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Fayetteville Council considers lowering development fees

Fayetteville for the past several years has decreased a variety of fees associated with the attempt to attract economic development to the city. That effort will continue Aug. 2 when the council will hear the first reading of a proposal for restructuring the impact fee schedule designed to lower fees and reduce the number of land use categories.

City Director of Planning and Economic Development Brian Wismer in a July 25 letter said it is evident that the proposed revisions will result in a cost savings to new development in the city.

Examples of the new fee structure showed the current charge of $1,858 for a single-family detached home dropping to $1,623, a decrease of approximately $234, and the impact fee for a quality restaurant such as Applebee’s decreasing more than $5,100, from $24,800 to $19,648.

Other examples showed the impact fee for a retail store such as Office Depot decreasing from $39,744 to $35,386 and the fee for a medical office building dropping to $33,360 from the current $42,446 charge.

Wismer said the proposal also includes consolidating similar land use categories into 29 categories. The city currently has 68 land use categories. Wismer said the proposal eliminates various partial exemptions that have accumulated into the code over time and reduces the overall impact fee rates for all land use categories.

The study was performed by consultant Ross and Associates in conjunction with city staff.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

Impact fees in Fayetteville are almost $2,000 for a house and over $42,000 for a medical office. That's unbelievable. Impact fees are a one-time charge for a city or a county to offset the cost to infrastructure improvements caused by the new building. $42,000 for a medical building? Are you kidding me. Is this part of Obamacare?

Certainly it is great that Brian Wismer and others recognize these fees have to be reduced, but that begs the question what are the impact fees in Peachtree City? Are they comparable? Are they fair or are they absurdly high like Fayetteville is now. Wonder if the county has impact fees as well.

Fayetteville thinks lowering the fees might help economic development. Fine. PTC needs economic development as well. What are we doing?

Live free or die!

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