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Senoia to hold steady on millage rate

The matter will not be decided until Aug. 20, but it is likely that the Senoia City Council will keep the property tax rate at 6.11 mills.

The council at the Aug. 2 meeting was told by city administrator Richard Ferry that city can meet its budget obligations without any increase in the millage rate. Mayor Robert Belisle agreed, noting that the city has maintained the 6.11 millage rate since 2006.

Recent reassessments decreased the value of some properties in the city by a total of approximately $1.5 million. Meantime, the city added $8.5 million in improvements, Ferry said.

Ferry said that if the council chose to institute the rollback millage rate of 6.18 mills it would essentially raise taxes on some properties but not on others. Those properties that assessed downward would see no effective increase in taxes at the 6.18 mill rate while those whose property value stayed the same would end up paying more.

Ferry said that even with holding the 6.11 mill rate the city would collect approximately $35,000 more in taxes this year.

The Senoia City Council will hold a public hearing on the millage rate Aug. 16. The new rate will be adopted at a 9 a.m. called meeting on Aug. 20.


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