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Rep. Ramsey, Sen. Chance to play lead roles in redistricting

In less than two weeks, the Georgia Legislature will convene in a special session called by Gov. Nathan Deal to begin the once-every-decade process of redistricting.

Fayette County is in a unique position to come out ahead in terms of the way maps are redrawn for the various districts in the state House of Representatives and Senate. That’s because

local legislators Rep. Matt Ramsey of Peachtree City and Sen. Ronnie Chance of Tyrone both sit on committees that are driving the redistricting process.

The special session is set to convene Aug. 15. There is no information yet as to whether Gov. Deal will add any other topics to the special session.

Much of the data that will be used for the redistricting process comes directly from the U.S. Census.

As it stands now, representation for solidly Republican Fayette is fractured, with five different districts held by three Democrats and two Republicans:

• Democrat Rep. Roberta Abdul-Salaam’s 74th House District in Fayette County currently consists of a swath of Fayetteville and the unincorporated Fayette County north of Ga. Highway 54 and east of Ga. Highway 85. Precincts include Fayetteville West, Morning Creek, Dogwood, Oak Ridge, Kenwood and Europe. The remainder of her district is in Riverdale, in Clayton County.

• Democratic Rep. Darryl Jordan’s 77th House District in Fayette County comprises an area on the eastern side of Ga. Highway 85, including the Fayetteville East, Banks and Flint precincts. The remainder of his district is in Jonesboro and Riverdale, also Clayton County.

• Republican Rep. John Yates’ 73rd House District in Fayette County includes a segment of the county’s southern tip, with part or all of the Harps Crossing, Starr’s Mill, Woolsey and Brooks precincts. The remainder of his district is in Henry and Spalding counties.

• Democratic Rep. Virgil Fludd’s 66th House District in Fayette County is mostly in the northeast corner on the county map, including part or all of the McIntosh, Rareover, Sandy Creek and Hopeful precincts. The remainder of his district is in Fulton County; and

• Republican Rep. Matt Ramsey’s 72nd House District has the largest swath of Fayette County, with nearly all of Peachtree City, the unincorporated area to the east and a good portion of south Fayetteville extending all the way down to south Peachtree City. Ramsey’s district does not cross county lines.

In the Senate, Democratic Sen. Valencia Seay’s district covers almost all of Fayetteville heading northward into the unincorporated county. The rest of her district extends into the College Park and Riverdale areas.

Republican Sen. Ronnie Chance has roughly the remaining two-thirds of Fayette’s geography in a district that meanders through parts of Spalding, Pike, Monroe and Lamar counties.



Get me out of Abdul-Salaam's district. During the last TWO legislative sessions I contacted her office repeatedly. Not once did she return my phone calls or emails. Even though I didn't vote for her she is still my representative and has a duty to respond to her constituents. And while the redistricting is going on, get me out of Seay's district also! I want to be represented by Republicans!

No chance.
Move. Some really nice property in Meriwether County.

Salaam needs to represent ALL of her constituents, not just the ones in Clayton County.

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