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PTC makes budget changes, including tennis center loan payoff

After Thursday’s public hearing on the city’s $27.7 million budget, the Peachtree City Council undertook a series of actions designed mostly to improve the budget outlook in future years.

By the time all the changes are considered, it will reduce the need for a proposed 1.1 mill property tax increase next year, according to Councilman Eric Imker.

The city agreed to use $779,000 in cash reserves to payoff a bond issued in 2006 to payoff a settlement reached in lawsuits between the city, a bank and two contractors stemming from improvements made to the city’s tennis center.

Doing so will save some $58,444 in interest payments and also will negate the need for previously-budgeted loan payments of approximately $143,000 for the next five fiscal years to pay off the loan.

The plan was hatched after city staff asked a consultant to review all its existing debt for potential savings. The DAPC loan had one of the highest interest rates at 5.93 percent.

Imker proposed a number of changes to the city’s pending 2011-2012 budget as well as in future years. None of them are set in stone, as the city is set to formally adopt the budget at its Aug. 4 council meeting.

Most of Imker’s changes were accepted by consensus, but Mayor Don Haddix said he opposed reducing the city’s local option sales tax contingency from $500,000 to $250,000.

Haddix said the city still doesn’t know for sure how big a hit it will take in the LOST renegotiations with the county. Imker contended that in a worst-case scenario, the city will only lose $250,000 due to the city’s percentage of the county’s entire population shrinking a bit in the 2010 Census.

Haddix noted that the LOST negotiations also factor in service levels, creating another variable for the city.

Councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch said she was concerned about Imker’s proposal to reduce the overall department operating budgets by $100,000, because she felt it should come from the larger departments.

Haddix said he had a problem with reducing the police vehicles purchased from 10 to 9. Police Chief H.C. “Skip” Clark noted that the city has a vehicle replacement plan for the vehicles to make sure they are reliable when needed for emergency service.

“We’re replacing 2003 cars that will almost be 11 years old when we replace them,” Clark said. “We’ve gotten every bit of life out of them for police work.”

Clark noted that patrol cars, once they can no longer be used for patrols, are reassigned to other city divisions such as public works and code enforcement.

Imker, who suggested the change, noted that the extra vehicle could be added back to the budget at the council’s Aug. 4 meeting in which the budget is expected to be adopted.

Councilwoman Kim Learnard asked city staff if Councilman Doug Sturbaum, who was absent from the meeting due to a family illness, had turned in his list of proposed budget cuts yet. City Manager Jim Pennington said he has not yet seen that list.

The discussion also featured a bit of saber-rattling between Haddix and Learnard. After Learnard said the city had a budget plan, Haddix said he preferred to call it a “budget guess.”

The two have philosophical differences about the value of projecting city budget impacts out for future years, as staff has done annually with its five-year budget projections.

Imker showed a revised five year projection based on Haddix’s advocating last year for a .5 mill increase instead of the 1.25 mills ultimately approved by council. The figures showed that the city within a few years would start dipping into its cash reserves to go well beyond the level equivalent to 20 percent of the budget, a benchmark recommended as part of the city’s financial policies.

The city currently has cash reserves equivalent to 37 percent of its budget, and over the next few years the plan is to spend down those reserves to the recommended 20 percent level.





Continued proof that this mayor knows nothing about a financial plan and how to prepare and manage a budget.

Imker does all the budget work an the mayor throws rocks...

Where's the mayor's budget cut proposals? Where's the mayor's overall financial plan?

Instead of offering real solutions, Haddix goes on the attack and writes a horrible editorial about Eric Imker "WHICH IS THE REAL ERIC IMKER"....This is the man we elected as mayor!

Shame on you Mayor Haddix, shame on you.

Haddix's lack of experience is showing...

Robert W. Morgan's picture

He must have some experience at something, but I don't believe I ever heard what it was.
And yes Larry, "budget guess" is fairly unbelievable, but then again this whole ongoing episode has been unbelievable.

Live free or die!

That along with his educational background is top-secret, classified information. He could tell you but he claims its none of your business.

NUK_1's picture

He has said he doesn't have a college degree and while some tried to make that an issue, the consensus seemed to be at that time that is wasn't relevant to being Mayor. A lot of people are likely re-thinking that opinion now because the educational level seems to be about 8th grade at most.

As far as his alleged "business background," he won't discuss it and I guess it's because he's so "proud" of it. It's pretty obvious he does NOT come from much of a business background and also obvious why he won't talk about any of it. It's simply BS.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

A college education is way overrated, but that should be the bare minimum requirement for someone we are hiring to make millions of dollars in spending decisions. I didn't learn much in college, but I did learn that doing budgets was a somewhat formal process - not a wild guess.

Beyond that, basic business experience should be a consideration before we, the taxpayers, hire someone to run the business of the city. I mean look at what happens when we ignore those basic principals.

