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Council reprimands PTC mayor for negative comments

On a 3-2 split, the Peachtree City Council Thursday night voted to formally reprimand Mayor Don Haddix in essence for embarrassing the city through a number of negative comments directed at city, county and state officials and employees.

A resolution to censure Haddix was approved by Councilmembers Eric Imker, Vanessa Fleisch and Kim Learnard. Voting against were Haddix and Councilman Doug Sturbaum.

While most residents who addressed council supported the censure, some argued that the entire council bears blame in the matter.

“I want to see some teamwork from this council,” said Laurie Farmer. “... This is why we elected you all as a team: to work together and that has not happened.”

Resident Bob Grove said some of the councilmembers appeared to have been hanging around the local set of “Drop Dead Diva” a bit too much based on all the drama that has transpired of late.

“The five of you had better get your act together,” Grove said. “All five of you can be removed just as fast as you were elected.”

Several other residents argued that council’s censure bid was ultimately stunting Haddix’s right to free speech. Imker, Fleisch and Learnard argued that Haddix’s negativity in blogs, letters to the editor and other comments was harming the city’s reputation.

Learnard at one point directly challenged Haddix to resolve the impasse.

“Don, are you mayor enough to tell us all it’s time to start working together in a positive manner, keeping it positive and putting only the best face of Peachtree City forward? Will you do that tonight please?” Learnard asked.

Haddix smiled, paused and replied: “Boy is that a loaded question.”

Shortly later, Haddix said that using barbed words like “liar” and “delusional,” both of which were used to describe him by his fellow councilmembers minutes before, was not a good way for council to move forward.

“You talk about a bucket of cold water on a conversation right off the bat,” Haddix said. “We can try to change that in the future, but that takes five of us to do that and let’s see if all five of us can actually change what we’ve been doing wrong.”

Learnard, in presenting her reasons for favoring the censure, claimed that Haddix’s negativity in blogs, letters to the editor and other communications cast the city in a negative light and hurts the city’s ability to recruit new companies here.

Fleisch argued that Haddix’s negative comments have affected employee morale in the city, which she noted has historically gotten by with fewer employees than other Georgia cities of similar size.

She said she is not sure that ideal can be maintained if the employees continue to fear “the potential for the mayor to put their name on the front page of the newspaper.”

Imker blamed Haddix for needlessly discrediting the Fayette County Development Authority in a letter to the newspaper. Imker argued that FCDA deserves credit for attracting industries to the city such as Sany, NCR and Cooper Lighting, not criticism lodged by Haddix.

Imker cited a letter he received from FCDA Chairman Randy Hayes that Haddix’s actions can be used by competitors to cast the city in a negative light. The implication was that the negativity could cost the city jobs.

Haddix pointed out that he has not been the only negative person on council in recent times. He noted that Imker “mocked me on the dais” during a recent budget hearing when Imker chastised him for focusing on the 2011-2012 budget year and putting little emphasis on future year budget projections. To drive home his point, Imker placed a large binder around his own head, claiming it simulated how Haddix chose to ignore the impact the current year budget had on future budgets.

Haddix also claimed that the censure resolution, added to the agenda the day before the July 21 meeting, was “created in secret and added to the agenda at the last minute.”

Haddix, accused in the censure of “creating an untenable work environment” for “publicly belittling and criticizing city employees” pointed to a controversial comment made about city employees in general by Imker at a budget meeting last year.

Haddix recalled that Imker said if city employees didn’t like his proposal to cut salaries “they could quit, after all there were 30 people in line waiting for each and every one of those jobs.”

Imker also has criticized his fellow councilmembers for “not having the courage or backbone to vote for his cuts,” Haddix said.

