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Local lawman finds Clayton murder suspect

A suspect wanted for murdering a Clayton County sheriff’s deputy in Riverdale earlier today was spotted this evening by a Fayette County investigator participating in the manhunt, The Citizen has learned.

Jonathan Bun, 17 of Riverdale was arrested early this evening as more than 200 law enforcement officers from surrounding agencies participated in the search.
Deputies and detectives from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office took part in the search, including the Hawk 1 aviation unit.

Bun was located as the law enforcement officers formed a “line” search in which they formed up side by side and paraded from the scene of the incident on Walker Road toward where the suspect was last seen, police said.

The line of officers, with their guns drawn, was waiting for another group of officers to clear a nearby home when the Fayette investigator began poking through a grassy area and soon after shouted that he found the suspect, police said.



that the deputy who was killed has a son on the Fayette County Sheriff's Dept.

May God take this fine man and welcome him to heaven. And may this family, who give so much to make us all safe, know that you will have prayers from the grateful recipients of your dedication. And we share in this awful sorrow at such a waste.

The violence, the guns, the hatred, the utter lack of value of a human life at such a young age. It's just beyond comprehension.

kcchiefandy's picture he gave his life protecting us. If not him, this 'suspect' would probably have murdered someone else, or others. Having only lived in the South for 8 years, I really just have to shake my head when stereotypes reprove themselves. But then again, I've not lived near a major metropolitan area most of my life...maybe it's just this way everywhere.

Again, God bless this man.

What stereotypes have been 'reproved' here? My heartfelt condolences to the officers family and the family of law enforcement throughout our country. Justice in this case should be swift. There is no question that the correct perp is in custody. This officer could have left service five years ago - but he was a true professional as attested to by his co- workers and superiors.

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If one merely looks up the definition of "reprove", one can find "To voice or convey disapproval of; rebuke" or "To find fault with". Therefore by definition, you are disagreeing with the OP's point that a young black male found committing a violent crime does not agree with the stereotype for young balck males. In a funny twist of words, you are the one arguing for the stereotype.

Now that my chuckle is done let's just examine what the OP probably "meant". When he sees this violent gun crime murder being committed by a black male, he shakes his head because it seems to reinforce the stereotype. He is not writing in a racist tone, merely a reproving tone against this perpetrator. It is a very sad statistic that states that black men live longer statisitically when they are incarcerated, than when they are not. Lots of fault all around with that statistic. Nothing more, nothing less

Maybe I have the wrong case,

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[quote=Davids mom]Maybe I have the wrong case,[/quote]

What if he killed your son David, eh?

. . . and what is your point?

- verb (used with object)-proved-proving 1. to criticize or censure
- Related Forms    re·prov·ing·ly- adverb    re·prov·er- noun

Is Bun black or is an assumption being made. I may have the wrong case and the wrong suspect . Thanks.

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I saw a picture of Mr Bun in the AJC online. He is a 17 year old black male.

Look again

He's a criminal. No 'race' has been designated. Assumptions abound.

this murderer, he will spend the next 25-30 years in the prison system while his lawyers try to set him free. In the event he is found guilty and sentenced to death, then will will spend another 10-15 years making sure that the drugs he is administered will not cause him any pain and suffering. I'm sure he gave his victim a choice to depart this world in peace without any suffering. Lord help me to understand.

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Your link has a pic, but I can't tell if he is Black or maybe Asian. Can't say it really matters. The part I hate is that it happened less then a mile from the neighborhood I grew up in. The difference 36 years makes.

I yam what I yam

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and what I thought was a definitie black male looks asian in other photos. In the overall scheme of things, I am glad the criminal has been caught

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because anyone that is not obviously caucasian immediately is dubbed as black until proven otherwise.

It does matter to Dm and justifiably so.

This guy may be mixed but is apparently of Asian decent.

It's a shame everyone is so quickly considered as black, which distorts statistics and opinions.

By the way, I still have no A/C upstairs and the grandkids are sleeping on the sofas downstairs.

