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Incumbents, do you hear us now?

Prior to the primary election we heard the rumble of the voters and their loud objections to the 2009 SPLOST referendum.

The election on July 20 signified the official turning of the page on politics as usual in Fayette County.

Just a couple of weeks ago, incumbent politicians of all different stripes gathered for the photos that lined full-page color campaign ads. They were the inglorious symbols of political deafness in Fayette County. Surely Smith and Maxwell will be reelected. Why else would creditable politicians plant their name with two corrupt (who lost big) commissioners?

The overconfident county commissioners and their subordinates continually told their constituents to sit down and keep their mouths shut. The West Fayetteville Bypass was going to get built whether the constituents wanted the useless road or not. Not on our watch!

I wonder if they can hear us now. I wonder if they understand what is going to happen to them if they continue to totally disregard the people who placed them in the seats of power.

There is mini-revolution happening in this country and most of the incumbent politicians can’t see the tidal wave building on the horizon.

Our incumbents Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell ignored the warnings and pleas to stop being financially irresponsible with $50 million of our tax dollars aimed at the bypass.

The voters fired them for insubordination, and the level of political arrogance dropped several notches as all the once smug politicians in the color photos scrambled for cover.

So after two significant defeats in two years, let’s ask our Fayette County Board of Commissioners one more time, “Are you going to terminate phase II and phase III of the West Fayetteville Bypass known as the Road to Nowhere as the citizens have demanded?”

Your reasons for building the bypass, commissioners, are illogical and erroneous. Your rationale as to why you say the bypass can’t be stopped is even worse. Wrong! It will be stopped.

The July 20 election shouted, “Build no more empty schools” and, “Stop building the Road to Nowhere.” Commissioners Elect Brown and McCarty made the West Fayetteville Bypass the primary mandate of the 2010 election.

It would be extremely sad to see commissioners Hearn, Frady and Horgan close their eyes and cover their ears like Smith and Maxwell did. We are looking for some selfless heroes. Do we have any of those heroes on the Fayette County Board of Commissioners?

The people of this county have done everything but storm the county offices. Will the commissioners finally listen to the people of this county? Time will tell.

Commissioners Hearn, Frady and Horgan, give us a reason to have confidence in you. We’re watching you.

David Barlow

Chairman, Take Back Fayette County Committee

Fayetteville, Ga.



It was what you describe as a voter wake up call for the county commission. Great letter!

grassroots's picture

Most articulate and complete piece I've read post primary. Lets not let up.

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I guess we will see if Hearn, Frady, and Horgan were really paying attention to the people. I feel sure when January, 2011 rolls around Steve Brown and Allen McCarty will ask our remaining commissioners to vote down the West Bypass.

If Hearn, Frady, and Horgan choose to go against what the people of Fayette County voted for, namely the demise of the West Bypass, Hearn, Frady, and Horgan will find themselves out of a commission seat.

After all, according to what Jack Smith once said about the 2004 SPLOST, the people voted for it. In this case, however, we are speaking about the demise of the West Bypass. "What goes around, comes around."

If we all just don’t vote for the incumbent someone else will win. Most of us can then vote our conscience (that candidate that didn’t win the party or the third party) and send a very strong message.

Individuals for Unencumberment by Unemployment for Incumbents
I for U by U for I
We can have Revolution – Bailey Savings and Loan Style

The road will be built. The people who lost didn't lose due to the favoritism for the road. More want the road than don't want it.
That was simply a gimmick to use to get a few votes.
Kind of like those who want 30 million "illegals" arrested today and returned to Mexico---with or without their legal wife or husband or the legal children. If only the law would imprison a few company CEOs for "Hiring" illegals, they would all go home tomorrow!
Anyway, I hear the American Indians are forming a committee to take back their country.
The Indians say they will put roofs on, pick cucumbers, peaches, and green beans, and own Casinos. They will give green cards to scientists, soldiers, and college professors however.
The Nationalist-Socialist Party however is going to send all home who don't have "papers" as to their Caucasian birth for 200 years.

More want the bypass than don't want it??? Put the bottle down and back away from the table.

