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Fayetteville First Baptist completes renovations

The Fayetteville First Baptist Church has just completed a nearly $3 million dollar renovation that includes the relocations of the church library, upgrading and modernizing the Church Day School and children’s areas, the completion of a children’s multi-media theater, completion of new administrative offices and the total renovation of the Youth chapel and education areas.
The church is also one of five churches in the county celebrating its 185th year of serving God and the community.

The first meeting of the church was in 1828 and was named the Shiloh Baptist Church about five miles southwest of town. In 1839, one and a half acres was purchased at its present location for the sum of $75. In 1854, its name was changed to Fayetteville Baptist Church.

Costs have changed since that purchase i.e.: A new building was constructed in 1854 at a cost of $14,270 and the stained glass windows added at that time are still evident in the Youth Chapel. In 1976 a new building was added that would provide space for pre-school children and the youth division. A fellowship  hall was also added that provided banquet seating capacity of over three hundred. The cost was $425,000. In 1989 a new educational building was added at a cost or $1.4 million. In 2000, the last brand new construction added a multi-purpose building at a cost of $7 million.

In the process of its recent renovation it was discovered that several fire places had been covered up in an older renovation. Due to the cost of totaling demolishing them, the open fireplace was again covered, leaving the brick corners exposed which certainly added an old timey feel to the newly renovated Youth area.
It can be reached at 770-461-8378. Its website is where you can locate more information.
The other four churches celebrating its 185th year of being an active congregation are: Fayetteville First United Methodist, Flat Creek Baptist, Antioch Baptist, and Whitewater Baptist.


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