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Bike rental kiosks a no-go for PTC

The idea of asking Peachtree City staff to probe the feasibility of bike rental kiosks sprung two flat tires Thursday night.

Councilman George Dienhart’s proposal was deep-sixed after it was picked apart by Councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch, who noted that the Trek bicycle shop already rents bikes to citizens and visitors.

Two hotels in town allow guests to check out bikes that are owned by the hotels, Fleisch said, adding that she felt the need was already being filled by local companies.

Dienhart clarified that his idea was to have a private company install and operate the bike rental kiosks so residents and visitors could rent a bike with the swipe of a debit or credit card ... not for the city to operate such an initiative itself.

In her brief remarks, Flesich chided Dienhart for not researching the proposal ahead of time. She added that Bicycles Unlimited had once rented bikes, but stopped about four years ago “because it wasn’t profitable.”

“In the middle of a recession!” Dienhart exclaimed. He accused Fleisch of politicizing the matter.

Fleisch said she was particularly wary of wasting city staff’s time.

Fleisch and Dienhart are both seeking the mayor’s office in the November election, alongside current Mayor Don Haddix, former Mayor Harold Logsdon and businessman Ryan Jolly.

A quick poll of council showed that Dienhart was the only one in support of the idea, so council declined to ask city staff to undertake the project.

Dienhart said it wouldn’t be difficult to reach out to several bike rental kiosk companies to see if it might be feasible.

Haddix wrapped up the discussion on a high note.

“It is thinking outside the box and that is always good to do,” Haddix said.

Haddix noted that a number of years ago council briefly discussed a bike rental program, but it was rebuffed because the city could have lost money on the initiative.



yellowjax1212's picture

So Councilwoman Fleisch thought it was necessary to chide Councilman Dienhart for wasting city staff's time.
What a childish thing to do.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

would be to vote carefully in November. Not sure exactly how the city is going to get back on track, but I sure know we need to.
16 weeks and counting down.

Live free or die!

yellowjax1212's picture

RWM - Who do you see as the front runners?
There seems to be a lot of choices - which is good but if the field is too watered down that can let choice slip through.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

I think Josh Bloom is running against Fleisch or maybe she vacates when running for mayor.
Clearly everyone is focused on replacing the mayor, but too much of that creates an almost certain runoff and anything can happen there - mostly indifference and low turnout which means a couple hundred votes makes all the difference. A Fleisch/Logsdon or a Deinhart/Logdson runnoff would be most likely.

I think more candidates will emerge for the 2 council seats, 3 if George really resigns to run for mayor. Les Dyer, Scott Bradshaw Mike King, Terry Garlock, John Dufresne, Dan Gibbs, Scott Rowland, feel free to jump in anytime.

Live free or die!

Mike King's picture


Mike King's picture

More candidates will emerge. It is my intent to vie for the seat that George vacates, should he continue to pursue his mayoral quest. The others you mention would certainly provide credible choices. Regardless of who runs,our Council has its hands full trying to overcome the the previous four years. Just my take.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

If "intent" and "vie" means you actually be running for council - I am a very happy camper. We need people like you that have common sense and real world values to guide this city. God bless you, Mike.
I will vote for you and support you.

Yes indeed the past 4 years certainly sucked, but overcoming that will not take long.

Victory party at Mimi's, I assume.

Live free or die!

If the citizens want change, make sure we elect a new mayor.
The citizens need to deal with the real problem!

Leadership, teamwork, professionalism, communication and consensus building!


Robert W. Morgan's picture

First and foremost a new mayor will indeed elevate our city's image. I daresay that will happen with any of the announced candidates.

Be cautious however, in addition to our new mayor, there are 2 and possibly three council seats up as well and mathematically that can mean there is a chance of 4 entirely new and unknown people being put in a position of power. I am certainly comfortable with Logsdon, Learnard, King and Bloom (although I have never met Bloom, I will before election day), but not everyone is going to vote for my choices. Let's just be sure we know enough about the candidates to vote for them instead of just voting against someone. Last time there were a whole bunch of votes against Cyndi Plunkett because she was seen as a developer's tool (false, but that was the image) and we got what we now have.

Methinks there are a whole bunch of people who rejected Cyndi wish they could have a do over. Same as those that rejected Hillary. Those were both expensive mistakes, but at least we can learn from our mistakes.

Live free or die!

Maybe we can try this again another time.

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