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No new cart parking added for McIntosh

Student golf cart parking on campus at McIntosh High School isn’t going to get much easier this school year.

The school has repaved and restriped its golf cart parking lot which has 388 spaces. But those arriving late will have to park on adjoining grassy areas that are available, according to Fayette County Schools spokesperson Melinda Berry-Dreisbach.

The school did not add to its golf cart parking area over the summer, despite a request from city officials.

Earlier this year the Peachtree City Council adopted its first ever no-parking zone for a cart path in response to students parking their carts on private property off a path near the school. The no-parking path runs parallel to Peachtree Parkway between Stevens Entry and the school.

That path became a prime location for students to hastily park carts, but the practice ultimately caused a commotion when haphazardly parked carts partially blocked the path for other users. There were also documented photos of trash that would be left behind when the carts left at the end of the day.

The city has already erected no-parking signs along the path, and there were plans to educate students about the issue as well in a joint effort with the school.

The city is encouraging students to park on campus for students’ safety and security.

Parking will still be allowed on the north side of Prime Point except areas indicated by golf curb markers, city officials said.

Parking will not be permitted on Lexington Circle or Prime Point, officials said.



At least McIntosh gets the option of parking a golf cart. 388 is better than let's say - zero - at Starr's Mill High School. Wish we could have some golf cart parking!!

Has anyone here ever seen a school built with sufficient parking space readied? The teachers usually have one and the staff has one for sure.
Makes the kids want to grow up and be staff! Or hit someone!

If you want to disallow carts on school property do it! If not make room!
Otherwise it sounds like 500 politicians speaking.

The city is encouraging students to park on campus? Where?
Park on the North side of Prime Point, but not on Prime Point! Is that two streets?

Has anyone calculated how many parking spaces are needed? Or is it just that so many are marked for parking and if that isn't enough the Principal and teachers don't care about the rest?

Seems like a good point to teach the kids!

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Failing to increase the number of golf cart parking spaces for students at MHS is a missed opportunity for a school in need of on-going revenues. "New" spaces could be charged at a higher rate until the paving costs are paid off. A general increase in parking fees across all cart slots then could follow the repayment of the paving costs.

Someone in MHS leadership has dropped the ball on this one.

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Why not erect toll booths on specific cart paths? Then clear out space along the green belt adjacent to MHS for daily fee parking with shuttle service to homeroom for those running late?

Indeed it is a missed opportunity, but who knows maybe the Booster Club could get involved.

That would be a road tax, not a fee for roads!
Booster clubs only contribute to football and some to bands.
Used to pay for a Bible teacher in high school.
For toll booths, a fence similar to what Arizona wants, would be necessary to avoid gate jumpers avoiding tolls.
Some even slide under the toll gates at MARTA. (have to take a run at it on a timely basis to get it done free)
No shuttle service could get hundreds to their various classes as they all come in about the same time.

I think think the attitude is this: City wants to stay out of it since parents can be mean boogies for their mal-treated brats; BOE doesn't feel HOW one gets to school important above buses and they would love to get rid of them. They don't even go into sub-divisions anymore---the golf cart parking lot at sub division intersections is like a homecoming, morning and night. Ideal place for perverts to cruise.

I know you mean well but these people have NO sense of humor, at all.

It costs so much now for a kid to attend a "free" public school that some can't even pay the fees and charges. Public schools were originally set up to cost the student nothing, whether their parents paid more taxes or none. I remember NO charges through high school.

All these fees, lunch costs etc. (one can beg for lunch), is simply a way for "conservatives" to raise taxes---without raising taxes!

It is the reason some don't belong to band, (very expensive), and many other things one must pay extra to do. It causes much dissention in many families.

I can't wait for those here who can afford any school fees and charges accusing me of socialism! They also fought the public schools when they were formed! It must be nice to have half of the population ignorant and available for service.

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No one would accuse you of being a socialist, this would require the supposition that you think.

Yeah one has to be thinking all along or the conserves will steal everything at the banks, issue more credit than can ever be paid off, find ways to raise taxes without raising taxes, continue to use federal borrowed money for schools, unemployment pay, police, firemen, roads, and just about everything instead of raising taxes in Georgia to take care of their own bills.
That would get them defeated! Monstrous hypocrisy! (sounds socialistic too!

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