Following is the verbatim copy of the censure that was approved on the 3-2 council vote:


WHEREAS, the Peachtree City Code of Ethics states as a declaration of policy that its officials are to, “Create an environment of honesty, openness and integrity”; and
WHEREAS, the Peachtree City Code of Ethics states as a declaration of policy that, “The citizens of the City have confidence in the integrity of their government”; and
WHEREAS, the Peachtree City Code of Ethics states as a declaration of policy that, “The proper government and administration of the City requires that its officials use the power of their position for the well being of their constituents”; and
WHEREAS, the Peachtree City Mission Statement compels the elected leaders of Peachtree City to ensure residents a “healthy environment in which to live, work, and enjoy leisure time”; and
WHEREAS, the Peachtree City Mission Statement compels the elected leaders of Peachtree City to “promote a sense of community”; and
WHEREAS, Peachtree City Mayor Donnie Owen Haddix has created an untenable work environment by publicly belittling and criticizing current and former city employees, elected officials, and appointed officials, resulting in at least one lawsuit with related costs to the City; and
WHEREAS, Mayor Haddix has publicly criticized the Fayette County Development Authority, the Atlanta Regional Commission, and other agencies in a manner that has damaged Peachtree City’s relationship with those and other agencies; and
WHEREAS, the Mayor’s criticism of the Fayette County Development Authority ignores the fact that such entity has assisted in bringing the following businesses to Peachtree City: Sany, Cooper Lighting, Panasonic, Aventure Aviation, Hoshizaki, Shinsei, AIM Aircraft Spares, Rinnai, NCR, and more; and
WHEREAS, the citizens of Peachtree City and the City Council expect a return to civility, respect, integrity, and trust.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Peachtree City, Georgia, that:
Section 1: The City Council has lost confidence in Mayor Donnie Owen Haddix.
Section 2: The City Council hereby censures Mayor Haddix for comments and actions that put the City of Peachtree City at financial risk, create an untenable work environment, and damage the City’s relationships with other governmental agencies.
Section 3: The City Council admonishes Mayor Haddix for comments and actions directed toward former Mayor Harold Logsdon and former employee Joey Grisham.
Section 4: The City Council asks that Mayor Haddix correctly carry out the duties of Mayor, adhere to the City Charter, Council Rules, and common courtesy, work effectively as a member of the City Council, and work effectively in his capacity of Mayor with other state and local government agencies.
Section 5: If Mayor Donnie Owen Haddix cannot or will not take corrective action to carry out the duties of Mayor, function as a member of City Council, and adequately represent the citizens of Peachtree City, the City Council asks that Mayor Haddix resign from office.
Section 6: This resolution is effective upon passage.



Please, no more.

Let's move forward now.

Focus as a team on the budget to squeeze out the waste then move on to attracting new business to town.


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I hope the mayor frames the resolution and puts it on his office wall... in the future when Learnard and other councilfolk implore him to employ spin and suppress negative details of city business issues in his communication, he can point to it as a reminder of their past futility.

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Let's see how he does. Framing it and being proud of it is pretty good, but it doesn't hold a candle to what Brown did when he was censured. The Friends of Tom censured him, deplored him and presented him with a petition signed by several hundred PTC citizens. It was poster size and therefore too big to actually frame, but he put it in his office and defaced it by putting a childish beard on the photo of the late, great Tom Farr and scribbled "These people can't make me break the law" and showed it off to that funny little Rothley fellow and his few remaining supporters.
Then later that year he drew 6 opponents who were trying to prevent his second term - and all former mayors pushing for anybody but Brown. Mission accomplished!
Try to top that Mr. Haddix.

Live free or die!

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Jeremiah 13:23

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It's too early in the day for you to be dropping that much Direct Pac propaganda on a largely unsuspecting public. Ole buddy Tom made an illegal loan to a PTC associated group and then wanted PTC to cover it. Tom screwed up bad and officers of the bank have admitted to it numerous times. One bank VP told me flat out that PTC should have never had to bear the brunt of that bad loan.

Then .... Logsdon rolled over and paid it when all the negative propaganda cost Brown a second term. What a joke Logsdon was. His aborted run for State Insurance commissioner was simply a bail out for the bad position he was in for a try for reelection as Mayor of PTC.

