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Woman wounded Monday night in N. Fayette drive-by shooting

A woman driving with her granddaughter was wounded late Monday by a gunshot fired from a passing car just north of Fayetteville on Ga. Highway 85, Fayette County Sheriff Barry Babb said.

The wounded woman drove to a gas station just across the Clayton County line and called police. Another report said the woman was struck in her hand.

Here’s the press release from Babb:

“On July 28, 2014 at approximately 11:02 p.m. Fayette County Sheriff’s deputies responded to Clayton County in reference to a person shot.

“The victim told Clayton County Police that she was shot while driving through north Fayette County. She said the shooting occurred on Ga. Highway 85 near Roberts Road just north of Fayetteville.

“The victim driver was in the car with her 15-year-old granddaughter when a car described as an older model dark colored car pulled up beside them on the driver’s side and shot at least one round, striking the victim. The shooting occurred as the vehicles were in motion.

“After the victim was struck, she continued to drive until she called 911 at a nearby gas station in Clayton County. Fayette County Detectives and Crime Scene Investigators responded to the scene and are continuing to investigate the circumstances around the incident. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Fayette County Sheriff’s detectives at 770-716-4750,” Babb said.



Gang initiation? Lucky it was only her hand! I wish we could get an in-depth report on the gang activity here in Fayetteville. There is a good bit of activity, but no real reporting of it. I would like to know the names of the gangs, how many are estimated to be here and a description of how they identify themselves.

I just returned from LA where gang activity has been a reality for decades. The incident reported in FC would be called a 'drive by' in LA. It would not be reported in an LA paper except as a hospital report of the injured party. Drive-by's are unfortunately a common occurrence in LA and other urban areas. It would be important for law enforcement to inform us of gang activity in Fayette County. Gang activity is commonly associated with 'drugs' and we are aware that drugs are sold and purchased in Fayette County. We arrived in Fayette County in 2003. We witnessed sales being conducted in the parking lot of The Pavilion. My husband was sure that undercover officers were witnessing this activity. I hope he was right. We resided in PTC for two months and witnessed drug deals on the cart paths. Again, my husband was sure that this activity was under surveillance by law enforcement as it would be in LA. (Convictions depend on solid evidence) Parents and community members should be made aware of what to look for so that they can assist law enforcement in discouraging drug sales in public areas in FC. As g8trgrl stated, it could have been a gang initiation. There is a fine line between making the public aware of gang activity and glamorizing the gangs. I'm sure our Sheriff and chief of police in our respective cities are on top of this problem. An awareness program to help parents and citizens would be appreciated.

I don't know if the FC shooting was gang related or not, but you push this off like its LA where this type of shooting is common and acceptable to the community. This is not acceptable and never should be.

Now, to me, something is not right. A grandmother and granddaughter out late on a Monday night? I would first want to know why they were out that late. Then I would want to know if they had a cell phone and could have called 911 as they were racing away.

The police cannot be everywhere. Your husband telling you that the perceived deals are under surveillance was just a way to help calm your fears so you and he wouldn't have to get involved. Next time, if you think you see a drug deal, just call the police give them all the info you can and get out of there. Not addressing it as you see it, to me, means you condone this type of behavior in your community.

You're perception of what I intended to convey is dead wrong. I accept the fault for that. I think that all members of this community (which does have a problem as unfortunately too many communities have) need to have law enforcement inform us on how we can help them. <strong>No gang activity is accepted in communities where parents have lost children and children have lost parents due to indiscriminate use of firearms by gang members or the mentally ill or just plain criminals. </strong> When a grandmother (as I am) cannot be out on any night of the week with one of my grandchildren in FC, we have a problem. It seems as if they were rightly concerned in getting immediate help from a live person and getting away from the perpetrators.

Waiting for 911 to answer would not have been the right thing to do IMO. Thanks for sharing .

By the way, my husband informed me that he did report the activity to the proper authorities. There is an excellent law enforcement network in FC and Georgia . As a former law enforcement officer, he knew who to contact. ( the Pavilion was under surveillance at that time)

[quote]Not addressing it as you see it, to me, means you condone this type of behavior in your community.[/quote]

One of the most offensive comments I have read!

