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PTC hosting anti-crime event Tuesday

The Peachtree City Police Department is hosting a National Night Out event at the Kedron Village Target parking lot Tuesday from 7 to 9 p.m.

The event will feature plenty of sights to fascinate children, with fire ladder trucks, helicopters, police vehicles and other public safety equipment on display. There will also be a scavenger hunt for children with prizes that will be claimed at businesses in the Kedron Village Shopping Center.

The event is a nationwide program to heighten crime prevention and awareness and also promote neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships.

Another goal is to send a message to criminals that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back against crime.

Immediately following the event, police will spend some time the Wynnmeade subdivision with their lights activated in an effort to foster communications with residents in the area, according to police Lt. Mark Brown.



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get rid of Comcrap.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

All those messages to be sent!
Good time to rob a bank in South PTC (there is one isn't there?)
It is a "night out event," but ends at 9:00 PM.
Neighborhood spirit to be provided by a group of male cheerleaders from Wynnmeade subdivision!!

I wouldn't leave those vehicles unguarded in that neighborhood, you will scare them enough, "with their lights activated"!
Is Mark and Lawyer Brown the MC's?

Does one need a ticket or RSVP?

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Does anyone at City Hall understand that there are honest hard working folks that reside in Wynnemeade who might have to get to work early on Wednesday? Why not do this in the mayor's neighborhood?

Lovely annual new story every summer. Mucho Hispanic grafitti all over the cart paths for all Atlanta to see on the news. Lovely shot of the back of El Ranchero (hey, Mike King)at the lovely new Braelinn Shopping Center with the whole brick wall filled with crud. Story focused on gangs in PTC. A tunnel shot of the inside of the new tunnel at Ethan Allen.

Just another day in the life of Captain R. Dove at the PTC PD.

How about next summer you do some National Nights Out at each of the tunnels in town and see what you can catch.

Mike King's picture

We've lived with the grafitti since 1996 (remember Section VIII Housing), and the only way to stop it is with community involvement. Your fear mongering of gangs is nothing more than a PTCPD ploy for additional resources.

Not my fear mongering.
Just mentioning we are back in the news again for the same old graffiti. Do I remember Section 8? Well, yeah, it's still here, right off the old Parkway.
I don't think we have to fear any more money going to the PD. They are very well equipped as it is, (more than some wish) and we still have the graffiti. Get the ATV's that are sitting idle out there...haven't seen a patrol for the last 2 months on the paths.
I mentioned El Ranchero to you because I just read on here you wanted to know about the food inspection. Comprende?

Last summer we saw a very visible Peachtree City police presence on the cart path system, between bicycle patrols and ATVs.

This year, I cannot recall seeing much of a police presence at all on the paths....and I noticed the PTC police recently auctioned off 5 of their mountain bikes.

Perhaps they have different priorities nowadays?

Mike King's picture

Could it be they traded in all those mountain bikes for the Harley? As many or more personnel and less being done. Oh, but they can have a blue light show at Wynnemeade keeping those that work awake while those with spray cans roam the tunnels.

They probably wore the bikes out riding them on the paths day and night!

Wouldn't buy a Harley though. $15,000 I think. Might have been a repossessed one.

It is considered art in LA, NY, Miami, Phoenix, and South Gwinnett!

Rosanna Dana, Roseanna, Dana Dove is a "Captain" now? Can Colonel be far behind---speaking of not that court stuff! Don't let the bills get behind for PTC, I meant. Raise the mil, start a SPLOST, invent many more fees, raise the fines, beg Washington---forget Georgia contributing, sell bonds, cut out health insurance--let Obama do it, cut out pensions and 401-ks--let Obama do it, and send out letters of fund raising!

Are you saying that the cart paths aren't patrolled regularly? I'm
"shocked," "shocked," you hear? Need more patrollers I suppose.

I would have thought that not many in PTC would eat at "El Ranchero," due to the quantity of Mexicans there!
Why is it that a lot of restaurants are run by Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, Greeks, Italians, Germans, and emigrating Gulf Cajuns?

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