That prank flew long enough to cost Brown a reelection bid as Mayor but now by golly pete he now sits on the County Commission after slam dunking his opponent.

Educated citizens and voters don't stay fooled forever RWM but you and your remaining Direct Pac (anti Brown clown) cronies keep trying, it keeps things interesting.

With nearly everything done about the financing of the Tennis Center loan being illegal, a scapegoat who had the least defense was found. It hurt him.

The loan was signed by a Pro Tennis Player who ran the club, and the Board who approved the loan had at least two people on it that should have known better and probably did! The Tennis Player left with recommendation for a better job.

HOWEVER, and that is a large however, most folks around the city hall and the politicians and the Realtors, and the Tennis Players wanted the note paid by the city---who didn't owe it!


These kind of deals are not uncommon among "good ole boy" groups.
At least two of the board members had a lot to lose for being negligent.
The bank would have sued for that amount of money exposing everything.

I know a few of those gentlemen--not real well, but have dealt with them--and it was not done for the benefit personally of them in my opinion but was simply a "good ole boy" deal! It would look good.

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Spot on Roundie--- Haddix and Brown are interrupting "business as usual" by the "good ole boys and gals". I got a kick out of Fred Brown's reference in the last article about Haddix saying how he was investigated for obstruction of justice with the cops. It's all about "Leave us alone and let us do our deal." The City is now hurting financially because of a number of very stupid and corrupt deals including the tennis center and the sewer deal.

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Yep, that's exactly what Hadix and Brown are doing - interrupting. Sure some of the past deals - especially the $28million sewer that needs about the same amount in repairs (who inspected it? who didn't ask for seller warranties? who was warned they needed to do both?) was about the worst, apparently legal, although Pace's role in that is very suspicious. The tennis thing was bad, but semi-legal and $27million less cost to the taxpayers, although I suspect Christian and Godfrey left the state for a reason. And if Haddix and Brown were elected police commissioner or DA, they could justify their time rooting out suspected evil.

But I think the real reason the city is hurting financially is twofold.
1. The interrupters are not capable of conducting business and putting deals together - legal or illegal. No imagination or real experience and certainly no leadership or consensus-building skills. So they INTERRUPT AND DON'T REPLACE. Haddix's big contribution to deal-making was LoTemp and the Norsouth lawsuit. Way to go! Defund and disband DAPC without having a replacement plan? Wow! Stunningly stupid.
2. Of course the obvious inability to say no to expenditures - like cars and other things is a real problem of most governments and that's hard to fix when everybody is more concerned about assigning blame for past failures of leadership or writing (necessary, but painful and time-consuming) censure resolutions.

Live free or die!

In the past you asked about "leadership skills"

See link:

1 employee - himself, annual sales of $122,000.
sharpening lawnmower blades.

Have tremendous respect for people who are entrepeneurs since only 1% to 2% of us do it (and I am not one of them), but no management experience, no leadership experience, no budgeting experience. That's ok, but, instead of disrupting, allow those with the experience to do the job.

Thursday's response was to attack Imker, again disruptive and trying to influence upcoming election in effort to gain control. And then what happens if he gets control!!!

Robert W. Morgan's picture

not evident in either Brown or Haddix. It requires an admission that you yourself are not always the smartest person in the room and allows for the possibility that someone - even someone with slightly different or even opposing ideas - might be better equipped to handle a project or task that you are. That requires a trace of humility and some common sense. Need I go on?

I too have respect for someone who can run a successful small business. Of course many of those should only run a small business instead of branching out into politics or something and demonstrating the Peter Principle - again.

Live free or die!

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and the common sense you mentioned. Really, I don't see a trace of it and I am shocked! Shocked to discover this.

Qualifying for city council election begins very soon. Please let us have some qualified candidates this time.

Don Haddix's picture

That write up was not completely accurate, but I do not feel like going over each and every point.

