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Woman hurt in PTC crash

A crash off Ga. Highway 54 at Stevens Entry this morning sent an area woman to the hospital with injuries that were not believed to be life-threatening, officials said.

A Lexus sport utility vehicle somehow jumped a curb, running off the road and into the woodline before it came to a stop. Peachtree City fire and rescue crews responded and prepared one victim for transport to Atlanta Medical Center for treatment.

The wreck happened shortly before 9:30 a.m.

This photo was provided by local businessman Dave O’Farrell.



You all are my heros. PCFD to the rescue.

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OK. I'm curious on how control of this vehicle was lost. If her car had veered into on-coming traffic the result could have been most tragic.

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Cyclist, I witnessed this incident and on two occasions she neared oncoming traffic. Her veering back and forth lasted a good 4-5 miles before she finally hit a tree. Everyone was afraid to pass her. I would assume she passed out or something of that nature, it was very minute swerving left, the next right, then straightening out her vehicle. I'm glad she's okay.

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I hope the authorities find out what happened. She is a hazard on the road and she could have killed someone. If she has a medical condition that diminishes her motor-skills she should be banned from driving. If she was drunk then the appropriate legal remedy should be applied. If her insurance carrier found out about this they might dump her or raise her premiums. Like wise, I hope she is OK.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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I was actually a witness to this entire thing, I called 911 along with several others they said. It started at the red light at Publix/Starbucks on 54 in PTC, the white Lexus SUV was swerving all over the road, one minute it would go on the median to the left then straighten up a bit then the next way over to the grass on the right. There was myself along with 3 other vehicles all right there, and her in front of us, no one woudl pass her, afraid she'd hit us. At the light where you turn to go to Macintosh High School she had straightened out but then once the light was green she again was all over the road, that's when I called 911. I was on the phone with them when the wreck happened, right past the steven's entry red light off to the right of the road she swerved and hit a tree, her SUV's tail end bounced up into the air before finally settling back down on the ground. I was caught at the red light when it happened, the other 3 cars along with me all stopped and rushed out of their vehicles to her. I never once saw brake lights while she was swerving, I thought maybe they were out. Maybe she passed out, I don't know, it doesn't say. But they should investigate and ask her because for 4-5 miles she was all over the road to the extent no one could pass her without being hit, she put a lot of other's lives at risk that day. She could have mayeb passed out, or maybe has epilepsy, or was drunk, or her brakes went out, there's a million possibilities. I am just glad she was not severily injured and is going to be okay. My prayers are with her and her family in whatever they may be going through.

Jillian, witness to the incident

... if she was texting while driving?

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