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Sexual battery charge leads to cleanup of infested home

The clean-up of a Chadwick Drive residence in Peachtree City was completed in mid-July after a long list of code violations including animal excrement and roach infestation were found. The discovery of the home’s condition was made when Peachtree City Police conducted a search of the premises in May in connection to evidence relating to a sexual battery charge against My House restaurant owner Michael Joe Ray.

Ray was contacted by The Citizen on Monday for comments, but had not responded by press time on Tuesday.

Ray, 55, was charged on May 24 with sexual battery and possessing less than an ounce of marijuana, according to Fayette County Jail records.

The events initially unfolded when police took a complaint of sexual battery filed by a female employee at the restaurant. The complaint alleged that Ray near midnight on May 11 had grabbed and/or fondled the woman’s left breast.

Police on May 24 went to Ray’s home on Chadwick Drive to serve a search warrant for the premises. Investigators were looking for a cell phone that contained information relating to the sexual battery charge, said police department spokesman Mark Brown. It was at Ray’s home that officers found the marijuana, said Brown.

Code violations in the home led city code enforcement officers to become involved. A May 25 report on the Chadwick Drive residence showed numerous violations such as animal excrement and food waste inside the home, roach infestation in portions of the house, multiple rooms with fruit flies due to decaying food, excessive trash and rubbish inside the house and in various locations on the exterior of the property and floors and carpets in need of sanitizing.

Code enforcement also noted a number of other violations relating to wiring, lighting and nearly all windows which could not be opened at the time of the inspection.

The city code enforcement officers set up a clean-up and rehabilitation schedule. The numerous items on the rehabilitation list were completed by mid-July, according to code enforcement reports.



If his house is that bad, I wouldn't want to go near his restaurant!

RKS's picture

I think I will skip eating at that restaurant.

We've been wanting to try this place. Always want to give the independent places a chance and business. Think we'll be taking it off of our list now.

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It says "Employees must wash their hands"
So, what can go wrong

If uber Christian Vince Riggio had been willing to lower She's Bistro rent or at least keep it the same, we would not be having this conversation. Instead he went for another $1,000 per month and drove her away. Good move, Ragu.

Now you are going to have some more vacant space. Dope.

Live free or die!

We tried this place in December 2012 and it was wonderful.

We have been back several times and disappointed each time.

They changed chefs and the new chef is average at best.

The owner is very nice but has a slob presence. Same with the wife.

After this article, it seems our first impression of the owners was correct.

I did review inspection reports today and My House scores better than Due South, the local Canongate clubs and other major chains.

Perhaps he is better at keeping his business clean than his home?

I suspect the My House space will be vacant soon.

It is shame since My House had the potential of being a PTC gem.

A few weeks ago on a Saturday, my daughter and son-in-law were visiting me. They are both fresh food fanatics--so after reading the blurb about My House we decided to go there for an early dinner. First of all I could not believe how sloppy the waitress appeared and could not believe she knew nothing about the menu. The owner came over to greet us and extol the virtues of his establishment and food. He was a total slob and as was the wife. I, myself, was ready to leave. After learning that they did not have most of what was on the menu (waitress kept having to come back from the kitchen to tell us they were out of several items requested), we ordered. My daughter order a cream based soup that was supposed to be fresh. When I looked at it I realized it had broken down. When I told the waitress that the soup must be old, she informed me that it couldn't be old because it was made on Monday! Mind you, this was Saturday. Our vegetables were soggy and unappetizing. I ordered Meatloaf which the owner had declared was their best seller. Yuck---the only decent thing we got was the full bottle of wine we ordered. The owner kept coming back and telling us how wondrful everything was, his great experience taking client all over the country to the best restaurants where he developed his love of and ability to produce outstanding food. Hope he convinced himself, to say the least we were not impressed and had decided we would not be returning. After reading this article re: home, etc., definitely will not go back. Shame, nice location, nice building. My first instinct when I go into a dining establishment is to leave if the employees look unkept and not too clean--should have listened to that instict in this instance.

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Would be proud of the state's effectiveness in this case.

I don't know this man at all.

What is to keep the State out of YOUR home?

Just an accusation, that's all, it's one step away.

This scary stuff.

Not scary at all as long as one doesn't do something stupid and give the LEOs probable cause.

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I forgot probable cause, funny how probable cause works though. You should read up on it.

Probable cause indeed!

Nope, no need to read about it--won't ever be a problem for me.

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that depends AHG, for example, let's say that I am your neighbor and for some reason you really P me off.

Well, I can get one of my pals to call the "Drug Hot Line" and let them know you're dealing drugs out of you home. That it has been seen many times and it's becoming a real nuisance. Now you may say that this isn't "probable cause" but in the war against drugs, all someone needs to do is put a little stash under you right front fender and under the drug laws your property can be seized. I mean ALL your property. You are guilty until proven innocent under current RICO statutes. Oh yes, I almost forgot, the person that phones in the "tip" well he doesn't have to leave his name, just an accusation and a hint where the drugs can be found.

You think this can't happen, that "probable cause" can't do this to you? Well your wrong, and I can't say what happened to that young lady happened either. Neither can the police, but they had an accusation, that's all they needed to enter the home of the accused. I hope you are never falsely accused of anything, because there may be just enough probable cause to lose very thing you own. Thanks to the government and its over reach.

“Freedom is lost gradually from an uninterested, uninformed, and uninvolved people.” – Thomas Jefferson

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