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Cutting the ribbon at The Half Shell

The Half Shell in Fayetteville had a ribbon cutting with the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce on June 17. Owner Natalie Pitchford did the honors at the ceremony. The Half Shell, located at 805 Lanier Avenue in Fayetteville, is known for their fresh apalachicola oysters, their hot dogs and pulled pork bbq. Phone 770-460-4226 for more information. Photo/Special.



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I dropped by for a quick lunch today, lured in by the thought of fresh, homemade oyster stew (made daily!). It was pretty late in the afternoon -- 2:30ish, there was one guy in a booth, and one at the bar. I ordered a bowl and a iced tea, and when the waitress delivered it, it had a layer of orange grease on top. Now... I'm used to oyster stew at the Blue Parrot on St. George Island, with little dots of melted butter swirling in the stew, but I thought who knows? So I tried to push away the grease to get to the stew below, took a sip, and it didn't taste bad, but when I took the plastic spoon away, it was coated with orange grease. URP! Went my tummy. So I moved it to the edge of my table and chewed on some oyster crackers (fresh) because I was starving. Another couple came in, and I waited for the waitress to take their drink order, then waved her over. I explained that I couldn't stomach the grease, and she apologized, but told me she had made it fresh that morning herself. I asked her if they sauteed meat or something in with the onions, and she said yes, but that couldn't be right -- Oyster stew has no other meat usually. So I just ordered their famous chili cheese slaw dog (pretty good, steamed buns, yum).

After I left though, I began thinking about that orange grease... and then the chili sauce on the hot dog and thought... nah... surely they didn't saute the beef, make the chili, then sauteed the onions in the same pot... right?

Anybody else ever had oyster stew with orange grease from anywhere?

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Been to their location next to the now-defunct JR Clothing a few times and the oysters are excellent! Thursday after 5pm is happy hour for oysters and beer and they are overflowing with customers so get there early. I have no idea about the Fayetteville location.

Is there 1 in F'ville and also 1 in Coweta @ the QT / old Dodge dealer / across from Summit?

Went once to the F'ville location. Arrived just after opening. Ordered oysters. When questioned about the tiny size of oysters, waitress said, "Well, you came just after we opened and we just started shucking, "so they were small. " S'cuse me! Not again.

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