Live free or die!

PTC Observer's picture

only deserve who we elect. Our citizens elected Mr. Haddix, twice, therefore one questions the wisdom of the electorate.

The fact is we are a city, county, state and nation that consistently elects people that are unqualified, uneducated, unintelligent, and lacking the qualities of good judgment and honesty. We elect those that do our bidding in delivering other people's money to our local roads, lights, communications, police, etc. When they deliver we reward them with re-election.

When we finally reach the end of this unsustainable road and when we want to find someone to blame for our pitiful state of affairs, we need look no further than the mirror.

to privatize city, county, state, and national government. Do IBM shareholders elect some random people from their ranks to run the company? No, they go out and find people with actual experience and qualifications!

Classical liberalism is the great fiction by which rich white guys ease their guilty consciences for using the state to enrich themselves at the expense of others.

PTC Observer's picture

I will take someone with intelligence and good judgment over someone with a degree. Mayor Haddix is lacking in all three I believe.

Here’s what on the PTC website, not much

Haddix has lived in Peachtree City since 1987. He has worked in U.S. Naval intelligence, as a supervisor for Bethlehem Steel, and has been a business owner in Georgia for 20 years.

mudcat's picture

Can you imagine someone with that mouth surviving for long in either of those?

And if he was a business owner for 20 years, he must have done something right to stay in business that long, so what would it hurt to let us know what business or at least what type of business.

Maybe he wants to make this his Obama birth certificate issue. No matter, Webb or Lindsey or whoever is representing Logsdon is sure to ask at the slander trial. Sure hope it is a jury trial. Open to spectators. And reporters.

Mike King's picture

,,,,Now that's an oxymoron!

Mike, I know you're 'funnin' but honestly, those guys I knew and served with in NAVSECGRU were some of the most professional in the business. Most were qualified in at leas two technical MOS's and great guys as well.

Mike King's picture

I hear you, but even admitting that our mayor was remotely connected besmirches the organization. The fact that he didn't listen just shows that it is a life long trait.

We never considered the "dog faces" intelligence as worth reading!

Mike King's picture

Which goes to prove you really never had the opportunity to see an adversary in action, but then intelligence has never been your strong suit. I'll take the word of a 'dog face' anytime.

Time for your meds, and while you're at it say hello to the mayor for us.

Well, I saw them but they didn't see me!

They put the brainy ones in intelligence! Others they gave a helicopter!

Mike King's picture

Since you and our mayor claim to be ex military intelligence types, it is little wonder why it would be called an oxymoron.

Mike King's picture

Since you and our mayor claim to be ex military intelligence types, it is little wonder why it would be called an oxymoron.

I dbelieve he was a member of the Naval Security Group (NAVSECGRU) that routinely had personnel assigned to duty at Ft Meade with the National Security Agency. More than once, I have suggested he should have listened more to those NSG Chiefs (and I knew quite a few)--of course that doesn't mean he would have actually LEARNED and remembered but you start with listening.

mudcat's picture

Or a jeep driver? Maybe as an analyst of super secret communication intercepts. Pick one. Hubby and I lived near there in the 1970's and he was at Meade for an assignment for 2 years before he got out. Never saw Haddix and I think I would remember.

What is wrong with a "guard on the gate," or a "jeep Driver?"
I had an uncle with three purple hearts who drove Generals around in Jeeps between wounds!

All this BS about college and degrees and "class," indicates terrible snobbery!

Greatest and most honest leader we ever had was a near blind and dumb farmer who got into Missouri politics!

Character by deed is what counts and rattling chains is what gets things done!

We don't need criticism from those who have never stood in the trenches, and eat at only the fanciest restaurants or without children near!

How do you stand yourself? Are you Episcopal?

Haddix was elected---leave him alone.

mudcat's picture

Your uncle was Kay Summersby?
Rattling chains - Bob Marley, I got that one.
Episcopals are What?

Haddix was elected. No I will not leave him alone until he goes away. What a dip. You too, by the way.

Why am I even talking to you?

1. Correct!
2. No--wasn't Marley a ghost?
3. Episcopals go to heaven no matter what they do! (some of them).
4. You are wasting your time and making an a.. out of yourself.
5. I don't know, because you can't stand anyone who doesn't see all things as you do.

How's Hilary doing? Most of the world thinks----great!! She is a chain rattler.

With so many folks working there, how can you say you would hve remembered seeing him? Especially without knowing which bldg he was in or which Operationl Group----hell, he could have even been at FANEX! I used to spend several days a month there and I sure couldn't remember all those faces,unless I had to do some business with them.

I have known for past 18 months as to the mayor's past experience. Also, members of City Council and some City Hall staff have also known for as long or longer.

It's interesting that no one has posted this information especially in light of the fact that Don Haddix has been mean, rude and told lies about his fellow council members.

