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Wonder how many got wrong ballot?

I voted today at the Peachtree City library, and my wife voted about an hour later. We will be out of town next week.

I intended to vote for Marmon for state rep, but my ballot only gave me Matt Ramsey (who I know and like) as a selection.

I figured I must be mistaken and that Ramsey was indeed still my representative after redistricting, but it turns out that I am outside of Matt’s district and I should have been given a ballot that gave me a choice between Stokely and Marmon.

My wife was given the same ballot, and she too voted for Ramsey, as Matt is a personal friend of ours and somebody we both respect.

Everybody wants their vote to be recorded accurately, but ours were not.

In retrospect, I should have brought it to the attention of the poll worker when I was perplexed in the voting booth about the ballot missing the Stokely and Marmon race, but I did not because I assumed (as it turns out, wrongfully) that I was mistaken about my understanding as to who was running in my district.

I talked to election board chairman Tom Sawyer this afternoon, and he claims that I must have been given the wrong ballot. However, it should be incumbent upon the poll workers to make sure the correct ballot is issued.

So Matt Ramsey is getting two votes from people outside of his district, and Darryl Marmon earned two that he is not getting.

Troubling indeed ... if it happened to us, how many others has it happened to?

Dan Tennant

Peachtree City, Ga.

[Tennant, a former Peachtree City councilman, lives on Peachtree City’s west side.]


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