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Location changed for PTC National Night Out

The location for Peachtree City’s National Night Out Tuesday has been changed to Drake Field, the open field area between the city library and Lake Peachtree.

The event, slated from 7 to 9 p.m., is part of a larger national anti-crime campaign. There will be a host of public safety equipment on display for the public to see, including fire department ladder trucks, helicopters, police vehicles, auto wreckers and more.

Also planned is a special event for the children, a public safety scavenger hunt that requires them to check in with various agencies that will be on hand.

There will also be inflatables for the young children to enjoy, and a “rollover simulator” that shows participants what can happen when they don’t wear their seatbelt.

Just like last year, there will be a host of public safety personnel on hand, including police officers, firefighters and staff from the Fayette County Jail, a part of law enforcement that most of the public doesn’t see very much.

Also this year there will be a host of city representatives because the event focuses on all aspects of community safety, and entities such as the city’s recreation department play a role in that as well, Brown said.



are here. The when? And why the change from where to here? Inquiring minds want to know. Pretty please.

Is the spankin' new fire engine gonna be there?? How about some of the new cruisers? The new Hawk 1?

Is this the doggie leash-free park? Who is going to clean up the doggie poop before this starts? And the goose poop? Maybe our K-9's can be put on poop and goose patrol ahead of time! Kinda ruff-ruff dooty, but they are up to the task. Hey, if the firemen can mow the grass for the last 3 years, the canine corps can surely do patrol for this glam event. Woof-woof.

It clearly states TUESDAY 7-9pm

shorts on, buck-o. It does now, after Cal inserted the TUESDAY after the fact.

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