When I see something that I don't think is right, I call the proper authorities. For instance, On Saturday, I was driving to an appointment in Palmetto and noticed someone sleeping next to the railroad tracks. It was early morning and I assumed he was sleeping off a few drinks. Knowing that those tracks are active and his close proximity, I called the police and asked them to check this out. Gave them the location and my information. They called me back an hour later to report that they got him home and thanked me. We have an obligation as adults to protect children and those in danger.

While I agree we should be able to go out in our community without fearing a driveby, I do think there are certain areas I would not travel at night. Unless I was driving to a drugstore to pick up medicine for a sick family member or a crazy pregnant wife craving a pickle, I'm generally not out at 11 pm on a weeknight. I would be pretty annoyed with my mom if she had one of my kids out that late, even on summer break.

There are many communities in LA. I have never lived in a gang community and I don't live in one now. However, indiscriminate use of guns happen in all communities. Let's hope that when one of your children, who may participate in school or church activities that require late night rehearsals and you cannot pick up your child, that your fears won't prevent your child from participating because you wouldn't want your mom to pick up your child. Gosh, I almost forgot where I was - back in FC, where there is only one way of life! (And very little understanding of the rest of the globe). I thought the demographics in FC indicated a higher degree of intelligence and academic achievement. It's fun to bring out the contradiction to this perception!!

[quote]I thought the demographics in FC indicated a higher degree of intelligence and academic achievement. It's fun to bring out the contradiction to this perception!![/quote]

You come out here thinking that you have all the answers because you were a teacher yet you often fail to comprehend simple logic. If a person doesn't have common sense they're lost. My Dad used to say that "You can educate a fool, but all you'll have is an educated fool."

You witness drug deals and don't bother to report them. (I know hubby did but you didn't know until you went back to ask). And you have this perception of FC? Hey if you don't like it here all I can say is Delta is ready when you are.

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Kind of like not enforcing existing laws......isn't it?

[quote]Kind of like not enforcing existing laws......isn't it?[/quote]

Excellent point.

I love it here! LOL. It's beyond entertaining. I've learned so much from honest conservatives. From others - you're killing the GOP. Sad.

[quote]From others - you're killing the GOP. Sad.[/quote]

As I said earlier you fail to comprehend simple logic and facts. You think the Dems are rocking. LMAO

[quote]Gallup and ABC News/Washington Post polls show that the president?__s five-year average approval rating is the lowest on record. Virtually all major pollsters show a substantial drop in his approval rating over the course of 2013.[/quote]


Check Congress's approval rating. They just passed a bill to 'sue' the President using our tax money! They did pass a bill to help our veterans. Please tell the over 80% of citizens who disapprove of the inaction of this Congress what else Congress has done for their constituents . It's Congress that is to legislate law. The President executes the law. . . He doesn't make it. But when you have nothing coming out of Congress to help the American people - except stop Obama. . . well we have a little over a year to see if these 'leaders' can do their job for us. US!


Got this years(today's) polls? This is last year! Thanks

Congress rating:


Typical liberal response. You can't defend the facts so you try to divert attention/blame. This president said that he had a pen and a phone and he would act without congress. And he does, when he wants to. If he doesn't want to then he hides behind congress. I guess even he's tired of blaming Bush by now. Need another scapegoat.

Our Congress, while suing the president for dictator like actions has told the president to go on and take action without Congressional input. Now that's sad!. Stay current - if so much was not at stake, this would be entertaining. Please defend today's facts as you see them. Thanks!

You're using an old list. You've got to stay current! LOL!

You are the expert on talking points. You're like your hero not so good when you have to think on your own. ;-)

And don't think that I didn't notice that you once again avoid the topic at hand. LOL

The GOP and the polls. Sorry - what other topic are you referring to? Thanks!

I'm proud of my experience as a teacher. One thing a teacher knows - no one has all the answers. Learning is a lifelong activity!

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Oh, we certainly do understand the rest of the globe, and wish to keep most of it out of FC, because WE DO ENJOY THIS WAY OF LIFE! Matter of fact, I did offer to care for/redistribute your interests here, should you choose to stay in your native environment on the left coast.

