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PTC police: Buckling up saved a life

A Peachtree City resident was honored Thursday for taking one simple step to save her life back on March 9: buckling up.

Chelsea Dawn Turner’s seatbelt use was what enabled her to survive a pickup truck slamming into her car around 55 mph, according to the Peachtree City Police Department.

The crash occurred in the late morning hours at the intersection of Ga. Highway 74 and south Kedron Drive when the truck driver passed out, causing his Ford Ranger to leave the roadway, cross two concrete islands and strike Turner’s vehicle on the driver’s side, said police Cpl. Chris Hyatt.

Hyatt noted that Turner was able to walk away from the crash, which ended with the truck partially on top of her vehicle.

“Had she not been wearing her seatbelt, the side impact would have been severe enough to toss her throughout the interior of the vehicle if not outside the vehicle completely,” Hyatt said.

Turner was recognized with a “Saved by the Belt” award at the beginning of Thursday night’s Peachtree City Council meeting.

It was noted that the driver of the pickup was arrested at the scene after police determined he was under the influence of inhalants and methamphetamine. Turner was not at fault in the accident, police said.


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