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Fayette school start times, lunch prices change

The Fayette County School System is reminding parents and students of a few changes that will take effect when school begins next Monday, Aug. 9. Those changes include an earlier start time for high schools, a nickel more for elementary school lunches and 10 cents more for lunches at middle and high schools.

School system Communications Director Melinda Berry-Dreisbach said the start time for high schools has been moved up to 8:25 a.m. to allow for a 15-minute instructional focus period for students to get remedial help, work on assignments or participate in additional activities. The end time at high schools will remain at 3:20 p.m.

Berry-Dreisbach said the start and end times for elementary and middle school are the same as last year: (elementary) 7:45 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and (middle) 8:25 a.m.-3:40 p.m.

Lunch prices have increased by a nickel at the elementary level and by a dime at the middle and high school levels. The increase is due to state budget cuts, Berry-Dreisbach said. The new prices are (elementary) $2.10 and (middle and high) $2.25.

Berry-Dreisbach also announced that Cleveland Elementary has a new principal following the retirement of Jean Miller, who was the school’s first principal. The school’s assistant principal, Angie Southers, has been promoted to principal. Southers has worked within the system for a number of years and was the assistant principal at Tyrone Elementary before coming to Cleveland. She looks forward to working with the students, parents, staff and community in her new position, Berry-Dreisbach said.



I wish the people who made the decision to start high school at 8:20am would come down to the Starr's Mill school complex one morning at 8am. It is a disaster. You have hundreds of high school kids, few hundred middle school parents, teachers, and buses trying to get into and out of 2 entrances! Along with all that traffic at the same time - you find road construction. The buses can't get the high school kids there on time, so now you have even more parents driving. My bus driver says it can't be helped. The teacher told my child they need to get to school on time, so now I drive. What a huge mess! I think the people in charge who made the decision to start middle and high school 5 minutes apart should come down to this complex and see what they've done. I also saw 2 near miss accidents yesterday with teenagers.

building High Schools/Middle Schools/Elementary Schools on the same campus. Mainly for reasons just as you state.

You won't see the suits from Fayetteville sitting in traffic at 8:00. They make their rounds later, when everything has quieted down. The same traffic problem now exists on Jenkins Road (Burch Elem., Flat Rock Middle, Sandy Creek High). Traffic backs up all the way to Hwy 74 so that cars cannot turn onto Jenkins Road, creating lines of traffic backed up on 74 in both directions. On southbound 74, the left-turn lane cannot handle the volume of traffic, so cars are stopped in the left lane of 74. I can't believe we pay these people as much as we do (and so many of them) to *knowingly* create situations that are at best frustrating, not to mention hazardous.

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Your comments reflect exactly what many, many folks have been trying to convey to our Board of Commissioners with regards to the West Fayetteville Bypass and the schools they have planned along that route.

The Board of Education has already built an empty elementary school along the WFB route, and they have plans for a high school. As it is projected now, the WFB will funnel traffic from Hwy. 54 right past the new high school and Rivers Elementary. That concept makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

I am truly sorry you folks are having such a difficult time and I completely understand your problems.

Please write letters to the School Board and the Board of Commissioners. Please go to the School Board meetings and the Commission meetings.

Inexperienced teenage drivers are at great risk as are bus loads of kids and parents transporting their children to and from school. It is a nightmare on its way to reality. It is a catastrophe just waiting to happen.

In case y'all hadn't noticed, highway 74 is torn to shreds near the school, the turn lanes are gone for now. There's a new traffic pattern due to the day care being aligned to Panther Path, so that's causing a bit more confusion. New schedules for buses are taking some time to get settled in.

One question I've had go unanswered forever is if they're putting a traffic light at the Panther Path/74/Day Care intersection. I've heard rumors, checked the drawings on the DOT site, but can't get a square answer. Anyone know?

I feel sorry for the Sheriff's Deputy that has the morning shift working the traffic on 74 - he is a human 4-way stop sign. It's only a matter of time before someone hits him.

I saw the drawings when originally posted at SMHS for viewing & did not see a light. Things could have changes in the last few years. Not sure if that would work or not. The timing would have to be perfect at certain times of the day.

Wait until the paving begins.... now that will be awful!

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