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Results show voters can be led, not driven

I would like to thank commissioners Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell for their past service to the Fayette County Commission.

In my humble opinion, voters in our county made a decision to replace these two commissioners because they did not share the vision of governance offered by these two individuals.

I would hope that the remaining commissioners would take note that voters in Fayette County can be led, but not driven. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

We will be watching and paying attention to the actions of the current commission. I, for one, hope that no “lame duck” games occur between now and January 2011.

Judson Johnson

Fayetteville, Ga.



After reading two letters talking about what "lame ducks" can do to mess things up, I'm worried Smith and Maxwell might try to sneak something through.

You don't think they might build a road, do you?
Maybe hire Mrs. Cox back? (overule the schhool board).
Superintendent here pays more than she makes at a charity.
I'll bet there are scores of qualified superintendent candidates in Atlanta alone! They would work for $250,000.00.

Sonny will do the damage before he leaves, wait and see!

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