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Mayor should seek compromise on DAPC

As a concerned citizen of Peachtree City, I attended the City Council meeting on July 15, 2010 and was appalled at the antics I witnessed by Mayor Haddix when the council was discussing the Development Authority tasks.

Other council members tried to engage the mayor for ideas and to get specifics on what he would do with the $150,000 he wants allocated to the DAPC, but to no avail.

As a taxpayer I too want to know where $150,000 would be going if the mayor gets his way. I would not support funding a position or department that has no specific objectives or criteria. The mayor sat there with his arms folded like a spoiled child refusing to compromise or even listen to anyone.

I do believe the city is in need of something to promote our economic growth, but it is ludicrous and a gross waste of precious funds to allocate money from a tight budget without a detailed job description including objectives and time frames.

Maybe this could be a contracted position instead of a permanent position so it could be easily monitored, corrected or eliminated if needed.

In today’s world, it is very rare to have one person come up with the best scenario for any given situation. Compromise and openness need to be on the forefront of all of our leaders to be able to properly represent the people, not just their own agenda.

Mayor Haddix, play nice or the public will put you in a permanent time out.

Joanne Boyce

Peachtree City, Ga.



Mike King's picture

Should the county commissioner votes remain as they are, the county as a whole will get to see first hand the kind of leadership our Mayor is exhibiting. Neither Haddix nor Brown can listen because they simply adore hearing themselves speak, and that there are no good solutions other than their own.

The more I think about it, the more similarities I see between the West Bypass and the DAPC issue. Mayor Haddix seems bent on funding this position at 150K no matter what, just as Smith did with the West Bypass, and see where that got him tonight with voters. This issue could just become the mayor's road to no where.

You're just a solid Brown-hater aren't you. I've got to ask. What happened between the two of you to cause so much anger?

Mike King's picture

No animosity at all. I remember his antics as mayor (as do you) and I don't see him having changed over the last four years. Come January we'll see how he does. My opinion is that Fayette County's choices were too limited.

Besides, what are two old farts like you and I still doing up this late?

I know Brown is straight-forward and that makes many uncomfortsble, but I saw nothing that didn't need said while he was Mayor.

I despise those who provide as little information as possible when questioned.

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