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Braelinn renovation targets golf cart traffic

Tucked away behind large pine trees off Crosstown Road, the Braelinn Village shopping center is more off the beaten path compared to Peachtree City’s other shopping centers.

But efforts are underway for the shopping center to carve out another niche by catering specifically to those traveling on golf carts. As part of a $7 million exterior renovation, golf cart parking spaces have been added just off the sidewalk in front of stores.

The shopping center also has added charging stations so cart drivers can juice them up while shopping. That is likely to encourage those who live further away to pay a visit, since they won’t have to worry about running out of battery charge on the trip home.

Even the entrance to the shopping center from the golf cart paths, which goes past the not-so-scenic rear of the stores, has been spruced up.

The changes are all the brainchild of marketing company The Shopping Center Group. Company representative Joey Crawford said the concept is to “cater toward golf carts.”

Crawford said this week that the exterior refreshening is already paying dividends with four potential new tenants in the works, hopefully a couple of new restaurants and service providers.

The company held a formal “grand re-opening” ceremony Wednesday, but the work hasn’t been a big secret, as the shopping center held a public event over the July 4 holiday weekend, attracting nearly 2,000 people.

The shopping center even had its own float in the July 4 holiday parade, which Crawford said wasn’t a typical marketing tactic for a shopping center. Well, anywhere else except perhaps Peachtree City that is.

The center is hoping an increase in golf cart traffic will lead to more customers. The exterior renovations included a brand new facade, an all-new parking lot layout with more landscaping and decoratively-stamped sidewalks, all in an effort to catch customers’ eyes.

The entire construction process took 11 months, and it was an uncomfortable period for many tenants, who had to reroute customer traffic and deal with temporary signage. But Crawford said the end result has been well received, particularly by long-time tenants.

As for the $7 million price tag, Crawford sized it up as a “massive, massive amount of money for ownership to put into a shopping center right now in a slow economy.”

And as Crawford is pleased with the new buzz created by the makeover, only time will tell whether it is the much-needed shot in the arm for Braelinn. If nothing else, the new look has provided interest from the public, and a hope for better financial times ahead.

“We’ve had maybe one concerned resident calling to voice their concern,” about the renovations, Crawford said. “Every one of the 500 others are calling to tell us how much they love it and how much Braelinn Village needed it.”



Crawford...liar, liar, pants on fire.

TinCan's picture

I'm trying to figure out how golf carts and, in fact, some auto parking slots at the curb are suddenly safer than the old scheme of the ban on curbside (fire lane) parking. Believe more than a few were rousted or ticketed for that practice. Oh, I'm thinking of suing someone for replacment of my loose fillings from wheeling a grocery cart over the inverted egg crates at the border of the walkway.

I agree, Tin Can...what in the world were they thinking with the inverted egg crate design at the border of the walkway?? I'm afraid to buy eggs at Kroger for fear of them breaking when exiting the store.

I will give them props for use of the roundabout rather than a four way stop. Wish we had more of them around the area. Especially at the intersection of Crosstown and Peachtree Parkway.

and them not walking out into the roadway? That's my only thought. Sort of like Braille for the feet.

Why gosh, that's it.

And the noise your shopping cart makes rolling over them is sorta like hearing aids for your food.

Of course, The Shopping Center Group really doesn't care too much about the sight impaired customers walking in and out of the Garden Center at K-Mart. That first step off the sidewalk curb is a doozie.

MajorMike's picture

Traffic Circles or turnarounds? Mr Crawford obviously did not have a civil engineer on staff. The design appears to provide maximum access to SOME small stores and maximum impediment to shopping at Kroger. I've shopped at Kroger since day one but now ..... I think I hear Engals singing my song.

Kroger management needs to demand a few changes before irreparable damage is done.

Massive amount of money? Yep, Crawford bilked em real good.

TinCan's picture

I find getting in to Kroger is pretty easy by just going around the first circle. Only thing a bit odd is the circle has a sign stating right lane must turn. It looks to me like the circle width right there is only one lane wide. Maybe the "left" lane into the circle is golf cart only.

The renovation of the shopping center was much needed, but I am dismayed by their "catering to golf carts". There have always been lots more cars than golf carts there. Also, the parking lot changes were ill-advised. This shopping center is near more homes than any other in PTC; however, when I tried to enter from Crosstown and get gas, I was faced with a Do Not Enter sign. It might as well have read, "Don't buy gas here."

Out of PTC

TinCan's picture

Hey, don't let a little sign deter you. I posted a while back that I had followed a pick up and SUV in the Crosstown entrance and they whipped right through that do not enter, no sweat.

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