I thought they finished all the booze at the election funeral for Jack Smith. Guess I was wrong.

There have been maybe 15 people on here who have complained about the road.
I don't know any more.
I do know many in the consruction and road business who are eager to finish it.
Not to mention developers and their suppliers!

It will be built.

Frankly, I'm against sin! Will you vote for me?

I guess you didn't see the voting results of the candidates who made the bypass their top issue. If you're saying only 15 people were against the road, you need to put the bottle down.

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Jack Smith spoke from his Ivory Tower to all the people below? He was speaking about the 2004 SPLOST when he said, "You voted for it."

Now, the people have had an opportunity to speak to his Highness.

The people came from every nook and cranny of Fayette County to vote the incumbents out. They came from every city and village to vote the West Fayetteville Bypass out.

The people have found their voice, courthouse. The people have found out that there is true meaning to the phrase "every vote counts."

The folks who worked so hard to give the people their voices back won't stop now.

If Horgan, Frady, and Hearn think it will be business as usual in January 2011, they have another think coming. They will have a true revolution on their hands.

Your edict, "The road will be built," reminds me of the many decrees Jack Smith placed upon the people. The 2009 SPLOST Ballot and the July 20, 2010 Primary have proven that the people just plain don't like edicts (decrees).

When you say, "The road will be built," on what do you base that statement? Give me some facts and figures, courthouse. "Because I said so," just won't fly anymore.

You see I own a tar and gravel company and my brother he develops and constructs on new roads. We think this road will be used and take customers by new stuff! Not sure if it will happen in 2010 but what else is there for people to do---there aren't any jobs? (Nah, we don't have such companies)

In all of the history of the world, never has any money been available from taxes that hasn't been spent!

I don't even know if this road is needed--traffic is heavy now---and I don't know who else sides my brother and me wants the road, but we want roads anyway, just any road. (so some say)
Now I'm a straight shooter, I truly know that this road---wherever it is--will be built, so does it make any sense to just keep saying it won't be built?

How would it be explained to startled state people that, yeah, we got some money from a SPLOST to built this road, but we are not going to build it--we lied when we took the SPLOST money. We will hire more teachers and police if you will let us do that!

PTC and the County are passing budgets for certain things now. Do you think that they will not spend every dime of it during the coming budget year? People would think that they were crazy!

Can you see why I'm simply being simple? The money is there the road will be built in spite of all the blowhard politicians who act like they don't want it (for votes).

Gwinnett County used to be full of wonderful farms and long-time people. Do you know how they got their land when it wasn't for sale? They re-zoned it which raised taxes to the extent that the farmers couldn't pay the tax!
They sold and went to Florida. What the kids and lawyers didn't get.

I don't want the road, I don't not want the road but it will be built.

Be careful of the next SPLOST or Bond issue!

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If the county wants to build a $50,000,000 road, they should be able to justify the expense. The voters of this county are no longer going to take "because I said so."

We need facts and figures. We need to know, factually, why one road is better than another road. "More bang for the buck" just won't get it.

Do you blame folks for wanting to know how and why their hard earned money is going to be spent?

Do you blame homeowners for wanting to know why their home or property is going to be taken?

We all have to be accountable for our actions. Just because someone has the title "Commissioner" in front of their name doesn't excuse them from accountability!

If your son or daughter wanted $500, would you not ask them why they wanted that much money? Would you not expect them to give you details as to what they would be getting for your $500?

Exhibits A and B of the 2003 SPLOST Resolution are inundated with projects that should be covered with SPLOST money. In fact, Exhibit B is the entire Transportaion Plan for the county. Needless to say, there are many many projects that could be completed with that money.

The East Bypass was listed within Exhibit B and there were several alternative routes to the East Bypass. One of those routes wouldn't have taken out any houses and it wouldn't have split anyone's property in two. That particular route, wouldn't have crossed any wetlands and it wouldn't have impacted the golf course.

If Jack Smith had chosen Alternative D to the East Bypass, he wouldn't have been able to supply 6 large and wealthy developers with free pavement and utilities for their subdivisions. Mayor Ken Steele wouldn't have had the potential of annexing those subdivisions into the City of Fayetteville and thereby increasing the city's tax base.