It was in unincorporated Clayton County, not in Fulton or in Hapeville, other than being the mailing address.

As well, ptcrightnow, you misrepresented what I did. I designed, serviced and sold diamond, carbide, high speed steel and other tooling plus did consulting work. There are a lot of fancy banks, businesses and famous people with high end work made with my tools. A very technical business working within plus or minus .005".

Plus the income statement was the last year I was in business. It did not reflect prior years at all nor the fact the way I ran it made it a high profit margin business while keeping charges to customers lower than average.

I have always freely admitted I closed it because of subsidized foreign completion enabled by our our Federal Government. Plus that was when I saw the economy was sliding and about to take a major hit, as it did in 2008.

My customer base included multi million dollar companies, who, unfortunately were taking huge economic hits as well.

In 20 years in business I handled every aspect of business, from marketing and sales, purchasing and all administrative functions. No one else on Council can make the same claim.

I never had a year in the red, even the first year in business. How many other businesses can make the same claim?

Before that I supervised, in those years dollars, in a $100 million roll mill.

Make of this information what you will.

We are at the point where the election will in fact say where we are going in the future. It is time for the candidates to come forward and speak.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Have you ever been wrong about anything? Is it always someone else that wasn't "completely accurate" as you state in this example? Either you are always right and the rest of the world is wrong, or you are wrong and the rest of the world has a point... which one is it?

Never believe your own PR.

Must have hit a nerve.

No one really cares about your past work. What citizens care about is your work as mayor. At last Thursday's meeting, most people who rose to speak voiced their opinions against your past behavior, let's hope you change how you do things in the future.

As for the election, sad that no one has stepped forward to run. Why would anyone want to serve with you there?

With your reprimand behind everyone now, council will move forward without you unless you decide to work with them. If not you have lost your bully pulpit and have been rendered "irrelevent".

Election Prediction.
The city council voting will go from 3 to 2 to 4 to 1, because PTC citizens will elect smart and independent people who will do what's right ignoring your stupidity and game playing.

You will continue to be "irrelevent" and "mayor in name only" that is until you change your behavior and start working with the council.

Thanks for your history lesson. So, for the lesser of 2 evils we now have a complusive liar/idiot for mayor.
How do you propose PTC fixes that?

MajorMike's picture

Fix? My personal preference is .45 caliber but County law enforcement has never been very appreciative of some of my suggested solutions.

Liar/idiot? Liar?; probably far far less than most politicians. Remember that his oponent in the Mayors race "mispoke" herself on regular ocasion.

Idiot?; No, he's actually quite smart but wants everyone to know it. I would go with "horse's butt" as a regular personality trait. I've known him for about eighteen years and he hasn't changed much in that time. Were it not unethical, I could tell you a few tales that ........

I actually find the two councilwomen mostly to blame for the latest debacle. They allowed themselves to be used as political cannon fodder. Absolutely nothing was gained but ironically, not a whole lot was lost either. Much frustration was had by all concerned.

I think that the best management course I ever took was a course called "Dimensional Management training". It categorized personalities in four quadrants with a Q1 being an avoider personality and a Q4 being an agressive personality. The objective was to learn how to interface with the other quadrant personalities without conflict. The Q4 usually has the most difficulty in adapting. If you substitute the phrase "horse's butt" for Q4, you have an avenue for a possible solution.

If you really, really want to know what methods that I would use, then review the Citizen blogs on the ill fated gas golf cart ban. Past that, You're just going to have to wait for election time and again ... vote for the lesser of the evils.


Q4 is an excellent description of Haddix. My concern is 2 fold

First, he will get the city involved in more lawsuits. People are defending his free speech, but there is such a thing as intelligent speech. He got the city sued by NorSouth. Forget that we now have to have an unwanted apartment complex in town, but no one speaks of how much that suit cost the city in representation/leagal bills.

Second, because he is a serial liar, although it has not gotten the city in trouble yet since his lying is focused on anyone who opposes him, it will.

