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With little funding, DAPC unable to chase down large employers

The location of Sany Corporation’s first U.S. operation in Peachtree City offers a significant opportunity to lure even more jobs here than the 150 initial positions

and an additional 150 within three years of cranking up.

High-ranking Sany officials in China have agreed to help city leaders in attempts to recruit some 19 of its suppliers to also establish a U.S. operation here in conjunction with Sany. But the Development Authority of Peachtree City, without a paid staffer who can recruit such companies, has to pass that job on to the Fayette County Development Authority, which has for the past number of years been the sole point of contact for any new industry or medium to large size business considering a move here.

The question that has popped up lately among city elected officials is how the city can do more to attract more jobs. And, to an extent, whether the city can work more aggressively to keep its existing employers happy, and whether vacant buildings in the city’s industrial park can be filled.

DAPC’s chairman, Mark Hollums, says the county does a great job in recruiting industry but is handcuffed by being a one-man operation.

Some might say the opportunity with Sany’s vendors won’t exist forever.

“They sent us a list of 19 vendors, but we’ve got to call on them,” Hollums said. “We’d love to bring in companies currently doing business with Sany. They’re willing to open some doors with us.”

As an all-volunteer board with just $35,000 a year in its budget and no full-time staffer, DAPC is unable to chase big-time business leads such as the Sany vendors.
Mayor Don Haddix and Councilman Doug Sturbaum are battling to increase that funding to $150,000 a year.

That effort has met with resistance from council members Vanessa Fleisch and Kim Learnard, who contend there are no measurable goals for the authority to shoot for. Instead, they prefer to add the employee to city staff for an increased measure of control over results.

Haddix and Sturbaum contend the city needs to move swiftly to take advantage of special tax credits offered now which could expire after as little as a year.

Under that program, the city’s industrial park was granted a higher level of state tax credits. So new employers moving to the industrial park and those expanding here will get credits of $3,500 for each new job created as opposed to $500 previously.

The program also adds more investment credits for businesses to reap in the industrial park, Hollums noted.

The tax credits are only available on certain projects ranging from warehouse distribution to research and development, high-tech companies and tourism development, for example, Hollums said.

While DAPC has been unable to chase big-time business and office tenants, the authority has been making headway in other ways that impact the city’s bottom line.
DAPC has been crucial in helping establish merchants associations in the city’s village retail centers, which have been absorbing hits since the glut of new retail stores began to develop along Ga. Highway 54 West over the past few years.

Now the merchants in the Braelinn, Glenloch and Westpark shopping areas are putting their heads together on efforts to draw retail traffic to their shops.

DAPC also has taken a lead in working to attract a college to the city, in particular Atlanta Christian College, which has plans to move from its current campus in East Point.



Mike King's picture

If, in fact, these so called credits dry up within a year, they'll not be available with or without the increase.

This city can ill afford $115K for an authority that may well fizzle should the economy remain as it is for two or more years. Perhaps if the mayor and Council had an accurate number of Peachtree City residents employed in our 'industrial' sector as compared to those from outside the city, they may well be surprised.

As far as Atlanta Christian College, stop crying over spilled milk.

yellowjax1212's picture

That is a similar procedure that a lot of businesses use.
When the economy is slow, pull back all of your advertising and marketing efforts because they may not work and it would have been a waste of money.
Yep, that usually happens right right before the lights go out and the moving trucks arrive.

Steve Brown's picture

Sany was brought to Peachtree City by the State Development agency, not DAPC. If there is genuine interest in attracting Sany suppliers to Peachtree City, we need to work with the State in attracting those businesses. The State has the wherewithal to make things happen and they have always been the lead agency.

In my personal opinion, DAPC can work as a marketing agent. Most of that work can be subcontracted out at a reasonable cost.

I read stories like this and I am worried it gives the impression to the reading public that the DAPC ever played a role in attracting large businesses to Peachtree City. In reality, the State makes initial contact and then they contact the county development authority who later contacts the DAPC (in most cases they contact the mayor directly, not DAPC).

Don Haddix's picture

The Sany President approached DAPC and me, not the County nor the State for follow up as regards the 19 companies.

As well I have been approached on a major potential project that does not want to begin with the State or the County. Good reasons I understand and agree with totally.

Low Temp approached me first, I brought in DAPC and they brought in the County and State. So your order of progress is not always reality.

