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Fayette schools finalist also seeks job in Augusta

One of the three finalists for the position as superintendent of the Fayette County School System has his sights on more than one school system. Dr. Roy “Cole” Pugh is also one of three finalists for the superintendent’s job with the Richmond County School System in Augusta.

Aside from the positions in Fayette and Richmond counties, the recently retired Texas superintendent was also a finalist for the Baldwin County, Alabama, position and a semi-finalist for the superintendent’s job in Pulaski County, Arkansas, earlier this year.

Pugh unexpectedly retired from the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw School District in Fort Worth, Texas, in late June after serving as superintendent for four years, according to the Star-Telegram newspaper.

Commenting on the retirement, school district Trustee and former school board president Ed Willkie was said to have been surprised to learn that Pugh was leaving.

"He's a good man," Willkie said. "He's brought the grades up and brought great recognition to our district. He's done everything we asked of him."

Pugh held the position at Eagle Mountain-Saginaw in Ft. Worth, Texas, since 2006. Prior to that time and since 1983, Pugh has served as Superintendent at six other Texas school districts. In all but one of those positions, Pugh said he moved to take a position in a larger school district. Pugh’s career in education began in 1973 where he taught school, coached and served as Principal in other Texas communities.

Pugh earned an Ed.D. in Administration & Supervision from the University of Houston in 1988, a M.Ed. in Physical Education and Education from Stephen F. Austin State University in 1973 and, also from the same university, a B.S. in Health & Physical Education in 1972. Pugh has published several papers on curriculum management and budgeting and has been a presenter at more than two dozen regional, state and national conferences.



We hope you will seriously consider Fayette County. We need someone with your experience. Hopefully the summer delays won't affect your decision?

Just Asking

Supt. at 7 different systems, gotta wonder

Veritas's picture

Each of Dr. Pugh's moves was a move up and if I was searching for a job I would apply to as many vacancies as available to improve my chances. Also, I think it speaks volumes as to how many systems see his value qualifications and experience as a superintendent. As for job number the average longevity of a superintendent in a single system on average is 3 to 5 years.

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I have to ask, do we really want to be just another stepping stone for Dr. Pugh?

I certainly don't want Wenzel.

That is just my 2 cents.

bring us all some Maine lobstahs, he has my vote!!! Ayup!

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