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Camp Warrior helps students get ready for starting middle school

Transitioning to middle school can be stressful for sixth graders, but Camp Warrior at J.C. Booth Middle helps ease the first-day jitters by giving students time to explore their new surroundings before school starts.

Approximately 380 students making up this year’s sixth grade participated in one of the camp’s four half-day sessions that were held two weeks prior to the start of school.  Eighth grade student leaders, along with former J. C. Booth students now at McIntosh High, were on hand to help orient sixth graders with their new school.

A scavenger hunt allowed students an opportunity to learn their way around the sixth grade halls and locate common areas such as the gym, cafeteria and library, as well as find out about the customs and traditions of the school. A fashion show culminated the day’s activities showcasing both what and what not to wear.

Sixth graders had time to mingle with each other and establish friendships, and of course, they practiced using combination locks to open lockers.
“The main things sixth graders want to know is how to open the lockers and when is lunch,” says counselor Lynda Manwaring, who along with fellow counselors Kristin Cristelli and Terese Benefield, organized the Camp Warrior program.

This year the camp had at least one student from every elementary school in the county, as well as students from other countries such as Belgium and Nigeria.
This marks the third year the school has held Camp Warrior.


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