MajorMike's picture

Q4 is a personality type and "horse's butt" is a sometimes reoccuring personality trait. Being a q4 (or a Q1 for that matter) is not in and of itself a bad thing. I would say that Imker is a Q1 (bordering on Q2) and has coped by becoming a sneaky manipulative ... well, you know. He understands full well that shafting Haddix is the only way that he will ever get to be mayor.

On lawsuits: The Norsouth thingy was a setup that was years in the making. One has but to ask who Norsouth's parent company is to know who the players are. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't believe that PTC was named in Logsdon's / Lindsey's legal action. Again, you just have to understand who the players are and what their historical tactics have been.

Serial liar? No, not hardly! You may, or may not, like what he has to say but most of the time the same old crowd has screamed "liar!" in their outrage at being faced with the truth or being caught in their own lies. Haddix's oponent in the Mayor's race, Cyndi Plunket, misspoke herself (lied like a rug) so many times that it is doubtful that she could now get elected as dogcatcher today. Given the choice between Haddix and Plunket today, I would still vote Haddix every time.

All of that being said, it is still apparent that our distinguised Mayor possesses the aforementioned recurring personality trait.

Actually if you speak to Brendon Barr and the CEO of NorSouth they will tell you that based upon what Haddix said at the initial workshop where they made the presentation, Haddix put his foot in his mouth and told them to proceed but that their project would not be welcomed in PTC. Those in attendance in the audience can confirm. I was in the audience as well.

Haddix continued with Citizen blogs on the topic as well which they documented and used. Here was a interested company watching Haddix on the blogs....screams for the need to show some restriant and intelligence.

NorSouth felt that Haddix had actually convinced the other council members to vote against the project. Most in the city know that was not to be true, but they pursued the lawsuit because (a) they wanted the project and (b) the mayor's mouth.

As for being a serial liar, he tends to do this against those who oppose him....speak with the other council members.

Also, he lied on the blogs telling people that his wife was not involved wih saying anything to Joey Grisham and at they same tim he was doing that he was speaking to Ted Meeker, the city attorney, asking advice on how to protect his wife.

Personally, I don't like his behavior and I am not fond of what he says, but I am concerned with the facts that I know to be true as outlined above.

Take those situations, add in the e-mail on the city e-mail system which makes it official, not personal, calling Harold a full time or part time drunk and I would say that Haddix has moved from your defination of a "horse's butt" to a possible "loose cannon", or maybe both.

I agree with everything you have said and I guess we have to wait to the next election.....and if he does read the blogs and listens to what was said at the Thursday meeting, maybe he will adjust his behavior which would be best for all.


MajorMike's picture

Some of Haddix's methods and actions that you perceive as liabilities, I see as a refreshing change. To partially qualify; I scored as an upper scale Q4 (just short of Attilla the Hun) in DMT. It is very difficult for me to restrain myself in controversial situations, yet that is what it takes in MOST political situations where there has usually already been too much compromise and/or controversy.

The NorSouth thingy is going to be section 8 housing within five years of opening. I would lay money on it and also lay money on the bet that that was what was in the plans from day one. Everything that occured so far was merely stage props and posturing. Haddix was largely correct in telling them that the project would not be welcome here. My home is uncomfortably close to "Crimony Village" and I well remember the maneuvering that led to that. When a developer invokes the "Federal Government" at ANY stage of the project, is is a clear message that we (as productive taxpayers) are about to be screwed. Don't be impressed by slick presentations from smiling hucksters.

The Citizen blogs, as a method of communicating, are at the same time usefull and dangerous. Haddix (and Steve Brown) fully understand that yet chose to commuicate with the entire constituancy instead of just the choosen few. The fact that some choose to use that as an attack point is totally irrelevant to a discussion on serial liars since that label fits some of his detractors far far better than it fits Haddix himself. Yep, the Fresh Foods thingy between Cathy Haddix and Joey Grishom was a major "uh oh" and not only did Haddix not handle it well but he "mispoke" himself several times. Not good but not definitive.