DAPC has been approached by two other entities as well directly.

The County does not do active recruitment or retention. They do no office or retail efforts at all. With their budget and limited Staff they do a great job but cannot do it all on their own.

Economic Development has been a central focus for 2.5 years for me. From Federal level down I have been active. I have learned and done a lot in this arena that didn't happen during your term as Mayor.

So, simply put, you are very wrong. As DCA, other agencies, GMA classes and others will tell you some initiatives go straight to cities. As well Cities can recruit and do retention sometime better than the County.

We need DAPC funded properly.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

yellowjax1212's picture

And so the battle of the blogging politicians begins.
Strap in folks, this could be one heck of a ride.

HIGHlarious. :)

Mike King's picture

If things are so rosy, why is it the city has an $18M debt? If all those companies are calling you direct, why did we require the State of Georgia to bring in Sany in the first place?

Are you still willing to place light industrial on the outskirts of PTC in contravention with the Land Use Plan that you blasted the previous mayor for doing? Have you considered the additional traffic in and around Starrs Mill when school is in session?

Your divisiveness is what is showing.

There seems to have been a few u-turns on this site over time. I remember Don was not in favor of extending sewer down there in fear of having to continue to extend it and opening the sites up to development we could not control. Annexing this area to have development control I get, the suitor that want's to develop there I don't. We now seem to have Peachtree City's "Industrial Area" moving around based upon available land? While this may be a good site for this type of business, placing a light industrial plant across from a school complex, and next to a day care center, and a stones throw from residential seems misguided. If they could not find a suitable property in the existing inventory, should we not be looking at demolition of an abandonded site and have them build there in the Industrial Area where they should be? Why contiune to strip away what has made this town stand out as a planned community? I'm concerned that we continue to keep harping on how were bringing jobs to Peachtree City, between Sany,etc. and the parts suppliers were now trying to hook. JOBS! for Peachtree City! I think the median family income here is $84-$85k how many of the industrial companies will be bringing the type of jobs here where you could end your Altanta comute go work for them and live and work here? It seems the majority of them are going to increase out of area traffic coming here, and as we rubber ruler the bounds of the Industrial area the problem will be compounded.Hate to be selfish here but honestly whats in it for as (Bill O'Reilly says) the folks?

grassroots's picture

Why are you trying to raise PTC property taxes by 19%? Are you a democrat?
Everybody show up and voice your concerns about taking 19% more taxes out of your pockets books.
meetings listed at

idk_revisited's picture

Because I'm a sadist, I visit The Citizen's website. Because I'm a masochist, I visited the "splostpoll" website. And on there I see...


And the picture of the award is the "Thomas Paine Service Award". If you look at the signatures on the award, apparently it's given by Steve Brown, Allen McCarty and Dr. Bob Todd - I mean, their signatures are on it and everything.

It says that the author of the SPLOSTPOLL website, who shall remain nameless, was given the award "for untiring, prolific and persuasive research into, and publication of, facts regarding issues of vital importance. This patriot consistently displayed personal stamina and courage throughout the campaign to better inform countrymen of the best citizens to lead Fayette County".

I missed the awards gala where this was handed out, and I'm really stunned that the Citizen didn't get a press release on this.

So, remember, fair citizens, when your looking in the mirror four years from now wondering what happened, it could be because you listened to crackpots who win "awards" they make up. Unless Steve Brown wants to come on here and say that he gave this award - then we'll know who the real crackpots are.

And now, the award for most ridiculous local blogging website....may I have the envelope please?

As I reflect upon everything I have read and unfortunately absorbed, I was delighted to find your post. While my only 'real' thought out of all of this is a possible reversing of the masochism and sadism, I do have a bubble forming above my head. It has Mike King in one corner and Mayor Haddix in the other. The ref is commissioner elect Brown and PTCgoil is the ring girl. The outcome???? A better grasp on how an event occurs and every single person involved has such a completely different version of what happened, why it happened, and if it ever really happened. As a famous mentor frequently has said....perception is reality! I just question whether it's the LSD version of reality...or perhaps the 'Shroom Tea.

Don Haddix's picture

I challenged your lack of facts before on your website. You never let others see it nor did you respond.

Again I challenge your lack of facts here.

First of all there is no 19% increase proposal. The 1.25 increase, which I totally oppose, is 23.45%. The .5 I do reluctantly support is 9%.

