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Brown, McCarty, Todd victorious

UPDATED 10:39 p.m. — With only 250 mailed in absentee ballots and one early voting machine left to be tallied, it is certain that county commission challengers Steve Brown and Allen McCarty have upset incumbents Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell. Bob Todd also held onto his seat on the Fayette County Board of Education.

Brown has 7,420 votes to incumbent Jack Smith's 6,506 votes in the Post 4 commission race. In Post 5, McCarty has a 7,415 to 6,236 edge over incumbent Eric Maxwell.

Incumbent Board of Education member Bob Todd has retained a significant lead with 8,446 to 5,200 compiled by challenger Charlie Cave.

With 250 mail-in absentee ballots left to be counted and another 50 or so votes from the single outstanding early voting machine, there isn't enough room for a change in the totals to switch any candidate's fortune.

All of the above contested races are among Republicans who face no Democratic challengers in November.

Also up for a local decision tonight, Fayetteville voters weighed in on a measure to create special tax allocation districts to spur redevelopment of several commercial areas off Ga. Highway 85 just north of downtown. The initiative appeared headed for a defeat, with the "no" votes leading 1,148 to 1,012.

Brown, a former Peachtree City mayor and McCarty, a relative newcomer, are certain to shake up the current board of commissioners. The two campaigned together, in large part on a bid to halt the West Fayetteville Bypass project. To do so, however, they will need to convince one of the remaining three sitting commissioners: Lee Hearn, Herb Frady or Robert Horgan.



suggarfoot's picture

It looks like the good guys are winning. I know all the votes aren't in yet, but I was so scared you guys wouldn't get out and vote because you were too busy. Thank God, and thank you. You have just voted for a new future that we all deserve. Thank you so much.

NUK_1's picture

Nice job, morons. I thought the vote totals were scary low and I guess we know why now.

with 100% vote in:

Brown wins, McCarty wins, and Todd wins


NUK_1's picture

which are incomplete right now. I think Brown-McCarthy-Todd will still be the winners, but FC and AJC are both wrong at this point about 100% of the precincts reporting and votes tabulated.

No interest? It wouldn't make any difference, they were all TEAS or "Conserves."
Afraid however that in November for the state and National where there is competition there won't be many changes. Sorry!
Handel will get slaughtered and Oxendine won't be around.
Afraid Senator from Arizona will be back folks. People know what went wrong.

PTC Observer's picture

you just let less than 6% of the population elect your next representatives.

You know the ones that raise your taxes, build by-passes, etc.

Unbelievable, really!

There were more signs along our roads than voters.

Mike King's picture

I guess we know why Peachtree City has its elections during odd numbered years.

No! Why?

With a larger turnout the result would have been the same.

PTC Observer's picture

Yes I guess we do.

It's always a bit concerning to me that the idea of democracy sounds good but in practice it has its shortcomings.

At the local level you would expect that the electorate would take a more active role. What could it be that keeps them in their homes?

The heat?

JeffC's picture

Not 6%. You have to subtract all the Democrats that voted. None of us get a vote in Fayette County elections since no Democrats are in the race and by November all the races have been decided.

I do appreciate y'all electing Brown and McCarty though.


I am an independent and had a dilemma at the polls yesterday.
The local elections were very important. Yet, I wanted to vote on the state governor's race for Thurbert Baker instead of Roy Barnes.

I'd love to walk into the booth in November and see the best that the Democrats had to offer against the best the Republicans had to offer.

Instead, I'll be looking at King Roy's name and Handel/Deal and yet again choosing the lessor of two evils.

PTC Observer's picture

Well Jeff why don't you run?

As you well know many of the so-called republicans in Georgia used to be democrats when democrats were actually republicans and republicans were actually Bull-Moose Party!

So was most of the south from VA to MS.
If Jimmy had turned "republican" while president, or before, he may still be in office!

suggarfoot's picture

the turn out may be light, but the lead for all 3 is impressive.

These 3 were not part of an organized group.

Steve Brown, has always stood up for what he thought was right. When others have different opinions, he has always been one to consider them, be objective and honest.

