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Help sought in 3 PTC apartment burglaries

The Peachtree City Police Department is investigating three daytime burglaries that happened between July 25-29 at the Camden Apartments.

In each case, the burglars gained access by kicking in the front door, police said. Items taken from the units included electronics and other miscellaneous property, police said.

Camden Apartments is located just off MacDuff Parkway and Ga. Highway 54.

Police are asking for the public to help with further information about two “persons of interest” in the case. The two black males were observed at the building 11 crime scene July 25 just prior to the burglary, with each being about 6 feet tall and weighing approximately 200 pounds or more, police said.

One of the persons was seen wearing a red plaid vest and a tan shirt.

The burglaries occurred when the residences were unoccupied, police said.

Police are asking the public to remember to report suspicious activity immediately by calling the department at 770-487-8866 or the Fayette County 911 center at 770-461-4357.

Citizens should be alert for any individuals loitering in neighborhoods or looking into vehicles, and also be observant of their surroundings, police said.

The litmus test on whether to make that call is “If it seems suspicious to you, it is probably something that our police department needs to check,” according to a police news release on the burglaries.

Those who have security alarm systems are urged to activate them before leaving home, police said.



It's a shame nobody was home with a 12 gauge 00 alarm system. Sometimes that is the only thing that cures criminals. Just saying......

Would you mind telling me what, "just sayin" means?

While you are at it how about "you know," "I mean," etc., repeated numerous times?

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Our county/city isn't for the taking, so let's stop giving it to those who think it is.

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