The phrase "Loose canon" is definitely generic and mostly misused. I think I'll stay with "horses butt".

Which other councilperson would you suggest I talk to? Imker?? I don't think so - I know the personality type and I recognize the tactics. Thanks, but "stupid SOB" is as low as I go. How about the two ladies? I just watched them get themselves used and menuevered pretty badly. OK, how about Doug S.?? Didn't think so even if he is the only one there that has conducted themselves with any great degree of dignity.

There are some possible ways of dealing with/working with Donnie Haddix but no one so far seems to have a clue. The "gang of three" is going to be lucky if Haddix does NOT frame that censure ..... and hang it in his bathroom. A three to two censure ..... Good lord what a stupid move.

Thanks for the intelligent repartee'.

Citizen_Steve's picture

To those who value open government, the discussion of issues and explanation of positions with the "entire constituancy" is huge.

Beware of those politicians that write positional articles to the paper when they're running for office but stop such communication about the forumulation of their ongoing positions once elected.

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[quote=MajorMike]It's too early in the day for you to be dropping that much Direct Pac propaganda on a largely unsuspecting public. Ole buddy Tom made an illegal loan to a PTC associated group[/quote]

I must have missed where the only opinion that matters(judge/court) said that the DAPC loan was "illegal." The fact is that loan was never declared illegal.

Then .... Logsdon rolled over and paid it when all the negative propaganda cost Brown a second term. What a joke Logsdon was. His aborted run for State Insurance commissioner was simply a bail out for the bad position he was in for a try for reelection as Mayor of PTC.

Brown was hated by a lot more than a couple of dozen DirectPAC people. That's why he lost to Logsdon by 60 points in case you forgot. Despite the howls from the Browniacs and Brown himself about the only people being opposed to him were developers and bankers, the voters said otherwise in another huge landslide.

Logsdon withdrew from the insurance job after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

That prank flew long enough to cost Brown a reelection bid as Mayor but now by golly pete he now sits on the County Commission after slam dunking his opponent.

LOL. I noticed you skipped Brown running for the statehouse and getting demolished by Ramsey 3 years later after the blowout to Logsdon. I guess those 15 or so DirectPAC'ers were still going super-strong then too!

Brown defeated a very bad Jack Smith by what? 6 points? Anyone decent landlsides Smith out of office just like Logsdon and then Ramsey did to Brown.
Educated citizens and voters don't stay fooled forever [/quote]

Looks to me like the "educated voters" went back to sleep or became apathetic after making it very clear how sick of Brown they were twice in 3 years. When the choices are Jack Smith or Steve Brown, it's like Harry Reid vs. Sharron terrible bozo is going to win.

MajorMike's picture

A group that did not have the authority to make a bank loan ... did, and the banker was complicit. Did it go to before a judge? Unfortunately probably 99% PLUS of the illegal acts or business dealings in this country never go before a judge. That does not make that loan any less illegal. To complicate matters the group misused portions of the loan proceeds.

Brown pissed off a lot more people than the Direct Pac crowd when he broke the back of what had become an unhealthy business/government relationship. While the relationship had started as symbiotic and was good for both parties, it had deteriorated into well ... something else under (King Bob as you refer to him) Lenox. However, much of what hurt Brown was misinformation and plain outright lies from the Direct Pac crowd.

Logsdon withdrew from the Insurance Comissioner race because the polls were showing that he was going to be in a distant last place. My doctor tells me that 100% of all men will get prostake cancer before they die. If it is severe, they operate. If it is not, they leave it alone or treat it with radiation or medications. Poor naive Herold bailed.

Did not miss the Brown State house run. While I voted AGAINST Ramsey, I did it in the erroneous belief that Ramsey was associated with Jim Webb and company. I was wrong and it is quite obvious that Matt Ramsey has done an excellent job. Mea Culpa.

