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Shoplifters strike PTC cop with car, arrested after fleeing scene

A vehicle with two Atlanta residents who stole approximately $700 worth of merchandise from the Walmart store off Ga. Highway 54 in Peachtree City on July 15 struck a Peachtree City police officer in the store’s parking lot as he and other officers were closing in. The two were subsequently arrested on multiple charges.

Department spokesman Mark Brown said Titus Lamb, 21, of Cascade Road in Atlanta, was charged with aggravated assault, felony obstruction, felony shoplifting, fleeing and attempting to elude, aggressive driving, failure to yield, failure to maintain lane, failure to obey a traffic control device and signals required.

Destiny Nichole Knox, 20, of Cascade Road in Atlanta, was charged with aggravated assault-party to a crime, obstruction and felony shoplifting, arrest records said.

A July 15 dispatch for a shoplifting in progress at Walmart came in at approximately 5 p.m. and included a description of a male and female, each carrying a bag full of items. The subjects left the store and entered a vehicle. The police officer attempting to stop the vehicle before it could leave the parking lot was struck by the Mazda on his lower legs. The vehicle then ducked behind the Home Depot and made its way to the traffic light at Hwy. 54 and Huddleston Road.

Simultaneously with the activity in the Walmart parking lot, other officers were responding to the area. The suspect vehicle headed west on Hwy. 54 but quickly made a u-turn at Planterra Way and proceeded toward Ga. Highway 74, according to reports.

Brown said officers disengaged from the pursuit due to heavy traffic conditions and out of regard for public safety. And while officers in Tyrone and Fairburn were alerted there was something else at play that led Peachtree City officers to believe they could apprehend the suspects.

“We had sufficient information from the video taken at Walmart,” Brown said.

That information identified Lamb and Knox and quickly led to their apprehension and transport to the Fayette County Jail.



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Okay PTC minions, as you can see you are subject to the same kind of crime that many of you have been crapping on Fayetteville about for years. Truth is Fayetteville and PTC are great places to live and we are both subject to crime from outsiders. So no more Fayettedale jokes. Peachburn is open season too from thugs driving south.

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Sure, there are several similarities between Fayetteville and PTC. But the difference between the two is the law enforcement. The police force in PTC is known for it's relentless in their pursuit of keeping the peace! I would like to see Fayetteville hire more officers so there is a larger presence of authority. Violence is something that must be stopped before it has a chance to get a foothold in our community! We don't want to see Fayetteville fall to thugs the way Riverdale did!!

I'm just say'n

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That's about the dumbest statement I've read on this site.

Peachtree City is relentless?
And Fayetteville is not?
Where's the proof of that totally unfounded statement.

Still trying to throw this off as if PTC is immune. PTC will fall to "thugs" from South Fulton, Union City, College Part, and Atlanta just as easily. Thugs go where the easy mark is. And the fantasy world that PTC lives in is a false security. I get tired of people always making it sound like they are "better off" by throwing down on those who live somewhere else.

Fayetteville resident to me...maybe I read it wrong.

That said, both are great towns..stay safe.

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and proud to live here where it is very safe.... just as safe as the great city of PTC.

Why is the Walmart in PTC the place to be if you are a crook? Why not hit Newnan - closer to the interstate!

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All law enforcement, across the nation, is aware of what are called Walmart Crews. They move around store to store in the Region.

Also, most Big Box stores have a policy of only reporting theft if the suspect is caught or identified. They are crime magnets.

That means the more aggressive the crime deterrent the more they get caught and the more it is reported.

PTC is very aggressive, including Walmart and other stores, on crime. That includes citizen reporting crime when they see it taking place.

All of that adds up to PTC having an extremely low crime index. Per Neighbor Hood Scout, where 100 is the safest, in order, PTC is 69, Tyrone is 59,Fayetteville is 25 and Newnan is 17.

I hope that helps answer the question.

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Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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