And somehow I suspected you might have played a part in the downfall of that area of town.

Those poor people will never overcome the stigma you have left them with by just having lived in the area.


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with your grandkids trapped upstairs.

But if it ever happened and you asked me to help I would not ignore the request.

If anyone else has a clogged A/C drain try this site.

As for you hutch666 feel free to continue basking in your ignorance.


hutch866's picture

Gotta say dipspit, you're a real piece of work, you pretty much call all the females in my family bitches, then somehow, you figure I owe you something. Most people would just call a service guy, but you being the cheap bastard you are, don't. Were your grandkids trapped upstairs in your house, bet they weren't. I've helped out a bunch of people on this site, some for free. Let me be honest with you, dipspit, I wouldn't pee on you if you were on fire, let alone help you save a few bucks. Like I said before, you're just another of the keyboard cowboys, who say anything from the safety of their computer. Maybe you haven't noticed, but I've been ignoring you, and from this point on, I will ignore you again. So in closing, bite me.

I yam what I yam

BHH's picture

It's all in fun.

You take everything too seriously.

I've tried every way I can think of to rebuild your ego but you just keep wanting to fight.

I said "I'm sure all your relatives are as cute and lovable as you seem to be".

If that means "bitches" then you've made the call and "bite me" must be a throwback to your heredity.

Even so, If you were on fire I would be compelled to help you out so if you like I can collect some urine to throw on you in advance since that's your choice of extinguishing agent.

In fact I'd be glad to keep you soaked in urine as a form of fire prevention.

If your skin ever toughens up maybe we can communicate again.

In the mean time don't be so sour and life will improve for you eventually.


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He is a Clayton County thug and what color his skin is matters not to this situation. I just wish he dog had ripped his face off. He is a coward and a punk that will rot in jail for ending the life of a police officer who dedicated his life to keep people in Clayton County safe.

Do not ask me to have a nice thing to say about him. I do not care if he finds Jesus in prison or not...he murdered a police officer, he is scum.

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That there is a extremely large percent of violent young black men in the Atlanta area committing criminal acts, given of course that there is a larger population of such, here, per capita. And before you scream 'RACISM!!!', there is a larger percent of outstanding young black men here, too. There are just too often of the others that make the headlines. Oh, and yes, white men commit crimes, too; just here in Fayette Co. lately the violence has been done by the former.

The point here: this suspect/perp did not fit the stereotype. Not crying 'racism'. Just pointing out mistaken identity - based on 'stereotyping'.

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but when things like this happens i wish so bad that we were back in the 60's and 70's where the chance of this guy EVER coming out of those woods alive would of been very slim! I have to give the dog a big ATTA BOY for his help in at least putting Mr. Bun in the hospital for the night.
Lets look at the facts though, if EVERYTHING goes right with the justice system, Mr.Bun will be alive and well for at least the next 15 years as he goes through all the legal BS.
My heart goes out to the family of this officer for their lost and I'm so sorry for all they will have to go through while this piece of shit has his trial.
Do I sound bitter? YOU BETTER BELEIVE IT!

He will get his trial and appeals like you would.

We don't commit murder by officers anymore.
We also don't let vicious dogs chew on their heads and arms!

OIt doesn't bring back the courageous officer.

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How do you look in the mirror to shave in the mornings? Yeah, let"s spend THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of OUR tax dollars defendings this scumbag.I can also see you with your cute little painted sign standing across the street of the prison the nite he gets the juice saying "give him a chance"!
We, as a society have become so sympathetic to these poor underprivileged people. Maybe it was their upbringing that we should blame, maybe it was because he didn't get those pair of basketball shoes like all the other kids did when he was young. The list goes on and on.
Tell you what roundabout, you spend your time worrying about this poor kid and I'll try and be man enough to hope he gets the JUST PUNISHMENT he deserves! By a jury of his peers or by his cell mate.....I could care less!
Bet you wear panties also! YOU MAKE ME SICK!

