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Off path parking banned at McIntosh

As the opening bell of school is within days of ringing, a new fleet of golf cart driving students are preparing to descend upon the campus at McIntosh High School.

Cart drivers will have to adjust to a lack of off-campus parking

As the opening bell of school is within days of ringing, a new fleet of golf cart driving students are preparing to descend upon the campus at McIntosh High School.

Cart drivers will have to adjust to a lack of off-campus parking directly off a cart path that runs almost parallel to Peachtree Parkway between Stevens Entry and the school.

In April the City Council voted to make that path a no-parking area, though carts will still be allowed to park off campus along Prime Point.

City crews have already erected no-parking signs along the area of the path.

The no-parking decision for the path was made in the face of photographs of carts parked haphazardly in the off-path wooded area with trash on the ground. Some of the carts were parked with two wheels still on the path, which led to citizen complaints about the path being blocked, officials have said.

The decision to make the path a no-parking zone was not unanimous, however. Councilman Doug Sturbaum voted against the measure, saying he felt the school should add more parking spaces for golf carts before the city took action on the matter.



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Park your cars there instead until thet realize how harmless the carts really were.

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How about this right for teens - ride the effin bus!

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Tie up your horses there and let them crap all day on the path and streets.


I think if we would simply banish all teenagers from PTC and all over say, 70, that many of these "parking" nuts would then be then they would themselves have to flip the burgers and mow their own yards.
These kids are simply going to make crooked bankers, investment house employees, and developers anyway.

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With my daughter's 13th birthday coming tomorrow and the constant eye rolling, slouching, huffing, and attitude that has accompanied this transition, I'd have to agree with the notion of banning all teens. We should lock them away until they're 30.

<"The most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller>

Know the feelng--when our Daughter was 13, we would have given her away to anyone who would take her! It's just one of them things!Hang tough.

I have a suggestion about a 13-14-15 year old daughter!

First, buy them the pill and see that they take it. Then keep them as busy as you can and if they cooperate there, let them run around like the boys of that age do! They will anyway, maybe not just as much.
Preaching does no good. Warning does no good, and saying things to cause eye-roll does even less.
Let them know you are glad they are alive and are free but there is some work to be done first.

Thank you for your untimely advice..our daughter is now 36!

Ask her! If you have a good relationship she might tell you about 13-15!

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and the self profession of seeing the CCC- I can see why the baby boomers and beyond have turned out as they have. kudos to you. Kinsey probably slept with you, huh? LOL

. . .in a female's life! She knows it all; is disgusted with the 'old fashion ideas' of parents - especially MOTHER! I was blessed with sons! Watched with love and support as my sons and their wives raised their daughters. Hang in there! One granddaughter is 28; one will be 18 in August; and then there is the youngest - 13! Something magical happens at 18. Mother's become 'wiser'; fathers more tolerable; and somehow at 18, the female becomes smarter. Amazing!

They will fly by and before you can blink an eye, your beloved Daughter will be headed off to College. Time really does fly.

Amen idk. Or what about car pooling and dropping your child off to school. O sorry forgot these housewives probably have tee off time. Just some more BS- "it ain't ever gonna happin". These kids will never get fined,or warned, they will keep on driving the effin carts as long as they want to cause mommie, daddy and ptree city bureaucrats say they can. You'd think rich folks would be more mindful of the bureaucrats brats.

for the kids involved in after school activities.

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1. Be sure to purchase your golf cart parking space.
2. Get mom or dad to bring you home.
3. Get a teammate, friend or sibling to bring you home.
4. Walk. To Zaxby's, El Reposo, Dairy Queen, McDonald's, Chick-Fila, etc., etc. until mom or dad can come pick you up. $1 gets you a Coke and a seat at McDonald's to do your homework.
5. Ride a bike.
6. Call a taxi.
7. Quit the activity.

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8. Let youths with nothing to do loiter on your property.

It boggles my mind why golf carts are not encouraged more for school commuting, especially at Starrs Mill. Isn't that a purpose of our vaunted cart path system?


How do you "adjust" to parking when there isn't any?

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The big painted rocks in front of McIntosh are gone. Space for more golf carts?

While there is nothing wrong with riding the bus (I did it through most of HS), there is also nothing wrong with letting responsible teens drive the golf cart to school. This will be the second year that my teens are taking the golf cart to school. It enables them to get to school a little early or stay after school if they need to talk to a teacher. Sometimes they only need to talk to a teacher for 5-10 minutes after school, but that's not possible if they are riding the bus. We do pay the $50 fee for them to park on campus. I know that there were some students parking along the paths that were a problem, and I don't have an issue with that being stopped. However, I don't understand why so many people are so angry about teens driving a golf cart to school -- especially the people who are suggesting that parents drive the kids to school in lieu of having the teens take a golf cart. The roads are busy enough, and the electric golf carts are less polluting than cars. And while there are plenty of teens who drive recklessly on the paths, some of the worst speeders I have seen on the paths are middle-aged men with their golf clubs in the back trying to make their tee time!

being grumpy. This board is littered with them.

My Son rode his golf cart a good bit to school, and he enjoyed it.

I don't think the golf carts are the problem. Many people object to the gratuitous property damage that has happened in the past. That is what started this whole debate/complaint issue. None of those property owners would have complained about the kids if they hadn't had so much property damage. If the only thing they had done was park on someone else's property that wouldn't have been a problem. Sadly most of them have not been taught basic manners. They haven't been taught to respect other people's property. It's a shame, because a few bad kids ruined it for everybody.

So if a golf cart is parked in a "no parking" zone what happens? Do you get ticketed? If you don't pay what happens? Will the person who the cart is registered have a warrant out for their arrest? Will they tow the carts? I have NEVER been able to not get through the area on my golf cart. The cost of the towing, tickets, court costs etc... isn't worth the minor irritation of the home owners that reportedly started all this trouble.

Does this mean PCPD will start ticketing and towing vehicles parked all over the "NO AUTOS" area around the amphitheater green space across from Huddleston whenever there is a concert?

Has anyone even thought of walking to school? The people who drive their kids to school are probably the same ones who run their dogs along side of their carts. I don't care what anyone says, that is animal cruelty. Get off your carts and walk the dog and walk yourselves to school.

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[quote=lettinguno]I don't care what anyone says, that is animal cruelty. [/quote]

If one does not care about the thoughts or words of others, is it therefore reasonable not to care for the thoughts of that person?

My childhood neighbor had a dog that was kept outside year round with a dog house as a shelter. I did not care for it but the dog was happy. I also think that dressing one's dog up in a sweater or hat is terrible as well. I could reason that those actions would be cruel as well--but are my thoughts the end of discussion? I am not so vain as to think my mental rulings rule all morality, or in reality, even my household.

when once again your child will believe you have common sense, are not completely out of the loop and someone they are not ashamed of---all teens seem to be ashamed of their parents at their age regardless of how "cool" they may seem to others. The day will come when your advice will be asked for and just maybe it will also be taken. Just imagine having four girls become teen-agers all within three years!! Now that was fun--not!!! Forty years later, I can look back and laugh--back then never thought that day would come---and they were all good kids---just normal and typical--and they have all grown up to be self- sufficient, honest, intelligent hard working citizens. Thank the good Lord. I always told them my wish was that they each have a child just like them and in three instances that did happen---there is justice, you just have to be patient--but now those grandchildren have grown up to be, just like their parents before them, self-sufficient, honest, hard working citizens. Amen.

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