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PTC Council may censure mayor

According to an email from Peachtree City, the city council tomorrow night will consider censuring Mayor Don Haddix "and call for corrective action in order to protect and better serve the citizens of Peachtree City."

A resolution prepared for the matter claims Haddix "has created an untenable work environment by publicly belittling and criticizing current and former city employees, elected officials and appointed officials, resulting in at least one lawsuit with related costs to the city."

The resolution also criticized Haddix for publicly criticizing the Fayette County Development Authority, which has assisted in bringing a number of businesses to the city including Sany, Cooper Lighting, Panasonic, Rinnai, NCR and more. Haddix also is being called on the carpet for criticizing the Atlanta Regional Commission.

The resolution, which will be up for a formal vote from council at its meeting Thursday night, states that the council "has lost confidence" in Mayor Haddix.

In addition, the resolution is written to censure Haddix for "comments and actions that put the City of Peachtree City at financial risk, create an untenable work environment, and damage the City’s relationships with other governmental agencies."

The resolution asks Haddix to "correctly carry out the duties of Mayor, adhere to the City Charter, Council Rules, and common courtesy, work effectively as a member of the City Council, and work effectively in his capacity of Mayor with other state and local government agencies.

Furthermore, the resolution states, "If Mayor Donnie Owen Haddix cannot or will not take corrective action to carry out the duties of Mayor, function as a member of City Council, and adequately represent the citizens of Peachtree City, the City Council asks that Mayor Haddix resign from office."

The resolution to censure Haddix will be considered at the end of the agenda at Thursday's council meeting, which starts at 7 p.m. at City Hall.



We need such publicity by idiots!

Mike King's picture

Go right ahead, it will go well with the rest of the funnies.

If it makes the AJC, it will make CNN in all liklihood! (not FOX).

Should make our council the laughing stock of the USA about the same as the Atlanta Board of Education! Or the Clayton Sheriff's department.

Georgia ain't never gonna come up out of the Civil War! They do beat Alabama and Mississippi.

$5.00 for a seat, $1.00 for standing and we'll be able to put a big dent in our budget problems.

Busy Bee's picture

If council had done this on July 4 they wouldn't have needed to hire a contractor to put on the fireworks show.

Do you think we can reserve a section for The Citizen Bloggers only?

NUK_1's picture

It's about time to rein in the incompetent and yappy little Napolean wanna-be.

PTC Observer's picture

" carry out the duties of Mayor, function as a member of City Council, and adequately represent the citizens of Peachtree City..."

IMHO - he is incompetent, and therefore he should resign.

He won't ..... because he is incompetent.

The censure resolution will have no impact on this egoist, whether it is passed or not.

NUK_1's picture

..but at least it will show the majority of Council disavows about everything about this Mayor and his destructive and disgraceful actions. for a city trying to attract "high paying jobs," the symbolism is important to show others that not everyone elected in PTC is an utter moron without a shred of class, leadership or common sense.

Ignorance can be cured, but stupidity is permanent.

mudcat's picture

Plunket vs. Haddix vs. Rowland less than 2 years ago. Rowland was rejected because he had no experience and the consensus was he should serve on Planning Commission or just run for a council seat instead of mayor.

Plunkett served a full 4 year term on council and her big problem was pro-developer votes or voting lockstep with Logsdon (and Boone). Not that there were then or are now any active development going on, but that's why we rejected her. Of course she would have been the first female mayor and I guess some didn't like that.

Haddix got elected because he ran against that Logsdon-Boone-Plunkett alliance. In the campaign he complained about being on the losing end of a lot of 3-2 votes when he was on council. I believe he has repeated that.

These things must make sense to the voters at the time they vote, but look where we are in less than 2 years.

PTC Observer's picture

....of Hope and Change

DarkMadam's picture

How would the political landscape look right now if Scott Rowland had become Mayor?

mudcat's picture

If Scott Rowland were elected mayor instead of the dork we have in there now, the following things would be different:
1. No one would have sued the city to get a subisidized multi-family rezoning that we didn't need and didn't want because the mayor spoke out inappropriarely before a formal vote.
2.The economic development guy would not have been dissed in Fresh Market by Scott's wife. Actually, he may not have been hired in the first place because of his divergent views with the city's vision.
3. The budget discussions would have progressed past the elementary school name-calling point and Mayor Rowland and Councilman Eric Imker would have worked together to produce a viable budget.
4. Randy Gaddo would be a department head in PTC. David Rast would have been fired because there is no need to coordinate non-existing development.
5. The county and the state would not openly been making fun of Peachtree City because Scott and Matt and Ronnie and maybe Ken in Fayetteville would be meeting and working together for the common good.
6. Scott understands the need to coordinate with the state and liase with the officials bringing industry into GA and hopefully PTC.
7. No lawsuit from former mayor Harold Logsdon because of Scott's alligator mouth and hummingbird ass (as Mike King would say). Scott would not speak without thinking first.
8. The stupid bridge to nowhere that only Brown and Haddix supported would have been killed and the land sold back to Quick Trip or Mike Hyde or somebody.
9. Scott Rowland would not be facing a censure resolution from the Peachtree City council tonight. He may be young, but he is not stupid or egotistical.

Got enough Dark?
Anybody have anything else to add?

PTC Observer's picture

I think you have covered the most important points.

The only one I can think of to add is that we wouldn't be reading his nonsensical, poorly written and self serving rambling in this fine paper.

What fine paper are you talking about? Isn't this a right wing organ?

Napoleonic, stupid, cornball, WOW, I suggest we censure these people!

They are not nice!