I came very close to voting for Jack Smith. The fact that he mispoke himself on several critical issues led me to go a different route. Smith actually was not that bad, if nothing else he ran Chris Venice off. I still have a Jack Smith Yard sigh in my garage.

Smith or Brown, McCain or Obama, Haddix or Plunkett; political races are almost always a choice of the lesser of two evils.

I've lived in PTC over twenty six years and I have been there and seen first hand most of what we have just discussed. I still remember the large water (or lack thereof) demostations less that fifty yards from my front door complete with new crews landing their copters behind Oak Grove elementary. About thirty carloads of people, with towels and soap, headed for Mayor Fred Browns houses when the soiree' was over.

No revision at all Nuk_1, just a few unpleasant (for some) truths.

........have gone before a judge?

They seem to be immune!

However, they did get a couple of Enron corporate executives for robbing employees, none for bankers, etc., robbing us! Capitalism is being destroyed by this.

(what was it Bush called Enron's Chairman?) No, it wasn't turd blossom!

There are certain "understandings," similar to what the Catholic church used for many, many years! Better to hide than make a circus out of it.
The kids will mostly get better.

tortugaocho's picture

Yup, its amazing how the DevPac crooks can defend anything. Attorney Doug Warner, on the Development Authority, represented by another attorney admitted, "Well, heck, yeah, I guess we did violate the Open Meetings Law." As far as the contract being illegal--- yes, our city paid independent counsel said yes it was illegal. What did we spend $40,000 on? He also said Rick Lindsey changed the language after because Bob "I run this meeting" Lenox made him do it.

In PTC you are either making money off the development as a politician or you aren't. It's that simple.

A little more history to get you guys going on about how Tom Farr, who should have been investigated, was saintly.

How about Bob Lenox's sewer deal? Buying a broken down sewer system for the grossly inflated price of $26 million which cost the private developer $1.00 when he ran for (you got it) and was elected to the county commission. Ditto for Group VI and Jim Pace, who did an atrocious job for the city on the tennis center and kept right on billing as he does to all the churches stupid enough to hire him.

You're either an in or an out. Brown and Haddix are two of the few outs to win an election. Lenox, Logsdon, Smith--- they're all ins. Nuk, Morgan and Mudcat are participant cheerleaders.

You, I, and a few others are rapidly approaching "censure," for bringing up those things some think better left buried!
It is difficult to do so though when you see it still happening anew!

Which of the four deadly sins does all of this belong do you suppose?
Of the 10 Commandments of Moses (God)? Of the Big Bang?

It all reminds me of the place the blame is currently being placed for our horrible recession, soon to be depression.
We learn nothing from history by trying to blame an innocent person or group currently for things that were allowed to happen in the recent past.

That sort of thing is done obviously to cover-up the actual causes.

I am for one-term politicians and could care less if President Obama is reelected, but we should have learned something from the last three out of four eight year Presidents. That is too long to connive, deceive, organize, and actually destroy a Grand Old Party!

We will die with a one-party system, or a three or more party system (ITALY, etc.).

Robert W. Morgan's picture

All true, the "illegal" loan was just part of the big lie - repeat it often enough and people start to accept it as fact. Brown started that one all by himself. Not only was the loan not illegal, it wasn't even a bad loan since it was repaid. The revisionist historians on here sound just like Democrats. Quoting from Browns rantings or even Cal's editorials does not change the cold hard facts. However I agree the buddy, buddy relationship of all the players was not ethically proper - technically legal, but ethically improper, got it?

But as sometimes happens on here, you all are wandering down the wrong road. Friends of Tom had nothing to do with DirectPac, although many were members of both. I wasn't DirectPac, but I sure was Friends of Tom and that was all about Brown disrespecting someone who could not defend himself or even refute Brown's silly charges. It was also about disrespecting Tom's memory which to most of us was disrespecting Floy Farr who was still alive at the time and as such a living legend in PTC. That Floy and his family would even be mentioned in the same sentence as gadfly Brown was a terrible insult.