I do agree citizens should be emailing on the issues of the tax increase and DAPC funding. So far there has been very little email traffic, which does say the .5 with DAPC funding is acceptable. So those proposing the 1.25 are feeling the citizens do support it.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

grassroots's picture

Don't fault me. However, I have several emails promising that if we voted for
E-SLPOST our property taxes would go down and bonds would get paid off. What happened to that? Here's an email from Neil Sullivan: Hi Michael

I do not believe Mr. Wingo was at the church tonight. I was though. If the E-SPLOST is passed your property taxes will be lowered as the school bonds are paid down. If you go to the get the facts tab on our website, you can estimate your property tax savings. But the answer to the last question is that it is a promise as the school bonds are paid off OUR property taxes will go down.

Hope this helps, let me know if we can help further.

Take Care,

Neil Sullivan

Michael Meyer wrote:
This is the kind of propaganda we're fed up with.'If you can set this straight Mr. Haddix and make sense I will post your emailed article unedited. Meanwhile I will post your comment. At least you are an open and responsive civic leader unlike others.

While there are exceptions to pretty much anything, the VAST majority of economic development projects that come to Ga from other states are the result of those companies working first through the GA Dept of Economic Development. Your posting would seem to infer otherwise. And while Sany may have contacted DAPC about potential supplier companies (not uncommon once a company has settled into a community), the Sany project itself was a GA Dept of Econonic Development project working in conjunction with the Fayette County Development Authority (FCDA). Your statement about FCDA not doing active recruitment is so wrong it is laughable. The fact is the FCDA is recognized at the state level as THE lead recruiting agency in Fayette County. Not DAPC. And anytime there is a possible match with Fayette County, the state is going to contact FCDA. And since PTC has the only industrial park in the county, FCDA is going to steer those companies here to PTC in 99% of the time. Having said that, DAPC can play an important role in PTC's economic development and I support increasing funding for DAPC. Mark Hollums and the rest of the volunteer DAPC board do a good job with basically no budget. However, DAPC can and should focus on small businesses here in PTC and when needed support FCDA with the recruitment of industry. Let's not have duplicity with our limited resources.

Don Haddix's picture

Go sit down with the FCDA chairman and ask him if the do proactive recruitment. He will tell you they do not along with they do not do retention of retail or office work at all. So my fact is accurate.

I totally agree on non duplication and that will not happen. Mark, from the DAPC side, and I, from the political side, have met more than once with the Chairman and President and made it very clear it is a partnership, not a competition.

Further, I totally agree on Mark Hollums and the rest of DAPC. They do a good job indeed.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Big business recruitment in these economic times is pretty much dead in the water. That's why the state regional staff have shifted their primary focus from business recruitment to business retention.

Small business is the job growth engine and accounts for 70-80 percent of job growth. This is where DAPC needs to be focusing its limited resources on. Not chasing big business.

Fayette County doesn't have the labor force so if you are lucky and land a prospect with 200-300 jobs, vast majority of those jobs will be filled by out of county folks making our growing traffic problems even worse.

Kill two birds with one stone....have DAPC partner with the Chamber and UGA SBDC to develop local entrepreneurs to fill all those empty retail sites you reference.

Haven't you heard...grow your own!

TinCan's picture

I believe it's a very likely that businesses would have preferred to deal with the county or state agencies from 2002 until 2005.

yellowjax1212's picture

Thanks Commish for setting us straight. I guess now that Mr. Hollums can step aside at DPAC, go home and spend some time with his family reflecting on why he wasted the last few years of his life as a volunteer trying to help PTC. You have probably saved him a lot of time and frustration since he probably thought he was doing some good in all of his meetings with local, county and state leaders in trying to attract small and medium businesses to PTC. We'll just sit back and wait for the state to come knocking with another Sany.

Oh, by the way thanks for the post. I was afraid that since you got elected we would not hear much from you on the blogs.

NUK_1's picture

Brown has 5 more months to show his backside as usual here, then he can take office and spend all of his time attacking the other commissioners and whining about "developers" or "bankers."

That bit about how it's only the state of GA that brought Sany here and how "we" should rely on the state of GA in regards to bringing Sany suppliers here is so ignorant of the facts past and present that it is highly alarming. It's so wrong it's pathetic, but that's nothing new with Brown. Brown has spent most of his political "career" trying to run-off and discourage businesses and did it quite well in PTC.

