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Gunshot victim arrested after making false claims

A Hampton man was arrested by Fayetteville Police Wednesday afternoon after making false claims of having received a gunshot wound in Fayetteville. Officers investigating the incident determined that the gunshot wound to the man’s leg occurred in Clayton County and that he had come to Fayette County for treatment of the wound.

Fayetteville Det. Mike Whitlow said 24 year-old Kevin Colley, of Hampton, was arrested after making a number of false statements related to the gunshot injury to his thigh.

Whitlow said Colley was transported to Piedmont Fayette Hospital by a friend at approximately 1:30 p.m. Officers were summoned to the hospital after Colley maintained that he had been shot at the Taco Bell restaurant in Fayetteville.

Interviews with Colley and a friend who transported him were underway while officers closed off the Taco Bell parking lot to search the scene of the alleged shooting. Investigators as a result of the interviews and the search were able to determine that Colley’s claims were inconsistent with the facts and that he had been shot in Clayton County and had come to Fayette for treatment of the wound, Whitlow said.

Colley received treatment for the wound and was arrested, said Whitlow.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

Even 24 year olds still hanging at Taco Bell recognize quality health care when they see it. Had he called police in Clayton County, it would be Southern Regional for him, but no he got transported over here to Fayette by simply lying. I'll bet this is something he learned when he was living in Clayton County but attended one of the high schools in Fayette County. Wonder if he graduated? Anybody have a yearbook picture? If he's 24 it would be about 6 or 7 years back.

Oddly enough, I'll bet that Southern Regional has more experience treating gunshot wounds than Piedmont Fayette does. Go figure.

Live free or die!

C'mon Bobby, READ the article--A FRIEND brought him to Piedmont-Fayette, not EMS or Police. EMS will take you where you request unless it's an emergency, when they must take you to NEAREST medical facility.

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