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Southern Scapes provides numerous outdoor services in the area

Southern Scapes is a unique company that currently offers one of the widest varieties of outdoor services in the Fayette / Coweta area. What truly sets this company apart is the caliber and attitude of its workforce. Employing skilled craftsman and seasoned veterans of several different trades, this group has banded together to cross-train each other in one-another’s trade, and cooperate as teams to provide multiple services simultaneously. These services can include: clearing trees and grading a lot, installing a French drain and irrigation system, building a stone wall, and installing sod and landscape plants, all in the same week. Attitude has greatly enhanced this spirit of cooperation, as all in the group are polite, humble, and positive towards each other, eager to teach their unique skills to one another. These gentlemen also take great pride in their work, seeking customer satisfaction and attention to detail, and willing to stay on a job as late as necessary to ensure full completion and proper clean-up.

A repeat customer, Ellen M. of Tyrone, had this to say about a tree job performed at her home: “The guys at Southern Scapes were very courteous and professional. They provided several options for removing a dangerous tree over my home, fully explained each method, and allowed me to have the tree safely removed without going over my budget. They also did an excellent job to carefully take the logs and limbs out of my yard with minimal disturbance to my lawn and landscape.”

With a combination of seasoned veterans and unique equipment, Southern Scapes is able to offer cost-competitive services without sacrificing safety or the appearance of the property owner’s landscape. This equipment includes an all-wheel-steer A300 Bobcat with turf floatation tires, 4WD chip trucks and bucket trucks, and specialty traction devices, all of which allow for easy access to a yard with low impact on the turf and surroundings. They also chip the wood on-site and offer tree mulch free to the customer or delivery to a nearby location.

Myra F. in Fayetteville also had high praise for Southern Scapes.

“Jeremy and his crew have been maintaining my lawn for some time now, and I have stayed loyal due to his dedication and professionalism in keeping my property looking its best, while also being flexible in scheduling and not forcing me to enter a rigid contract like other lawn services do.  He has always been fair and reasonable, and I know I can count on him if any other miscellaneous outside work around my home needs to be taken care of.  I have referred Southern Scapes to my family and friends, and will continue to do so.”

Southern Scapes also networks with several other local businesses, subcontracting the few services they do not yet offer, but still ensuring these businesses offer the same level of quality that customers expect. This cooperation allows Southern Scapes to be a one-stop call for all outdoor service needs, providing ease and convenience to customers, as well as competitive pricing. The business owner, Jeremy Leigh, is continually innovating and seeking more efficient ways to offer current services, as well as openly hiring for experts in other services not yet offered. Driven to always challenge himself and his team, Jeremy looks forward to any request a customer may have, no matter how unique it may be, and has the resources and contacts to accomplish most any task. Call him today to discuss what’s on your outdoor “To-Do” list, he’d be happy to come meet with you and discuss viable options and a solution.

Please contact Jeremy Leigh, Customer Service Rep at 678-699-4805 or  or visit the web site  for examples of services we can provide.  We are currently running a special of $50 off any service totaling $400 or more, this offer available to all The Citizen readers with a copy of this story as their coupon.



NBC news last night had a story on Molly and McGee, 2 barn owls that are in San Mateo Ca. area. they were on the Today show this morning, too.

Seems a newly retired couple, Carlos and Donna Royal, built this birdhouse and Molly came to nest. She had her first brood this spring and just came back and hatched 4 more eggs. One owlet was born a few days ago (named Ashley), and Carlos thinks she just had another one this morning. Turn you sound up you can hear the owlet squawking. If you hear faint peeps, it is an owlet INSIDE one of the eggs! Molly stays in there 24/7. McGee sleeps outside in a palm tree during the day, and comes in a dusk every night, "bonds" with Molly, leaves, then will bring her rodents (food) 3-4 times thru the night.

Carlos comes online every once in a while and explains things. Note: there is an irritating commercial that plays every time you go into the web site. The best way to avoid it is to stay there, minimize the page and keep your sound turned up. You will hear every time Molly starts getting active and you will avoid the commercials. Watch the tweet and someone will give you a link to the camera outside the birdhouse, so you can see what it looks like from the outside. The was a mockingbird perched on top earlier making a racket.

Can't help but wonder if McGee's first name is "Fibber"! For a different show, go see the Raptor show at Callaway Gardens. They do some neat stuff with Owls & Hawks.

Could be. Wasn't there a song, Me and Molly McGee?

I've seen the Raptor show. It is really entertaining.

Sorry, 'twas an old Radio Show "Fibber McGee & Molly". And wasn't the song about "Me & Bobbie McGee"?

AHG, you're right. Man, am I getting old, Fibber was just before my time, but Me & Bobby were right there.

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Be careful Gym!! You have to remember that "officially" there is only one old guy on this board; and we all know who that is. ☺

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Maybe you're right, but you already know what the truth is--doesn't bother me.

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