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Cities to get bigger slices of SPLOST pie

The Peachtree City Council had hoped to get a better deal from the Fayette County Commission on a proposed two-year countywide sales tax that will be voted on in November.

The city got what it wanted, and the county has increased the city’s take by $1.69 million, while also raising Fayetteville’s projected proceeds by $1.3 million with a $603,000 increase for Tyrone as well.

County officials said recently they were able to adjust the distribution percentages in the cities’ favor because the cost of the stormwater repairs for unincorporated Fayette came in significantly lower than expected.

The county adjusted its percentage to reduce its sales tax revenue by $3.6 million total.

It didn’t take long for the council to give its unanimous blessing to the new distribution formula at its July 18 meeting.

The city plans to use its projected $14.55 million share of the tax to fund road and cart path resurfacing, although no specific plans have been adopted yet as city staff have been preparing a list of projects for potential funding.

If the sales tax fails, the city will have to look elsewhere to replace the $2 million it had been using in sales tax funds from a five-year sales tax collected between 2004 and 2009. Those funds have been completely exhausted by the city, which had to dip into its cash reserves slightly to fund the repaving of Crosstown Road this coming budget year.

City Manager Jim Pennington said the city managers of Fayetteville and Tyrone vetted the proposal to make sure it was favorable to all parties involved.

“I have no argument with getting more money,” remarked Mayor Don Haddix.


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SPLOST = Short term fix for long term problems

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