What a blowhard.

Odd that a politician wouldn't want all of the credit personally, isn't it?

Commissioner-elect Brown, can you please respond to requests for your position on allowing PTC to annex county land for the purpose of relocating Low Temp. Is annexation for that purpose not against the Land Use Plan? Why are you hiding on this particular issue but taking time to comment on DAPC?

You never have anything good to say anymore. Just being a weenie like Nuk.

Hey new commish, things are looking good, I agree with you. Fayette County Development Authority, that is funded by the county was the ones who worked with the state and got Sany here. Did you people for get that you blasted Chairman Smith for going to China. He was working on the deals with Sany. It was also the FCDA who helped NCR with their expansion her in Fayette Co./PTC. Unlike the mayor of PTC the FCDA does not brag on what they do. They just get it done. Matt Forshie was a big part in bring in these companies to Fayette Co. FCDA helped get a Hospital here in the County. Don’t forget about Clayton State Collage it was FCDA that got that deal. And PTC is reaping the benefits, as well as the County as a whole for having higher education her in Fayette.

Don Haddix's picture

While FCDA is good group let us keep our facts straight.

FCDA did not get Clayton State to want to come here. Doug Sturbaum, Mark Hollums and I got worked it initially, then DAPC got involved and FCDA helped finalize it.

ACC came here by an initiative proposed by Mark Hollums, before he was on DAPC, to Sturbaum and me in 2007 and we became involved and when DAPC cranked up was turned over to them.

The official that wants to bring a major project worth millions to PTC came to me, not the County, because I am the Mayor. Would you turn them away or tell them to go where they have good reason not to go?

Or the companies that came to DAPC, not FCDA. Would you tell them to go away?

There are several routes that proposals come to PTC, not just one. We need them all. Why would you want to limit it to one that does not do all we need done?

Matt Forshee, when Logsdon said he wanted FCDA to do it all told him flat in front of a group they do not do everything, like proactive hunting of employers, retention of retail and office and do not handle small industry. He told we need a funded DAPC to work with FCDA and do what they do not do.

I worked with Matt Forshee on a number of projects. He is a great guy who did good things. I believe Brandt will do good things as well.

But false information and thinking in not beneficial to PTC or Fayette as a whole.

I remind you Fayetteville has a funded and active Main Street board that does things FCDA does not do for Fayetteville as well, such as proactive seeking of businesses to fill empty spaces.

This is not about bragging. It is about refuting false statements and getting it out there we need a funded DAPC to help build the PTC economic base. Example were given to prove the facts, not brag.

To save $115,000.00 would you throw away opportunities for millions?

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Mike King's picture

While you are patting yourself on the back, have you no words for the owners of the property that Clayton State University currently uses? Of course not! Yours is but to satiate a thirst for spending monies you don't have.

To hear you speak, one would believe that nothing is accomplished in PTC that doesn't go through your staff.

Don Haddix's picture

The owners of the property Clayton State is using are landlords and they are paying them rent. What else is there to say?

Same with ACC. Same landlords in fact.

The students and instructors spend money in PTC as well.

That is money to PTC via economic development efforts, not tax increases.

In the business world spending money to go after greater is called 'risk/reward.' It is also called 'Return on Investment.'

In the political world doing everything by tax increase is called 'tax and spend.'

I don't like tax and spend.

In your model of cut services and employees that is called 'loss of market base,' meaning people who are willing to spend money in PTC.

Everyone has to pick the model they support. But they really should get their facts straight before they do so.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Mike King's picture

What portion of the post do you claim as being wrong? My model for cuts have always to get more bang for the buck, a fact you seldom remember. Further, should you have such a bad taste for tax and spend, why is it that it is YOUR administration that is proposing a tax increase while the size and scope of your city government remains constant in light of declining revenues?

By the way, wasn't it you who voiced the virtues of our Comprehensive Land Use Plan while objecting to the recently overturned annexation? But I guess its OK to build an industrial complex across from school children and on the city border. Perhaps it is you, Sir who should get their facts straight.

You can make additional cuts with no adverse effect upon city services, but until you distance yourself from the city manager and act as you did as a candidate, you are going to find youself as today, defending city actions that are as unpopular as they are useless.

Don Haddix's picture

I guess you didn't read the other post.