Is nothing but time wasted. You've been cautioned. He has been on here under various "handles" and always it's the same garbage. Not worth your time.

highflyer2's picture

hope your not talking about me Spyglass

He's talking about roundabout.

highflyer2's picture

Had me concerned

If you spend any time here, you'll understand.

Are you talking about highfyer2?

I signed in in January, I think, with "Roundabout"---what other handles have I used since then?

This is worse than accusing President Obama of destroying our country in a little over two years, and praising Bush for what he did.

I can't understand either how President Obama is responsible for the 14 trillion debt in 2 years! He tried to help Bush out of a Depression by asking congress for about one trillion---they OKed it at Bush's urging.

Most of that has been paid back.

I don't think voters are as stupid as they used to be after the current catastrophe!

highflyer2's picture

[quote=roundabout]I signed in in January, I think, with "Roundabout"---what other handles have I used since then?

This is worse than accusing President Obama of destroying our country in a little over two years, and praising Bush for what he did.

I can't understand either how President Obama is responsible for the 14 trillion debt in 2 years! He tried to help Bush out of a Depression by asking congress for about one trillion---they OKed it at Bush's urging.

Most of that has been paid back.

I don't think voters are as stupid as they used to be after the current catastrophe![/quote]

This where my "Obama card" came from. In all of my post I have not ONCE tried to make this racist! It's funny that all of the people that cry SO HARD about race being brought into this picture are the SAME ONE'S that ALWAYS bring it up to begin with! Just saying.
I will not back down on my stance that this guy (once again, black, white,or ANY colors in between) should of NEVER came out of those woods alive! Not once during anytime of this terible afternoon was there ANY QUESTION as to who shot this officer! So I still stand by the fact that this whole ordeal would of been ALL OVER if this would of happened!
For those of you that still beleive in this 30 years (justice) wait period, you go right on beleving that.
I do promise that after today, I will no longer blog in this paper. I am sadden at the way this world has turned out and most of all I am sadden at the way WE ALL have turned out in Fayette County. Has anyone else noticed that a STUPID ROAD being built (AKA BYPASS) has stired far more sympathy in this paper than an officer losing his life has?
See ya.

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You are right. That was a very strange attempt to link two unrelated situations.

As for quitting blogging: I quit several years back. Then I quit a year ago.... then a couple of months ago...... I'll probably quit again.

But then there are always questions or comments addressed to you that you don't want to leave hanging. Next thing you know..... you've "quit" for the third or fourth time ;-).

And people think smoking is a tuff habit to kick.

I, like you, am also amazed at how much attention meaningless crap gets. This blog should be single-spaced and flooded with those who recognize the significance of what WE ALL lost this week.

Hutch, I can't even imagine this happening in the place where I grew up; where I had innocent memories of my youth. I'm sorry for all of us.

God help the next person in Clayton or Fayette or Henry or South Fulton who fails to comply with an officer's directions while inside of a vehicle. These men and women are human. And I'm sure they won't hesitate if put in a difficult situation... and I won't blame them. I'll blame the atmosphere created by the Buns of the world.

See you on the blogs Highflyer. U aint goin nowhere.

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

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Us. It's a shame a tragedy such as this can bring out the worst in us. Such an awful, sad situation. About thee ONLY thing roundabout has said that makes sense is none of this brings our officer back.

And, for the record, highflyer's ideas are more disturbing than the things I've read from dollar roundabout

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

highflyer2's picture

tell me what disturbs you? Me telling the truth? Me wanting to rip that punks head off? I'm good in my world thank you, I wouldn't make it day living in your "keep the doors locked and just give them what they want world"! What a pity.

kevink's picture

"Now you can play your Obama card all day long..."

"I rode rescue for the Clayton County Fire Dept. 34 years ago and I am proud to say that if it was back then and we picked up a perp that had done harm to one of our own, we had a special "route" we took to the hospital and it wasn't the most direct!"

