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Article in the Fayette County News

Pat & Geneva,

Take Back Fayette County-Committee (PAC) reports to the voters independently and provides accurate information. Everything we claim in our flyer is the TRUTH and we have backup to PROVE. As can be expected, THE TRUTH can hurt.

It’s clear Mayor Dan Langford wants to go back to the “good old boy” days when voters were kept in the dark on the activities of their local elected officials.

Unfortunately, Mayor Langford did not disclose to the public the fact that the landowner and developer he is attempting to shield is on the board of directors of his employer.

He also did not disclose that he and Jack Smith are very close buddies. Mayor Langford also supports candidates and incumbents who were opposed in our flyer.

Some in the community believe it’s important to let the voters know that certain officials vote to keep mass transit projects plans for Fayette County and a local commissioner was arrested for possession of marijuana while in office, as well as a landowner developer who benefits from a road to nowhere like the West Fayetteville Bypass is supporting a candidate (and former commission chairman) responsible for wasting our precious tax dollars on the wasteful project.

The First Amendment is part of the foundation of our nation’s success. The more you learn about political candidates, the more you are able to lmake an informed decision. Keeping people in the dark as Mayor Langford desires is not the answer.

Mayor Langford is speaking out against us just like we are publicly opposing many of the candidates and incumbents he supports.

We can take the heat on presenting the TRUE FACTS to the voters. Informed voters cast informed votes.

Harold Bost
Fayetteville, Ga.


I like that!

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You want to talk TRUTH and FACTS? Let's talk about your ESTEX operation in Fairburn before it was sold? Let's talk about who was "employed" there or would you rather just run away and move again? At least we don't have to do a special election this time.

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A full-page ad under the heading of “tired of dirty, rotten politics” was in the Citizen on July 25, 2012.

The ugly attack ad compared Harold Bost to “Boss Hogg” and railed against the qualifications of Barlow, Ognio and Oddo who are running for seats on the Fayette County Commissioners and current Commissioner Steve Brown.

The underlying message of the ad was to depict Harold Boss as a puppeteer who pulled all the strings of the three candidates Barlow, Ognio and Oddo, and to promote the campaigns of Jack Smith, who we kicked out of office in 2010, and the re-election of Lee Hearn and Robert Horgan.

At the bottom of the ad it said “Paid for by Dean Howard and Mike Hofrichter.”

The ad touched off a firestorm and was reported in detail in an article by Pat Cooper in "Today in Peachtree City" over the weekend. In the article, Mr. Hofrichter denied having any role in the placement of or payment for the ad and Mr. Howard refused to say who paid for the ad.

We have been tying to get to the bottom of who placed and paid for the ad as I believe someone broke the Georgia campaign and finance laws.

I sent the following email to Mike Hofrichter Esq., which was not immediately answered:

To: “Mike Hofrichter Esq.” <>
Monday July 30, 2012

I read with interest about you denying any knowledge of the attack ad that you and Dean Howard allegedly placed in the newspaper.

Hopefully you were not involved as you have stated but school is still out on that point at the moment and I will await further information before I decide either way.

A number of us have been trying, without success, to establish who Dean Howard is and how can he be contacted. Since you were somewhat involved in this ill-advised and distasteful ad, would you kindly provide us with that information.

Obviously, we will eventually find out the truth and we would really appreciate your honesty in this regard.

I look forward to you prompt reply.

Jim Richter
Peachtree City

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