To repeat, that area is Industrial Park, not part of Braelinn Village. Until the last Council Majority rezoned the Somerby and Dominion parcels they were Light Industrial. So being in the Industrial Park and zoned LI is in keeping with the Land Use Plan.

As far as being across from a school goes check the distances involved. Not even close. And which has the greater risk for child predators, retail or Low Temp? Or is the bigger attraction to children, retail or Low Temp? As well retail is the largest demand on infrastructure and service costs, such as the Safety personnel you seem to resent so much.

For traffic the Low Temp Traffic is 165 employees working manufacturing 4 days a week, day time only, with up to 25 trucks a week. It is a quiet and clean manufacturing facility. Compare that to the County zoning of retail.

Which enhances Wilshire retail, Low Temp or competitors?

The size of the city under my Administration has shrunk and will shrink some more.

I oppose the 1.25 increase along with hiring another Coordinator to Staff. But it appears there are three Council Members who have been persuaded that is the right way to do. This one is looking like a 3-2 the wrong way.

Really, Mike, you do not have your facts correct. Way too many assumptions of what is reality now, what I am working toward and where a number of things will be next year that are wrong.

I give up offering to sit down with you and talk reality. You seem far to embedded in embracing assumptions.

Nothing more to say here, so all yours.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Mike King's picture

The property is actually outside the limits of PTC and COUNTY ZONED which means you're stuck with the county zoning until you annex and then you MAY change with the concurrence of the landowner.

As far as distance from Starrs Mill, maybe its time to get out of that ivory tower and see that traffic does back up along Redwine and 74, but you already knew that. 165 employees predominately coming in from the east along with as many as 25 trucks combined with school buses and other assorted traffic tells me you are creating what we deemed a "cluster #$%@" back in my military days. The Sheriff's Department currently does a fine job there on school days. Are you sure your crew can handle it since they're so busy chasing all of those notorious gangs we have here in Peachtree City?

When your payroll drops to less than fifty percent of revenue you will have done something, at 63% you sound like Barney Frank defending Fannie Mae.

Get off your high horse, your arrogance has far exceeded your capabilities.

happy pill here?? How about a cold frothy beverage?? How about both??

Then go to your room and don't come out till you learn to play nice. Or till I say you can. Or both.

Justlook at my face, do I look like I'm kidding? (Meow)

Have you ever seen anyone who can write more here on basically one subject than the Mayor? Maybe Steve Brown, or Maybe Mike King, or maybe Cyclist (that would be five word blurbs), or maybe Spyglass, or Goil?
Now, I may write a great deal but I cover the world and all subjects--of which many here could care less.....some don't even know who spilled the oil or where the wars are or how long they have lasted, but they know Westmoreland!
They do write a lot about drinking and pills and beer, and sauces, and BBQ and small offices, and of course zoning.

Cyclist's picture

You're a real genuine renaissance man.(eyes rolling)

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

If I were you, and I am not, I would see a neurologist about my eyes rolling!
It means either that you have a nerve ending moving around, or you want to indicate that you want attention---that kind of thing scares the devil out of some!

and frothy beverage.

Can someone tell me where they expect the traffic coming into the industrial park for the Low Temp project to come from, if not Redwine?

Let's say the owners of Low Temp(or DAPTC or FCDA or State of Ga. or someone in DC or on Uranus) find them land on Dividend or Huddleston or anywhere WITHIN the industrial park. That seems to be the issue here, or a big part of it. We will still have 100+ cars coming in there, probably from the east.

So, are they still going to come across Redwine and then go up 74 into the ind. park?

Or, how about (next further north) across 54, cut onto Ebenezer, to Crosstown, right in front of Oak Grove School entrance and over to 74?

How about 100+ more cars coming that same way, but cutting north on Robinson from Ebenezer, and then going west on McIntosh Trail right in front of Huddleston Elementary School, and then across 74?

If the issue is the school traffic, which school should absorb the extra traffic? And which road is better suited to handle it? Any traffic coming east/west is going to increase traffic on any of those roads.


Don Haddix's picture

I have to toss in two questions that are not being addressed or even acknowledged in this discussion.

If not Low Temp, since they cannot find a building to fit their needs elsewhere in the Park, then what will go there?

Second question, if retail, as it is zoned in the County, what are the repercussions regarding traffic, school, residential and otherwise? Those are major concerns for some.

