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Paul Oddo endorses Charles Oddo

Sometimes statements are obvious. Nevertheless, here are a couple. First, Charles Oddo is a candidate for the Fayette County Commission Post 1. Second, he is my brother. I know he would serve the citizens of Fayette County well.

Without discourse on the campaign issues, all of which have been detailed in the newspapers and elsewhere over the past two months, I can say that one of the reasons he will be a great Commissioner is because he has empathy with the citizens. He is one of them. He has appeared before the Commission as a private citizen. He knows how it feels to appear and state one’s case. He knows citizens will appreciate acknowledgement and serious consideration of their requests or comments.

As a homeowner who has been involved with the many business ventures of the Oddo family since moving to Fayette County in 1970, Charles understands the legitimate needs of the business owner and will be able to balance them with the concerns of the home owner.

Charles has support from many and he desires what is best for all Fayette County citizens. He is independent of, and not obligated to, any special interest groups. He has worked closely with his two brothers for over 40 years (evidence he can work together for goals beneficial to all).

With Charles on the County Commission the County and cities will be in a position to work together even more closely than before.

As an example, if Charles was negotiating the current local option sales tax allocation for the County, he would ensure the final outcome would be of optimum benefit for the entire county and he would not put the negotiations in jeopardy of having to be based on a court ruling.

In conclusion, if any are not sure where I stand in this election, know that I support my brother Charles Oddo and I encourage you to vote for him. For those who have already voted for him, I thank you.

With best regards,
Paul C. Oddo, Jr., CPA
Mayor Pro-Tem
Fayetteville City Council



You wouldn't happen to have other brothers who might live in PTC or Tyrone or Brooks, now would you?

I'm just saying, oddo-er things than that have happened in the wacky world of politics.

Never mind that stuff--you've only got about another 2 weeks to run down to Carrol Farms and get some of those great fresh Peaches--cheaper than the grocery store! They're really good this yr--just picked up another peck yesterday.

You picked up a peck of peaches? (now that sounds vaguely almost familiar...)

I've been down to Alvaton, their peaches are the S.C. peaches, which are better than store bought ones. However, I will be heading down to Carrol tomorrow. Going to get some good tomatoes, too, at the farmers market, if these storms clear out. Thanks for the reminder!

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