And back to the original point, Brown responded immaturely (naturally) to his censure by Friends of Tom. Let us see how Haddix responds to his censure. So far all we have seen is boorish behavior Thursday night and a quote in today's AJC about "dirty politics" neither of which rise to the Brown level of immaturity, but I suspect there will be more from Haddix. The idea that he will recognize his mistakes and repent is laughable.

Live free or die!

Look up what the banker was doing with the bank in Tyrone when land was available in Fayette by just paying the taxes!

Names being associated with other names in "the same sentence," could cause bounce backs!

Not many people who got extremely rich over time in the USA, who didn't invent the PC, hula hoop, or cell phone, did it perfectly unselfishly.

Al Gore did cause the Internet to be invented and he is very rich now.
(Don't know how much his x-wife got however.)

Then there is Limbaugh----invented nothing, a smart liar, dangerous to America, and envious enough for possible horrible actions against many wives, and all true citizens. Pills keep him down somewhat---let him have them free without involving his maid.

We do also still worship the old Rockefellers, Morgans, DuPonts, Kennedys, slave holders, and several othe robber Barons, due only to their ability to cheat or buy-off hangers-on, and politicians!

Does anyone here know the history of Fayette County and it's old families all the way back to 1800? Just check the street and road names. Then look in archives for how they did it.

Retribution is not necessary, but neither is bragging!

MajorMike's picture

I have to give you credit, you just keep trying. It's gotten to the point (and way past) where the lie is the standard coin in your incessant campaign; pushing your special interest group(s) by denigrating others. It is your rantings that do not change the cold hard facts. So now you charge even the Citizen's editor of falsifying facts and label your detractors as Democrats. You're pulling your tactics right out of the Obama handbook.

The loan was prima facia illegal and it did NOT get paid under the Brown administration. After your little group was sucessful at getting Brown voted out, poor naive Logsdon rolled over and paid the load in toto.

"Friends of Tom" was a direct offshoot of Direct Pac and was recognized as such by many people (original residents) that were actually friends of Tom Farr. One such old timer told me that as much as he respected Tom, he could not associate himself with either of your group(s).

You accuse Brown, or Haddix for that matter, of immaturity because they respond to your attacks? Get a life Morgan, Your credibility in these blogs ran out years ago. You really need to read/review your own postings from time to time. Your lucidity index appears to be dropping at a steady rate.

BTW In a previous post you claimed to have been "associated with Direct Pac", now you say you wern't. Which is it Morgan - flip or fly?

You're probably right....then we'll have to vote Haddix out!

Citizen_Steve's picture

I agree, they should all be limited to one term, with the caveat that a sitting councilperson can be elected mayor. What needs to happen to make that a reality?

I watched the censure streaming last night and Imker is right, Haddix is delusional. He simple is incapable of being honest, especially with himself, which is scary. Someone tell me too what Haddix has on Sturbaum? Why does he (Sturbaum)insist on being part of this sinking ship? What a mealy-mouth candy-ass response to the censure. Unbelievable. Let the recall begin.

PTC Observer's picture

And for all of the reasons you have listed Mr. Haddix is going no where, at least until the next election.

So when Haddix said he was going to prove the accusations false he actually meant he was going to form a list of all the negative things everyone else has said or done.

The other 2, well, it figures.

DarkMadam's picture

Not a single post from Donnie (Oh boy there he goes again)Haddix today? Hell must have frozen over and I didn't even feel a cool breeze.

Did anyone else hear his voice waivering as he spoke last night?

mudcat's picture

He has cleansed himself from all his sins in the washwater that once was used to wash someone's feet. He has transended the masses and gone to a beter place on the mount(Mtn.) He is a holier than thou image and an inspiration to us all. He is D.O. Haddix and he is a saint. He will lead us out of the garden of evil and into the paths of rightgeous behavior. He is humble and forgiving. He is our savior. He is the risen Christ. Thank you D.O.! I think I love you.

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