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PTC prepping for fire station expansion

The Leo A. Daly firm has been authorized to begin architectural and engineering services for the expansion of the Satterthwaite fire station in north Peachtree City.

The construction project will add 2,400 square feet to the station and also involve the renovation of existing space into sleeping quarters, an exercise room and support spaces, according to the city’s agreement with the firm.

Leo A. Daly will receive up to $56,800 including reimbursements for various expenses that will be tabulated “at cost,” according to the firm’s proposal.

At last week’s city council meeting, Councilman Eric Imker questioned the compensation. City Engineer David Borkowski said the hourly rate for reimbursements would be for anything that was not defined in the scope of services for the project.

City Manager Bernie McMullen said the rates from his experience, were typical for the work but the city would monitor the costs closely.

The contract includes construction administration duties such as follow up visits for inspections during construction, Borkowski said.

The amended contract was approved last week by council.



Something I've never heard needed before.....big old fire station!
$56,800 already approved for a design and inspection. What will 2400 square feet cost? Oh. maybe a half million plus the $56,800 design, plus about 10% ad-ons which is usual...maybe all told: $600,000.00

Maybe it would be cheaper to CLOSE that station and put some bunks into Neely? Our boys in Afghanistan are lucky to have a bunk at all----the Navy has a rack and a pad over there! Are there any poor people on council?

Is this increase in that area for some new hires? Maybe the Wieland 500 units when the zoning is changed and the annexation?
We are in a recession folks!

How big a thump on the head does council and the Mayor need?
You could temporarily call Neely, the Neely/Satterthwaite combo!
Park the engines outside with one of the on-duty firemen guarding them with an AK-47.

We need them more than they need us. We can't make it without them. They are always cheerful and helpful.
When it is your home on fire (courthouserules ) even 100 guys per station wouldn't seem like enough. Let's give them a nice place to stay while they are on their 24 hour shift. They are worth every penny. Thank you to all of our firefighters and paramedics for your service.

I looked on the PTC site and could not find anywhere that showed this project architecturals were in a bid process? Did the city just hire the architect without trying to see if they could get it done for less? The fee seems to be about twice what it should be....

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