I'll just bet that if he gets "censured and fined one million" that he will instantly "censure every one of you not nice talking people!

He can do that you know?

Would mean the same thing except for the bad reputation our prideful town would get.

DarkMadam's picture

I was a huge supporter of Scott. I said it then and I will say it again.... the voters made a HUGH mistake. Scott was my choice! And still is. If we oust the bone head mayor that we have I would love for Scott to run again!

I can't believe this crap!
Is there possibly enough votes to "censure" the Mayor, and if they did what would it mean except a bunch of laughs at the council!

There are probably a hundred people in PTC who need censuring (whatever that is) more than this elected Mayor. Name someone they haven't criticized, including the ARC, APS, WFP, on and on.

Being Mayor (elected) doesn't mean he is limited in what he thinks anymore than those people!

I got a feeling that all those pushing this thing too far can expect to not get elected in PTC anytime soon. To big of trouble makers against an elected official.

Recall is the only way anyway---there is not a prayer of that and they know it.

They are embarrassing themselves not the Mayor.

DarkMadam's picture

I really would not worry about "them" embarrassing one will ever notice. The mayor had embarrassed himself and the city so much lately that the water is already so muddy that what difference will another drop of dirt make.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Kimmy, methinks it is you and I thank you for the censure idea. I assume it will stick 3-2 ladies vs. the 2 "d's" and that rhymes with "p"* and that stands for pissants running the city.
Take it back ladies. Good for you!

* Meredith Wilson, 1961

Live free or die!

This action is long overdue.


cogitoergofay's picture

The Haddix Censure move is nothing less than an attempt to stifle constitutionally protected free speech. The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that the antitode to free speech is opposing free speech or, as in the case of Mr. Logsdon, a test in the courts.

I am reminded of the earlier failed Motion by Councilmember Annie McMenamin to regulate Council Members' Letters to the Editor. She did not like what Mayor Brown was saying. She did not think his comments were "nice". This current Council should chastise Mayor Haddix individually if they wish. But a collective censure is an immature attempt to restrain free speech which will bring far more discredit and embarrassment to the good City of Peachtree City than any political commentary of Mayor Haddix.

In times of collapsing economics, more hard talk is precisely what is needed---- not less.

NUK_1's picture

"Free speech" has consequences, and in this case, some on Council obviously feel that getting the city sued, having to approve rezonings that they didn't want to approve but had to because of the legal ramifications from Haddix's exercise of "free speech," and his creating what they see as a poisoned work environment are those consequences and they might go on record saying so. They are also exercising their own right to free speech.

There is a constitutional right to free speech but that in no way has ever meant that there are not consequences for exercising that right. It's not a free pass to say whatever the hell you feel like and be untouchable or unaffected.

You seem to have free speech here to lambast the current Mayor!

Nuk - well said.....

Comments being posted here are reactions to the mayor's actions. Mr. Haddix has brought all of this on himself by his own behavior.

No one is hampering Mr. Haddix's free speech but free speech has a responsibility especially when you are in a position of authority and you represent people who have elected you to that position. "Appropriate" might be the proper term to use. (For goodness sake, on a private matter the mayor has gotten himself into trouble with libel laws for speaking out inappropriately).

Many people have spoken to Mr. Haddix privately about his inappropriate statements and actions including legal representatives for the city. Haddix's reaction has been that no one will silence him. As a result the city was sued and he is personally being sued.

Instead of lashing out at the council members who are reacting and are forced to take this action, or the bloggers who keep pointing out the inappropriate behavior, Mr. Haddix's supporters should focus their frustrations on the source which is that Mr. Haddix who they trust has let them down and they need to ask him to make the necessary corrections to move forward.

Free speech is fine.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

when it is harmful to another party. As Mr. Haddix has learned, there are libel and slander laws which means you are entitled to write or say anything you want, but when you harm someone they are entitled to sue your sorry butt and collect monetary damages. I think Harold will get him for about $25k.

This censure motion has substance to it. Lookie here------ censure Haddix for "comments and actions that put the City of Peachtree City at financial risk" Yep. Not what his oath of office anticipated from him.

And Annie's censure motion failed then but Brown did modify his behavior for a short while. This censure will be a good thing for the city. It will award Haddix the worse than Brown title officially, it can be used as evidence in Harold's lawsuit and most importantly it will prevent Doug from running again (or winning if he's dumb enough to run) and all candidates this fall will have to pass the anti-Haddix litmus test. Then we may wind up with 4 solid people on council and only 1 clown. If nothing else he will be forced into the ceremonial role required by the city charter and maybe we can continue that trend when the next mayor (Kim) is elected.

And I guess some can dream that Haddix might resign after he is censured, but that uncontrollable ego will probably prevail. Maybe someone will offer him a job in California and he can resign to take that. Isn't that what Bost did?

Live free or die!

mudcat's picture

Censure the silly little guy and move on.

What the council is doing is also "not nice."

It will take maybe ten more years before all of these "nice" ladies and gentlemen and their mint julips, fade away.

That's about all I'm going to say.

PTC Observer's picture

right about free speech, it is everyone's right to express their opinion.

There is no law against anyone revealing their true nature through words and deeds.

This does not work in Mayor Haddix favor however.

hutch866's picture

IMHO the council isn't stifling his free speech, but proclaiming their objections to his opinion. Reminds me of the Dixie Chicks a few years ago, they expressed their dislike of Bush and the local radio stations quit playing their music on the country stations. I saw a lot of people talking about the repression of free speech, but no one stopped them from expressing their opinion, but sometimes there are repercussions to your opinions. Not the same as stifling free speech.

I yam what I yam

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