Alan McCarty, is a good man who felt the taxpayers should be heard, not thrown under the Marta buss. He had no political background, just a man who stood up for what he thought was right.

Dr Todd is a good man who has always voted for the good of our children while taking the incredible insults of the Smith/Smola 3/2 with their arrogant hi five BS. We are so lucky he didn't just walk away.

I'm so thankful these 3 men ran.

If Brown and McCarty win as expected, will this actually stop the West Bypass? I haven't seen anything on the blogs about how Horgan, Hearn, and Frady stand on the issue.

mbest's picture

make up the majority of our Governing Authority. The large majority of voters didn't even vote. I hope the apathetic voters pay attention to this goofy Steve Brown and his antics now that you've allowed him to be elected.

Of course not!
What they said during campaign just meant what they wished for to get your vote.

Citizen Bob's picture

... the real work lies ahead for Todd, McCarty, & Brown: serving ALL Fayette County citizens as they grapple with complex issues and declining revenues.

R.J. Ross

Thanks for the meaningful comment which does mirror the feelings of most out here in the real world! Our County government will be challenged as never before to make meaningful decisions for the good of all with limited resources. John Sr.

J. Russom SR.

ginga1414's picture

Good morning, Ninja. We will see in the coming months where Frady, Hearn and Horgan stand on the West Bypass issue. I know where Brown and McCarty stand. They stand on the facts. As recently as yesterday, the Army Corps of Engineers told us that the outlook for building the West Bypass Phase II is so bleak that it will literally take them months to wade through all of the documented facts in opposition to the road.

The Corps of Engineers works strictly with facts. No amount of political shmoozing or political manipulation will get by the Corps. That is exactly the reason why the Corps is holding Fayette officials' feet to the fire over their 404 Permit Application. The County has failed to provide the information required by the Corps.

Everything Steve Brown does is based on factual information. I can tell you, without a doubt, that there are more than enough detrimental facts to warrant the demise of the West Bypass Phase II. There are no facts in support of Phase II.

Steve Brown and Allen McCarty based their campaigns on facts. Whether it was factual issues surrounding the West Bypass, Mass Transit, the Bank of Georgia, or the SPLOST, they stuck to the documentation. If it was how the people have been used and abused in the past 3 1/2 years, they based their stance on those facts. Allen McCarty is a retired broadcast engineer. An engineer's career is based on facts. Steve Brown's career as a writer/reporter is based on researching the facts. Steve would never put one word in print that wasn't researched and documented.

NUK_1's picture

"The Corps of Engineers works strictly with facts. No amount of political shmoozing or political manipulation will get by the Corps."

You need to read up on what Corps has done in the recent past with Lake Lanier and I think you'll quickly change your opinion about how much "facts" they use at times and how they aren't subject to political manipulation as they certainly are.

After how much water they let drain from Lanier even after everyone was telling them their instruments reading lake levels were obviously faulty and the months of ignoring even looking at the shoreline to see the evidence, you may also question their basic competency.

I just hope the outcome of the election helps Frady, Hearn and Horgan 'see' the facts clearly now and that they work with Brown and McCarty for the remainder of their terms to kill Phase II, for good.

ginga1414's picture

Nuk, whenever I am not completely sure about my facts or whenever someone questions something I have said, I go to my expert. This time, I didn't have to ask him, he volunteered. Below, you will find his take on the Corps. Let me say again, this man is the 404 Permit and Corps expert.

"While there is a very tiny bit of truth to the political influence on the Corps, almost all of that takes place at the Division Engineer level or higher. Staff, during their review of permits, don't give a flip about politics. As a matter of fact, if anything, they fly in the face of what politicians try to force them to do. If there is a change in how staff do their jobs, it is through White House pressures on the number of people the Corps has to do the job and while George Bush (actually it started with Reagan) wanted to say he was protecting wetlands they were reducing funding for 404 review and enforcement.

Information about water releases from Lake Lanier is wrong as well. The Fish and Wildlife Service tried many times to get the reservoirs, as they were being planned, to include other uses like environment, but legislation was almost always specific about the purpose(s) of each reservoir. Flood control and enhancement of shipping ability downstream were set in law and the Corps could not change. In the early years of operation of Lake Lanier, there was plenty of water so the District Engineer simply looked the other way when pipes were placed to remove drinking water. But when legal folks went after the issue, the law was on their side about the Corps having to release water as laid out by Federal laws.

