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Senoia adopts policy for film crews

It is expected to be a work in progress, but one that city officials said needed to be addressed. The Senoia City Council Aug. 2 unanimously approved a policy for the film industry when shooting in the city.

City administrator Richard Ferry said the procedures pertaining to the policy should be followed by filmmakers, “in order to maintain the balance between the quality of life for the residents and supporting the film industry.”

We expect this to be a work in progress, Ferry told the council Monday night.

Mayor Robert Belisle agreed, noting that while not yet in the form of an ordinance, the policy was nonetheless needed.

The policy is essentially a checklist of what can and cannot be done when filmmakers are shooting on location around the city.

The film permit application stipulates that a map be provided showing a parking layout and include sites and set-up information.

The application also address traffic control issues in which a minimum of two off-duty officers are required to be on location for the duration of the shoot.

The application notes the variables associated with parking and the process for closing streets for filming. Such action requires approval of the city council.

Hours for filming and equipment set-up and breakdown run from 7 a.m. until midnight.

Other aspects of the application cover issues such as insurance requirements and notifying the city and law enforcement when plans for filming have to be changed.

Riverwood Studios and its film productions has long been a familiar sight in the Senoia area. Recent changes in state law are likely to result in an increased presence of filmmakers in Senoia and in various locations around the state.



Hiring cops part-time; town council approval for blocking a road---not just the manager and police; a change in plans---town council again?; insurance requirements; maps, parking; tear-down of equipment.

I guess next that the Mayor's ugly 35 year old daughter must have a part as in Mayberry, NC?
Barney will direct traffic for $35 an hour.

Yep, soon to be in Zebulon or Phoenix City!

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