Actually, his recent editorial on Imker deserves a public apology because its not accurate and down right out rude.

With all that said, its the Mayor who should reveal his past work experience including his involvement in budgeting experience, managing people, etc.

I am glad that The Citizen published this "budgeting" article because it shows Mr. Imker's role on this council. I hope that Imker decides to run again to help make sure we move through our financial issues over the next 2 to 3 years.

Remember, as a volunteer, I quit from Planning Commission because I knew what a bully and idiot this mayor was. I was a volunteer on the Planning Commission, but council members don't get paid much more. No one, paid or volunteer should have to put up with Haddix's behavior. It may make for great blogging and political humor but those who serve deserve much better!

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Not good, not bad, just nothing conclusive. Doesn't say if it was a solo act where he sat at a grinding wheel all day or if he ran a shop with 10 or 12 employees and actually interacted with customers (Uggggh!)

Don't see why it had to such a big secret. You'll never see me denigrating anyone who works in a blue collar job as long as they are actually working and trying hard. Union featherbedding is quite another thing, but that has nothing to do with Haddix.

I think I will just judge him on his performance as mayor and not worry about what he did in the past. God knows there is more than enough to analyze in the present. And of course it is entirely possible that he was a perfectly normal and productive person for most of his working life and this current meglomaniac behavior is a result of suddenly having power over other people for the first time in his life or perhaps a chemical imbalance or something like that.

Live free or die!

Ask Mr. Sussberg!
He says he has known all along what the Mayor has done with his life!

I want to agree if I could that a Mayor for a small rinky dink town with no authority should have at least one PhD!

He should have served in Viet Nam with three purple hearts, is disabled and on a military pension, and captured 1000 Congers alone one night.

In addition he should have been an accounting and finance expert for IBM corporation for 20 years, just before becoming Executive Vice-President for managing people.

He also should be schooled in the niceties of how to impress tea ladies and eat finger sandwiches.
He should have done his home work about what the "good old boys and girls have been doing with city government and made no decisions which cross any of those decisions.

in charge of putting together the 2010 budget. That way there won't be any guessing, and it will keep him busy while the real budget gets done!

Braves lose two in a row! Need better middle relief! are right! Sorry!

Luckily for PTC I'm not an elected official or running for office....only 1 stupid jerk allowed at a time!

You'll hear no more from me.

Learning buz is good, feel free to stop by.

MajorMike for mayor!


Mike King's picture

The difference, Mayor, is that Kim Leonard's "budget guess" is the culmination of study, projections, elimination of waste, and a refusal to issue department heads a blank check and your submission which is nothing more than "hot air". Would you care to actually submit something to defend your position?

I didn't think so.

All of us need to voice our support for the censure motion before council on August 4th.

All these accusations about a Mayor not being a budget genius is a crock!

No Mayor I ever knew could prepare a complete budget!

Peachtree City has a department who prepares a budget and maintains it---The Finance Department.

It is then butchered by everyone who can manage to comment on it.

We simply need to make more clear about our Manager, Mayor and City Council type of government. The Manager can not escape that responsibility!
What did he recommend?

Oh...that justification makes a lot of sense.

Since previous mayors never read the budget and worked on the budget, Haddix doesn't have to.

So I guess when a council member like Imker does, (especially in the middle of deep financial crisis which really makes this a priority for every council member including the mayor to read it and work on it) its ok for the mayor to attack Imker...and that's acceptable and we should all leave the mayor alone based upon this behavior.

Please.....Try looking at the entire situation..microfocusing to defend is just silly!

You never answer one single question, just say "silly," or something of that nature.

To answer your question....

Because things are done one way in the past does not mean that they should continue....Please understand the city manager is new and is relying on staff and staff is accustom to doing budgeting one way and without any challenge. Currently we have a financial crisis and we are lucky that we have someone on council who has focused on this....Hopefully you realize and understand this.

If you are familiar with any budgeting process you know that managers will put in what they need and what they want. In the process you need a strong executive with accounting and budgeting experience to go through the budget on line basis and separate out needs from wants as well as prioritize what's important. That role can vary from organization to organization but you need a process that separates needs from wants and priorities.

Financial structuring also needs to be challenged which is to review accounting methods in addition to interest costs on previous loans.

At this current time Eric Imker, who has this experience and has focused on the budget, has done that job. Eric has worked with the staff both in private and public sorting and prioritizing. He has also looked at previous loans and interest costs and had staff go back to lenders and re-negotiate the loans. Eric started this process a year ago and prepared financial models with staff that is digging us out this hole.

Also, please understand that no one is pointing fingers at past administrations either. We are where we are because the economy has slowed and PTC's growth has slowed BUT the process needed changing and Eric Imker has (without fanfare or public bragging) brought that change to PTC's budgeting/financial planning process. He campaigned on that premise and has delivered on it.