Just because earlier District Engineers (not staff) said ok to drinking water from the lake doesn't translate to that action being something the Corps had to keep doing. While I don't like a lot of what the Corps does, they have some of the best expertise in the world regarding water management in river systems."

Aren't experts wonderful?!

NUK_1's picture

Don't know what he is talking about when the Corps' incompetence led to 22 billion gallons of water being released by mistake from Lake Lanier that made the drought problem greatly compounded:

Experts are nice to have, but not always unbiased or, in this case, seemingly informed. I specifically mentioned that not only is the Corps sometimes bendable to political influence, but not always competent.

And the people spoke. You decided not to listen before and now you see what happens. November we will see big CHANGES again.

suggarfoot's picture

"Ding dong the witch is dead! The wicked wicked witch is dead!"

I guess the email trees wicked little roots have sriveled up too!

The commisioners who told residence to 'shut up' at meetings and not to get hit crossing the west by pass to draw their water from their well, now know where they can stick said water bucket!


You ran good campaigns and stuck to the issues. Best of luck on the next four years!

grassroots's picture

Out Gunned, out moneyed, out manned, Steve Brown wins as predicted at
Read how he did it in the coming days. Tonight, we just celebrate.

mbest's picture

as tacky. Your people won, congrats, now lets move on.

Gloat, gloat, gloat, gloat! Now comes the goats!

Beewhy's picture

Can't stand Steve Brown, sorry he won.

grassroots's picture

You should've voted sour puss!

Beewhy's picture

...but not for Brown.

BTW, no need to resort to name-calling, grassroots.

doright's picture

Fayette had to give Jack Smith the boot. We can not have a commission chair not stand up for what is right and not listen to the constituents.


grassroots's picture

Don't miss the great rendition of "Hit The Road Jack" by Ray Charles at
See our award winning blog that predicted the winners for 8 weeks.

We have what the majority has decided.

Now everyone needs to see if those campaign promises are kept.

If the WFB is left unchanged from its current state then you’ll know your vote was wasted.

No excuses Steve, you either kill the WFB or you die in the next election. I don’t want to hear any excuses as to why you couldn’t accomplish your goals.

I didn’t vote for you but I was outspoken in the poles; that’s the way it works.

I sincerely wish you all the best and hope that you can fulfill your promises to us taxpayers.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

You are correct bad_ptc, he campaigned on one issue (WFB) and one red herring (the developer's bank) and now he has to either deliver or show us how hard he tried (tall mountain for him to climb). Like you I am more than willing to take a wait and see attitude about his performance. After all, most of his faults were exhibited almost a decade ago, so we can hope that he has matured and acquired some people skills since then.

I have never been more wrong about an election. The winners, the margins and the turnout - I was all wrong. Although as someone pointed out, having 6% of the population pick our leaders is not an impressive statistic. I used to be crazy mad about the apathy demonstrated by the huge number of age-eligible potential voters who never bothered to register. Wonder if those numbers are still embarrassingly high.

Live free or die!

Well it was more than 6%, but it wouldn't have mattered if 90% had voted, he result would have been the same.
You weren't wrong, just voted for the wrong runners.
There always has to be those positivity people who know better.

NUK_1's picture the losers, you definitely "earned" it. I am no fan at all of Maxwell or Smith and neither has done anything besides be mediocre-to-bad since being elected. I just wish you were getting replaced by something a lot better than Steve Brown who will probably have 10 letters to the editor here in the next two months screaming conspiracy, criminal acts, and other grandstanding garbage. Maybe he's learned...let's hope so because otherwise it will just be a lot of 3-2 votes with Steve on the losing side. McCarty? Have no idea on him besides coattail-riding with Brown and maybe he will be an improvement over Maxwell. The bar is set low so here's a good chance for him.

Never have thought Todd or Key were part of a solution on the BOE, but was glad to see Todd trounce the very reluctant candidate in Cave who seemingly didn't want the job and ran as a favor to the two-headed monster of Smola/Smith.

