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PTC changes alcohol distances

Peachtree City has tweaked its alcohol license distance requirements to accommodate existing businesses in the Westpark Walk shopping center.

The reason for the change, according to city staff, is the impact of colleges moving into office buildings in the Westpark area, which could have impacted businesses in the Westpark Walk shopping center. Among those are Carrabbas, El Ranchero, Pascal’s Bistro and City Tap.

Both Atlanta Christian College and Clayton State University have been leasing space in buildings near Westpark, officials said.

The change reduces the distance from 200 feet to 100 feet, but applied to beer and wine licenses only. The distance will remain 200 feet for establishments serving liquor.

The change will also allow the city to allow alcohol to be served at The Gathering Place because it is greater than 100 feet from Huddleston Elementary. City officials have previously said that the Gathering Place could be rented more often, particularly for wedding receptions and the like, if alcohol was allowed to be served.



..........asking too much for a college student to find a bar or some beer if it was all of 200 feet away!
They would never find it.

Instead of making the Baptists happy wouldn't it just be better to eliminate the hypocrisy and void such stupid rules?

There are so many alcoholics in PTC that to eliminate even one would cause wild people to be WANDERING AROUND LOOKING FOR A BAR.

Baptists never recognize each other when drinking or buying alcohol at a package store, so problem solved. I agree with you this ordinance is stupid. Even if the closest bar is 5 miles away from the college the students will find it. When it involves the middle school and high school kids most of the time their parents buy for them anyway, so again this little ordinance is a non event ( as usual here).

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