I know folks need jobs and I pray for those families everyday. However, there are many many more paving jobs listed in Exhibits A and B other than the West Fayetteville Bypass. Millions of dollars connected with that project will go for the purchase of homes, property and mitigation credits.

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Courthouse, you are either one of the most uninformed people in Fayette County or you are a very optimistic commissioner. I am one of the founding members of the West Fayetteville Bypass Coalition. We have 90 families who belong to our organization. There are thousands more supporters out there. We have supporters who don't live anywhere near the proposed West Bypass Route.

The defeat of the 2009 SPLOST was a mandate by the people of Fayette County to stop the West Bypass. That SPLOST was defeated 3 to 1 because the voters were outraged about the deception that had taken place through the 2004 SPLOST. They were outraged by the deception of our current commissioners. They were outraged that our current commissioners would have the audacity to try strapping the entire West Bypass to the backs of Fayette taxpayers during a bleak economy. People are losing their homes and jobs and Fayette County Commissioners are asking the taxpayers to pay $50,000,000 for a road that will supply wealthy developers with 3/4 mile of pavement and utilities.

Courthouse, our current commissioners have lied over and over again to you, me and every other voter in this county. One commissioner said that SPLOST money couldn't be transferred from one SPLOST project to another. Another commissioner said that "yes" SPLOST money could be transferred from one SPLOST project to another. One commissioner said that he didn't want Mass Transit in Fayette County and at the same time, he voted in favor of it.

Fayette County voters are so outraged by the West Bypass they voted to oust Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell. If you will look at the election returns, you will see that Smith and Maxwell only won 5 of 36 precincts. The Bypass issue cost the incumbents the election. Believe me, Courthouse, I could go on and on but this is getting very tiresome. So, I agree with Spear Road Guy.... put that bottle down, child. You have pickled your brain.

Courthouserules, because you have only encountered 15 people who have complained about the WFB does not in any way mean that only 15 people have complained. Fayette County's a big place, and you probably cannot get all the scoop. I will be an additional voice who heretofore has not complained but offer it to you now...I am very much opposed to the building of the West Fayetteville Bypass. Now, you know of 16 complaints!

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Thank you very much, Alleged. Every vote of support is greatly appreciated. Poor old Courthouse seems to be operating in a fog. He doesn't seem to realize that our Commissioners Elect won by many more than 15 votes.

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Yet I don't speak Orangutan so how would you understand. Ginga, don't waste words on this banana head.

I'm going out on a limb and expressing a vote of confidence in the remaining three commissioners. Surely to goodness, they've seen the will of the voters prevail in the last election. Anyone who has kept up with the news will tell you that their unyielding stance on the West Fayetteville Bypass was the main obstacle to Commissioners Smith and Maxwell being reelected. Perhaps the other commissioners will now take a second look at the East Bypass. Smith and Maxwell said the EFB could not be built, even though it had been a top priority project during previous administrations. But county records show that there are three ways it can be built, and it appears that Alternative C, 3,or whatever you call it that follows Corinth Rd. would be the cheapest and most logical route to examine. I read somewhere...perhaps it was in the review dne by the Atlanta Regional Commission ("ARC") that the EFB had been revised down to $7 million. By following the traffic generated by State Hwy. 85, the county actually would be able to divert much of the traffic out of downtown Fayetteville. Fayette Pavillion draws a great deal of traffic. Pavillion traffic, especially from South of Fayetteville could be handled better by an Eastern bypass. It is a shame that the current commissioners only looked at the most expensive version of the EFB, which involved destroying a golf course, and then said it couldn't be done.

There was no traffic study done on the West Bypass. All the WFB amounted to was a developer's dream, that would have routed traffic around Jones' barn, actually making traffic worse than before at a big price to the taxpayers. Those few who say the West Bypass will go through are only being argumentative, as they can't supply any documentation that would justify its outrageous location. At least State 85 is a through route out of Fayette County to points North and South.

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