There is no contradiction in our demographics, it is contrast, a very stark one, and you bring it out well. By the way, what was it you taught?

One last thing, where in the world did you come up with the phrase "indiscriminate use of guns"? We are talking crime here. Anyone that handles a firearm knows exactly what they intend to do, including the low life that shot the woman in North Fayette. Maybe next time he draws it with criminal intent, someone will empty their clip and it will be his last. I guess I should not presume it was a he...?

Maybe we could start a dialogue on here to fill in some of the gaping holes from the reports...like what county were their tags, did the shooter actually hit his target (a gesturing hand?), did they exchange words at the Fayette Crime Center (pavillion) etc.

[quote]Anyone that handles a firearm knows exactly what they intend to do, including the low life that shot the woman in North Fayette[/quote]

Thank you for your input - I imagine based on your experience.. I respect/like the citizens that I have met in Fayetteville over the past 10 years. I have not met anyone who has used a firearm indiscriminately - however in my travels, I have been in areas where many have used a firearm with little or no training; or for expressing joy/victory. (What goes up must come down). One of my students was shot in her bedroom on New Year's Eve. I admit, I haven't met many on the left coast with your peaceful but limited experience. The people in FC and you are blessed.. . However most FC citizens that I meet are concerned about the living situation of their fellow human beings and humbly and quietly go about doing what they can to improve the human condition.

[quote]Maybe we could start a dialogue on here to fill in some of the gaping holes from the reports...like what county were their tags, did the shooter actually hit his target (a gesturing hand?), did they exchange words at the Fayette Crime Center (pavillion) etc.[/quote]

I have found the Mayors office in Fayetteville and the office of the Police Chief most responsive to the concerns of citizens .

A dialogue in this forum is interesting, but a dialogue with those that effect change is more productive. I guess I could call The Avenues a center for crime, since someone hit our car in the parking lot in front of The Atlanta Bread Company and left a note which stated "They think we're leaving our address, but we're not!"

Peace and love Brooksdad.

Been living here more than 10 years...you must have been in the right spot at the right time to have witnessed a drug deal.

Now don 't get me wrong, I think they go on, but your experience is certainly not normal.

That said, I am for legalizing drugs and getting rid of this facet of crime in our Country.

What does a drug deal look like?

in the two months you lived in Peachtree City, could you please inform the rest of us as to what to look for? I have lived in PTC for thirty years and have never seen even one drug deal go down, so it would be helpful if I and others in the community had this information. Did they do the deal in the open right before your eyes? How did they actually transfer the drugs and money? Was this daytime or nighttime? Did you report it to our police?

For those truly concerned, contact your local law enforcement agency. They would be happy to supply you with current information and the correct procedure for reporting illegal activity.

Mymite - saw a deal go down in Highgrove pool parking lot a couple of weeks back. Made the call to the police - they arrested the seller. Buyers on golf cart got away......happened in broad daylight in front of anyone who happened to be in parking lot!

Just pointing out, that although we are connected by a golf cart path system, Highgrove is not PTC, it is Fayetteville. So again, where in PTC are you seeing drug deals?

on here is only being encouraged by those who respond to it. Please realize there is an agenda to all of this...you are better than this.

yes, I should know better, but....

And then.

I also see no benefit in drugs being illegal.

Please inform all of the agenda . (You have been annointed king of the trolls!). LOL

police officer so he would be in the know. Paladin rears his head once again. Does anyone else remember that old song,I believe Johnny Cash and also Hank Snow had a version---

I've been everywhere, man, I've been everywhere----

I'll not bore you with the rest of the lyrics but this song and the old tv show Paladin always comes to mind when I read many of DM's postings. As I have said before I think DM is really a conglomerate--many who sit and put it all together with a special agenda. If you approach it like you do a tv show---it can help pass the time if you happen to have a few minutes to spare and want a few good laughs. Fiction, with just a smidgen of reality thrown in, lots of pomposity, much self righteousness and a drop of santimony to complete her olios of speciousness.

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