Please do not forget the implications of the Rockaway redirect.

Not going to respond anymore, but I a curious to see full opinions and discussion on all the permutations possible for this parcel.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

In all seriousness, if Low Temp has to go in, as it will be on the gateway to our fair city, one of the design requirements should be that the company has to plant and maintain a peach orchard as part of the green space buffer between 74 and its building. I haven't seen one single peach tree in PTC since I moved here. Is there not one anywhere, tucked away behind city hall or something?

There are some peach trees by the big Peachtree City sign, on the southeast corner of 54/74! Looks like there are peaches on them too... ;-)

Mike King's picture

Retail, will be less traffic as no defined 'peak' periods exists, but a highschool civics student could have told you that. If Low Temp would consider demolishing a building within the area of Dividend Drive after working it into the price with the landowner, perhaps an agreement could be reached. Again, a sophmoric solution that seems to have stumped His Honor.

Last post my ass!

Hope you aren't talking about old PhotoCircuits?

It is known to be hazardous and no one wants to even test the building, the grounds, or anything else there. Chlorine and heavy metals were "allowed" there and then people were allowed to escape without cleaning it up. It was really helping the water department income for years. I don't know how they got it out of the creeks and sewers!

We will do nearly anything for city income if the government can be kept out of it with regulations! No, you say? Just google polluted sights in the USA. Even the feds do it. Especially the Army.

TinCan's picture

How about the option that 1/3 of them take each of your routes? Now if your saying that they plan to caravan into town I guess you've nailed it.

Deleted by poster.

MajorMike's picture

I have followed your posts with interest for some time now. I have found that you present a number of pertinent facts on different issues but in doing so you always seem to be pursuing some personal agenda. Increasingly your posts have morphed immediately into attacks on Mayor Haddix. Someone told me that you once tried for elected office and were unsuccessful. Perhaps you were a Logsdon "supporter". Whatever the reason, it has reached the point where the Mayor is spending more time responding to your vitriol than addressing other bloggers legitimate concerns.

We have for the first time ever in PTC, a mayor that actually communicates with the constituency. Indeed, we have a mayor that is trying awfully hard to do what the citizens of PTC want rather than cater to special interests. There WILL be some mistakes made, have no doubt but I see us as having far less screw ups with a mayor such as Mr. Haddix.

Since you are familiar with off color military expressions then perhaps you will recall the term REMF and understand why that term comes to mind when I read some of your posts. Please understand that Mayor Haddix is on the "sharp end of the stick" and needs constructive input and not ...... well, I think you understand.

While he certainly needs no one to defend him, I can assure you that Mike King was NOT aRear Echelon type of person but someone who was exposed to real danger many times over. And while your critique of his posts has some ring of truth (in my view), fact is, the Mayor can ignore his posts and drive on. Perhaps you should consider doing the same.

MajorMike's picture

Perhaps you should reread my post to start with. No one is casting aspersions on Mike King's or anyone else's military service, we are talking about the here and now. And NO, the Mayor can not ignore Mr. King's posts and still fulfill his campaign promise to be open and communicative (which he has to date). So much for driving on huh?

Somehow, I don't think that any of you who live in PTC could be described as REMFs, for you are all in the trenches together when it comes to your gbudget problem. However the Mayor seems absolutely close-minded to eliminating positions and I think Mike King simply doesn't believe the problem will be solved without ALL possible solutions being on the table. I also think that the Mayor is very sensitive to criticism and while he is surely "communicating", he could be more selective about just what he responds to. Oh, if there is indeed a REMF here, it is me, sitting out here in unincorporated Fayette County with few cares in my world.

Don Haddix's picture

You changed subjects away from DAPC.

I have already voted to eliminate over 30 jobs. We have some more to come via attrition. Our total job count is down, not up.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

I'm learning how to be a Democrat! Didn't they teach you that in NAAVSECGRU?

Don Haddix's picture

Yes but learning to be a Democrat, no. I became an Independent.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Well that confirms it....Haddix answered or addressed every posting on this thread but mine...can only assume it means he and Doug will be picking the new DAPC staff person if the funding is approved. I'm no lawyer but just wondering if that is even legal. Development authorities are by law supposed to be completely independant entities free from city control. So now since it appears that the Mayor and Doug will be involved with the selection of the new staff person, does that mean our mayor and Doug are in violation of state law? Just asking! Mayor?


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