opinion is just as valuable as your own?

Then again --
If your arguments are weak and all the facts are not in play ---

Maybe insults and slurs are the best you can do??

why we would go out of the country and hire teachers when we have teachers who are qualified and being laid off in this county? I must be an uniformed mouthbreather because I could not see why we would do this either. From what I understand, we would not be paying into retirement, insurance, etc. with the foreign hires but we would be paying a fee to the company furnishing them. Wouldn't it be advantageous all the way around to employ local teachers, keeping their buying power intact and in our community, saving on unemployment, having local teachers who are interested in their community and not just a paycheck? And, too, what does this do for the morale of the other teachers when they see how easily they are replaced by out of country teachers? I do not see how you can compare hiring a band to play a 'gig' for a limited engagement with supplying teachers for our children.

Just a suggestion: My teachers always taught me that it was much smarter to get your point across with civility rather than name calling and ugly ranting. That is one lesson that this great-grandmother has never forgotten, except for a few names used to refer to Bonkers, aka ACS and many other aliases. Even then, it was done in fun and did not cross the bounds of civility. Or am I being completely obtuse and your blog was tongue in cheek?

I don't know why we hired this one drama teacher from Australia, maybe we shouldn't have.
What I do know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with us hiring their teachers and they hiring ours. It is so few that it makes no difference.

Now, I read into what those who object are saying is that local teacher morale will be hurt and that they spend their money here, and I suppose may not stay here long enough to become a special person----a teacher.

Please do not forget that a teacher's job is to successfully teach our children or to fail them if necessary.
Many districts are now laying off teachers by the hundreds due to budgets but it should be due to incompetence or laziness or too much time spent bragging about being a "teacher!
The only thing worse are these teacher's supervisors who allow such stuff and fire no one unless they commit two felonies!

Who is this fellow that causes you to lose your reason and religion?

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