So, now can you answer my questions.....

Based upon what Eric Imker has quietly you believe that the mayor has the right to attack him in public with a vicious, inaccurate public editorial?

Do you believe this is acceptable from office of mayor?

Can you tell me why you think the mayor has done this?

Do you think the mayor's editorial is good or bad publicity for the city?

I await your response.

First, the PTC financial crisis was caused by past practices that caused our income base to be devalued. This was a national thing and not a local cause. The only local contribution is the refusal to cut the budget to the income.
There also isn't a stampede for either low pay manufacturing jobs, nor high tech highly paid companies to locate here due to the labor force in the County. We have none of either to speak about!
When a company does come here they bring their own experts. Expensive.

I don't know what you mean by the "process changing" by the "work" of Imker!
I didn't even look up what Haddix said Imker did wrong----that is not what is important here. If Mr. Imker can't do what he deems necessary only under ideal conditions, then he needs to stop.
Also, no matter how a Mayor impresses people such as Mr. Imker, his office alone deserves the respect of the voters who put him there. I don't know if either man means harm to the other, I hope not.
What I do know is that side actions by either one is harmful to order.

Gerald Ford saw that in Pardoning President Nixon, and the Senate saw that in the Clinton trial. The lack of personal character of both of those presidents was not an overide to their office prestige.

I would think that such things as negotiating loans to a smaller interest rate would be obvious to the Finance department and the Mayor and council.
Just to talk about it isn't what it takes---action by the combined vote does the trick. If you are saying that Haddix did not want to re-finance, I haven't seen that.
He must see Imker's public meetings with cameras as interference in the wrong way.

The Mayor deserves attention from Mr. Imker and vice-versa.

I think what we have here is a "failure to communicate" which is for the same reason the TEA congressmen won't compromise on the debt issue---even at the expense of catastrophe of our country!
There is NO WAY to pay our debt caused by past administrations all in one year!

Time for you to stop minimizing Haddix's inappropriate behavior....

You call it "FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE"....when clearly the mayor is wrong and inappropriate.

I respect your loyalty to him.

Meanwhile you did not answer my questions....all you did was defend the mayor again

Also, let's recap

You said "I don't know what you mean by the "process changing" by the "work" of Imker!"
-Re-read my post...I can explain it further if you don't understand.

You said "I would think that such things as negotiating loans to a smaller interest rate would be obvious to the Finance department and the Mayor and council"
-quess what - it wasn't done, for years! and Imker made the suggestion to staff! So you are wrong in your statement

You said "I didn't even look up what Haddix said Imker did wrong----that is not what is important here. If Mr. Imker can't do what he deems necessary only under ideal conditions, then he needs to stop."
-Before you make your statements and post, I suggest you read everything...your comments here clearly show you are not informed and you make statements without fact and knowledge.

Try answering my questions instead of making rash, open ended statements without fact and blind defense of the office of the one disagrees with you on that point....

Its Mr. Haddix himself who has no respect for the office of mayor!
that's why many people are commenting and only you and 1 other defend..

Try answering my questions

second to Hizzoner in over-the-top posting here! Slow day at the learning shop?

Go Braves, Get Back on Track!

your grammar is better than Hizzoner's! Now I can go back to pestering PTCO about Ludwig von Mises and talking about the Braves in the same post!

Blogging is the great fiction by which people with too much time on their hands entertain other people with too much time on their hands!

Pirates Must Be Defeated!


Go Braves! and The Riverdogs (check them out).

MajorMike's picture

You are without a doubt the Mayor's greatest asset in these blogs.

Yeah, can you understand what he is trying to say? I can't.

mrs fran sheldon's picture

I support Mayor Haddix's hard work and commitment to our City. He really puts in the effort. In fact, I applaud all those that serve. Thank you for your efforts !

For more fun, click here:

Out of all of your noms de plume, this one is truly my favorite.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Brown does show some creativity and even a sense of humor with this identity.

Live free or die!

We have a 'red hat society!"

This lady exists---be careful.

You know that is not Brown.

mrs fran sheldon's picture

No, I am most assuredly not Steve Brown. I did vote for Mr. Brown and I did support him but no I am not him.

I think that Jevank, Mudcat and "Robert W. Morgan" ought to reconsider their postings. I think this internet is an opportunity to be positive. The two of you are regularly negative and malicious. Would the family of the real, deceased Mr. Morgan approve of your use of his photo accompanied by your attacks? I don't believe so.

Try being positive !

For more fun, click here:

Robert W. Morgan's picture

from the relatives to use the photos since I am one. RIP, Bobby.

I am also positive you are Steve Brown and will be until you start denouncing him.

Live free or die!

mrs fran sheldon's picture

am not Steve Brown.

Have a nice day !

For more fun, click here:




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