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Seven PTC teens wreak havoc on Huddleston Drive

Seven male and female Peachtree City teens are facing misdemeanor charges after entering a business on Huddleston Drive and intentionally causing property damage.

The teenagers charged with criminal trespass included four 15-year-old males, two 15-year-old females and on 16-year-old male, according to Peachtree City incident reports.

Peachtree City Police spokesman Mark Brown said most of the juveniles are students at McIntosh High School.

The property entered between July 17-21 was a house used in connection with a business located at 124 Huddleston Drive, reports said.

The police report said the juveniles entered the property without permission and intentionally caused less than $500 in damages.



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Less than $500 damage is wreaking havoc? I know headlines are to attract readers, but.......a bit of an overstatement here?

I am not defending the action, just the prose.

The 'action' may have been seen a little differently - and the word 'havoc' may have been accepted.

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have meanings DM.

Havoc "wide and general destruction : devastation"

I think $500 is a bit of a stretch for "havoc" no matter where it occurs.

Less than $500. property damage not a felony this time. This is the typical behavior of PTC teens and it reflects the kind of parents we have living here. Nothing new.

Most of these parents are working 2 jobs just to keep the lights on, we can't expect them to watch their kids too!

Look out PTC, the teens are wreaking havoc all over town!! I must have missed all the other articles on bad teen behavior! Perhaps skyspy can fill us in on all the havoc, since we are all at work?

And I agree with you, where are all the "bad" stories about kids in this area?

Perhaps "she" was, no "he" involved here!

In my humble opinion.

I surely don't need to defend her--she's quite competent at doing that for herself--but you know, there are some bloggers on the Citizen who would not hesitate to say the exact same about you!

In us (ME). Point taken, I will try and do better....and to Skyspy, my apologies. Carry on.

I'm sorry my post made you upset. That was not my intent. Have a good night.

I hope all is well with you and yours. Wasn't this a perfect day? Love the weather we are having, hoping for more of the same tomorrow.

For sure one of those CAVU days!

and previous police reports. They speak for themselves. It seems my comment made you feel defensive. There is good and bad everywhere . We have to take the bad with the good. Have a good day.

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Exactly - teens in the bubble know where the felony line sits. More urban cultured teens would not have wasted their time with such misdemeanoring. Smash and grab, home invasion, car jacking - too "watched over" for that.

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Lets see some pictures and let the readers decide if Havoc" took place.

Whatever happened to personal responsibility?...

I don't know who these kids are and what they did was wrong. However which high school most of them attend has nothing to do with what they did. It almost seems like the report is trying to make McIntosh out as a "bad" school. However if you are going to go that route then you should report All of the high schools that the kids attend.

"There you go again!"

. . . and I'm not the only one. Read some other comments. The citizens of Fayette County are not dumb and blind.

There you go again!! LOL!

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Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Hard to believe, I know. I am guessing drug deal gone bad....

I bet if it was The Citizen's "Precious Starr's Mill students" they would not have reported the high school.

stop wasting time reporting on typical stuff teens do. and spend more time reporting on the city and how much of our money they waste. How about the fact they don't recycle the flouresent bulbs they are supposed to and just toss them in the trash breaking EPA rules and laws. How about the fact that they just take a credit card and buy what they want from home depot, and not actually find better deals with our money. or how about the fact that the guy who got busted with swimming naked in the pool a few weeks ago is the son of the mother who is contracted to care for the pools. didn't you ever wonder how he even got in there. the list goes on and on. let's get the real stories, and leave the teenagers out of things.

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