Finally, the true highlight for me of the evening was watching the biggest weasel in GA -John Oxendine-not only not make the runoff, but finish 4th! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Stick it, "Ox." I'm probably one of the few around these parts that really likes Handel even though she's showing signs of maybe comprising a little too much by moving rightward rapidly, but either her or Deal are MUCH better than Oxendine. Or King Roy.

Well, he wasn't talking to you anyway in the run!
That road will be built and everyone knew it. Votes count though!
What is "outspoken in the poles?" "thats the way it works?"
I can't wait for all the feelings that will be hurt now!

As you can't seem to come up with anything 'new'.

Using the same old unintelligible arguments over and over and over again.

The same old purposely misspelled, or not, words. (spell check is a good thing)

The only one you’re hiding from is yourself.

God forbid you have a sibling or incestual twin that now chooses to blog with the same mental disorders that you have exhibited on hear for years.

Congratulations to Commissioner Steve Brown on winning a hard-fought campaign.

It's morning again in America!

He really needed to go...let's now see how many more people's lives he is going to ruin and how many more lies he is going to spread about good people and good organizations.

Veritas's picture

Are the ones who lied and smeared anyone, your buddies Smith and Smola both caught red handed. Todd was and is one of two Ethical and Moral people on the board and has been proven time and time again. Now if you don't like it hop your happy arse on the bitter bus and take your bags over to Clayton COunty where they have a history of providing the educational leadership and values your more in tune with.

suggarfoot's picture

and then let go.

All your chickens have come home to roost.

Some have always accused others of what they have been found guilty. Caught red handed lying to people in an effort to sway the election.

Acting like teenagers at board meetings with hi fives and smirks. The never ending brow beating of Marion Key because she is too kind to crawl in the gutter with you and sling mud.

The outright insults and digs of Dr Todd in public meetings, your power grubbing.

When checked, the area of Tyrone may have outvoted any other area. The reason being people there have suffered dearly having members of certain families in office.

Most of the people of Tyrone are of hard working, honest, old farming stock and proud of it. They were taught when you weed, get all the roots out or it will come back.

Lets face it, what you did there made them pull out the Roundup, roto rooter, and the blow torch!

ptctaxpayer's picture

Yo, Bobby---I'd yank up your Smith for Commissioner sign,too. It wasn't just about WFB. It was more about this arrogant, Chamber of Commerce crap and the poor decision making which started these guys' first month in office.

mudcat's picture

What do you have against the Chamber of Commerce that is made up of mostly small local business owners that live here and pay taxes too? I don't see anything the Chamber has done to offend anyone - except back when Steve Brown would be mayor one day and a citizen the next and then back to mayor when it suited him. The Chamber did call him out publicly to expose him as the hypocrite he is/was.

But "arrogant"? The Chamber? 'Splain that one to me, dude.

Yes, it just goes to show how many people have a clue. That's the problem with our one thinks we need more fireman until it's their house that's on fire. For instance the (WFB), it was so important that over 75% of the registered voters didn't vote. What does that tell you.

This is simply (not always) why many politicians that get elected couldn't run a popsicle stand. From our president on down, have you noticed that the majority of elected officials have never accomplished anything on their own. Then we, who elect them, get upset because they can't do what they promised...when will we learn.

If you are unhappy with the results of the election, as a county, we need to look no further than the mirror...the voter turn-outg is truly embarrassing!

Cyclist's picture

The president???? I'm shocked!!

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Hows the ice rank goin? Goode I hope.
Is it that we need a fireman for every house and structure in town? Same with cops?
Now that road WBP will be built. All that stuff about against it was just for votes.
It is not necessary to run a Popsicle stand to be President----Just graduate and be a professor at Harvard on the Constitution, and pick-up what politics you need to know in Chicago! Then it is Organizer, Senator and finally President. He smart.
Maybe Rockefeller and Harman and The Speaker have accomplished something. They could buy 25 ice ranks if they wanted them.
Now not doing promises is standard for runnin! Always has been.
I ain't unhappy with the county election results.
I don't need to learn.


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