Highflyer, we are all upset. Look at the time of my post. I've held back tears for Deputy Daly because I've had to work all day. Got done around 4am Eastern time in my current location. After seeing his family at the site of his death, I could hold back no more. I am saddened; disgusted; mad that I wasn't there with a gun to kill the perp before he could shoot this officer. Not realistic thoughts; just the rambling thoughts of a citizen heart broken over this loss.

But it has not a damn thing to do with any Obamacard. You should be embarassed at all of those eager to pin a color on the perp.

And, AGAIN, suggesting that as a tax-payer paid first responder you would meter out your own justice by driving around withholding care from someone in your care is dishonorable..... but you are probably just as upset, if not more-so, than I am. So I understand... I wish we could rewind to a couple of days ago. Man, I wish we could do that.

BTW, in "my world," the door is always unlocked when I'm home (and my address is not PTC). And there are toys inside to "engage" all unwelcomed visitors.... I'm just sayin.

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

highflyer2's picture

see below

This is more name calling and threats of insurrection and dreaming about shoes, and jail mates, than the Mayor could possibly think of!

highflyer2's picture

I don't care if he's black, white, asian or as we see so much of these days "multi- colored"! Point is HE SHOT A COP POINT BLANK! Now you can play your Obama card all day long and you will NOT get any tears out of me!
Take this as you see it but I rode rescue for the Clayton County Fire Dept. 34 years ago and I am proud to say that if it was back then and we picked up a perp that had done harm to one of our own, we had a special "route" we took to the hospital and it wasn't the most direct!
By our "do the right thing" attitude this day in time we have destroyed the most helpful tool our law enforcement had to offer....The code of silence. Way to many suckups and ladder climbers for this to work today.

[quote]By our "do the right thing" attitude this day in time we have destroyed the most helpful tool our law enforcement had to offer....The code of silence. Way to many suckups and ladder climbers for this to work today.[/quote]

You and those like you are a disgrace to the loyal and honest men and women in law-enforcement. The only tears being shed here are for law-enforcement and the family of this officer . . .and for members of your family!! You contributed to the disgrace that some parts of our country experienced 34 years ago. Live with it - and don't share your ignorance with us in 2011! We've moved on as Americans! We can't continue ignoring this ignorance - but must show that we as Americans no longer condone this separatist thinking. Right and wrong is colorless. Three or more civil rights activiists received your treatment years ago. Your attitude and action of 34 years ago was wrong then and it's wrong now.

highflyer2's picture

There are two kinds of racist.
1. Those that admit it.
2. Those that say they aren't and are lying.

And SHAME on you for insinuating that I was talking about COLOR! The guy shot a cop, I don't care WHAT COLOR he was but it sure seems like you do!
Get over this "we shall over come" stuff!

You were bragging about being on the taxpayer pay roll and committing despicable acts 34 years ago. You are a disgrace - and it has nothing to do with COLOR!! WE HAVE OVERCOME SCUM LIKE YOU!

highflyer2's picture

Got them feathers up huh? :)

We probably still have the "code of silence" in some areas of our life, but the days of hanging posses and the KKK are gone---thank goodness.

Why would you kill a perp on the way to the hospital only if he harmed one of you?

I think you are lying! Too emotional.

kevink's picture

What the heck does this have to do with our President? Obamacard? What are the voices telling you today?

And, even more troubling, is you saying that as a government employee you would administer your own special extra-judicial punishment by driving around withholding medical attention from someone in your care?

Not anything I'd brag about, personally.

Vote Mytmite in 2012!

If there was a "code of silence," can you explain why you broke it? the reason!

jcxd4u's picture

Thank you for your willingness to rain death and judgment upon those who seek to harm us, but not every murderer is deserving of death. Some of them have found another life through faith. Some examples: Moses, Saul of Tarsus (also known as Paul the Apostle) and the list goes on. I have seen men who have committed greater crimes than this, turn from their wicked ways to glorify the One who alone can save.

highflyer2's picture

for your preaching jcxd4u but I prefer "another life through electric chair".

You have clearly established yourself as a "thumper" and will get little support here. Your views are clouded by scripture and absent of common sense and social justice.

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