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Fayette election results

The final results are in for Fayette County, save for the mail-in absentee ballots, and Fayette County will have a new sheriff, former Fayette County sheriff's captain Barry Babb.

And voters regionwide have rejected the 10-year 1 percent sales tax for road and transit improvements by a wide margin with more than 409,000 votes against compared to over 242,000 with some precincts outstanding.

There will be a runoff for the Post 3 seat on the county commission between Randy Ognio and incumbent Lee Hearn; likewise there will also be a runoff for the Post 2 commission seat between David Barlow and Sheila Huddleston.

Barry Marchman and Mary Kay Bacallao won election as well, though Bacallao will face a challenger in the general election from Democrat Terri Smith.

Incumbent State Court Judge Carla McMillian won by nearly a 2 to 1 margin and Jason Thompson won the Post 1 seat on the Fayette County Magistrate Court.

Barry Babb 13,108
Wayne Hannah 7,362

County Commission Post 1:
Robert Horgan 6,084
Charles W. Oddo 13,660

County Commission Post 2:
David Barlow 7,619
Sheila Huddleston 7,355
Jack Smith 3,898

County Commission Post 3:
Lee Hearn 7,428
Randy Ognio 8,471
Susan Stopford 3,589

BoE Post 1:
Scott Hollowell 7,875
Barry Marchman 10,641

BoE Post 2:
Mary Kay Bacallo 12,308
Gary W. Griffin 5,732

State Court Judge:
Carla McMillian 16,553
Stephen D. Ott 8,385

Magistrate Judge Post 1:
Catherine Sanderson 10,723
Jason B. Thompson 13,133

TSPLOST (Fayette vote only):
Yes 6,499
No 21,213

All 40 votes in the town of Woolsey have been counted and the referendum on package alcohol sales ended in a 20-20 tie. One of the smallest areas in Fayette County, Woolsey has 108 registered voters.



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Bob Ross receives GOP award.
Bob Ross (left) was recently recognized for his community service work by Scott Fabricius, outgoing chairman of the Fayette County Republican Party.