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Commissioner McCarty says: Vote for Barlow and Ognio

This past election gave us another vote on the commission in favor of the citizens of Fayette County!

The runoff on the 21st is the most critical for ensuring the continued work to balance the budget without raising taxes, as was proposed in the last workshop.

David Barlow has consistently done his best to ensure that the citizens had the ability to see what is happening in their government. He has been to, and videoed, every commission and workshop meeting since I have been in office, and is totally devoted to our citizens to help give our county government back to the people with complete openness! His videos not only are available to the citizens of our county, but to theworld as well.

David has a great deal of business experience in governmental court reporting and related transcription and filmography.

Randy Ognio is a very concerned citizen who has successfully managed his own business for over 30 years. He too, has attended all meetings, and tried his best to get his message of budget and bidding processes and problems to the attention of the commission. He has made many astute observations involving wise stewardship of the budget.

Over the past two years, both David and Randy have frequently made well reasoned public comments to the Board of Commissioners regarding specific Fayette County issues. I believe that they both of these men have decidedto set their personal lives and businesses aside on the behalf of the citizens of Fayette County.

I have come to know both of these men well, share their belief in God, and am fully confident that both would make the most outstanding new commissioners we could have.

Get your friends and neighbors out to vote for these men and the citizens of Fayette County!!!!

Commissioner Allen McCarty



I've known Mr. Ognio and Mr. Barlow for several years. If anybody ever stood up for financial stewardship, it's those guys. I've seen people argue with them over what they think the county is doing wrong, and from what I've seen, they always got the best of the argument. At first, I thought they might be stubborn, but over time, I saw wisdom in their continuing concern over how county tax dollars were being spent.

I salute Mr. McCarty for publishing, not orating his remarks. Not all commissioners are up to his standards. For instance, at the August 9 Commissioners meeting, Mr. McCarty called foul when Commissioner Lee Hearn took Commission meeting time to defend his campaign against Commissioner Steve Brown. Some time ago, I spoke with Mr. McCarty regarding disagreements among commissioners. According to Mr. McCarty, the Commissioners are restricted against criticizing each other during commission meetings. Mr. Brown had expressed his views in local newspapers relating to the positions he felt Mr. Hearn had taken on matters of interest to the public. In this case, Mr. Hearn chose to admonish Mr. Brown publicly in lieu of responding in print. It reminded me of past campaign speeches I've heard... but somewhat less than would be expected from a conduct standpoint at an official meeting.

Once Mr. Hearn had finished, Mr. Brown attempted to answer the charges. But during his rebuttal, Committee Chairman Herb Frady called time on him. It should be noted at this point that Mr. Frady, who is supposed to enforce the committee rules, allowed Mr. Hearn to present his grievance against Mr. Brown until he had finished.

Thank you, Mr. McCarty, for calling this rule violation to the attention of the public. Perhaps we'll see more in the local newspaper.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Let's not have any more of that one-sided manipulation from Herb Frady or anyone else with an agenda. Support Charles Oddo for Chairman of Fayette County Commission in January 2013. What say you Mr. McCarty?

I'm still leaning towards Huddleston, but if you support Oddo, I'll vote the way you recommend. Let me know this week, I usually go to early voting.

Or even Ognio for chair. I'm flexible. Barlow said he nominate Ognio. You would be a good strong 3rd vote there.

Live free or die!

While I understand what your primary desired outcome is, I find it unusual that you would let your vote be swayed by someone's agreement to go along with your preference for chairman. What I read is: My vote's for sale! Somehow I think Commissioner McCarty is more of his own person than you might believe.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Almost everybody votes out of self-interest, so when someone rings a voter's bell by promising them something they want - they vote for it. Exhibit A - President Obama.
Now the odds of Mr. McCarty actually responding and breaking his pledge to Steve Brown and buying my vote for Barlow are pretty much a million to one. Ognio becoming chairman is equally impossible. And in the grand scheme of things, if Brown is going to be chair anyway, it does not matter one bit whether Barlow or Huddleston sits in one of the other chairs.

And Mike King is right. Brown is one of the few people that have the ability to start a term as the leader of a 5-0 or 4-1 coalition and turn it into a 1-4 against him in a very short time.

Of course if Huddleston and Hearn prevail, then you will see a 2-2-1 with Oddo as the tiebreaker, maybe even chairman. It will be very interesting to observe the first 10 minutes of the first county commission meeting in January. After that, not so much.

Live free or die!

Experience has taught me that leadership will manifest itself in perhaps unexpected ways should it be present to begin with. Let's all hope that we see some of that in the new iteration of the Commission.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

or Brown and McCarty. I feel good about Oddo, however. I do think he can be a leader - even without being chair.

Live free or die!

Robert W. Morgan's picture

but we need to decide today - I'm voting tomorrow. I'll vote for the Thumper and the Dumper like you want, but you have to support Oddo for Chair when the time comes.

If I don't hear your pledge today I'm going with Huddleston and Hearn.

Live free or die!

Why not Ognio? Plus, I'd be disappointed if McCarty responded at all and set himself up to be accused of pandering.

i really cannot understand why you do not run for office. You posts here seem to show you spend a lot of time figuring out all these situations and have definite solutions for all the problems. Why don't you run for office where you can put your ideas into action?

Robert W. Morgan's picture

I can't travel the way I want to being tethered to those meetings plus many more things you have to be in town for on an almost daly basis. Of course I'm not electable because I don't see any reason to compromise with anyone or pander to unrealistic scenarios like swim team or tennis center welfare, balanced budgets without spending cuts or tax increases or stopping the West Fayette Bypass. By comparison, I would make Imker and Haddix look like calm, serene and moderately intelligent individuals.

Having managed or co-managed 3 campaigns and strategized on several more, I prefer to stay behind the scenes. No, I am not involved in any current campaigns - 2004 was it.

And before cheap-shot Brown does it, I will say it about myself - it is much easier to criticize someone than it is to go out there and actually accomplish something. That also applies to some other people as well. Some are currently in office. When you hear someone putting someone else down with strong critique, you have to ask why they are doing that and when they are going to bring some positive ideas to the table.

Live free or die!

Steve Brown's picture

To have five solid people who actually promote the best interest of the citizen taxpayers would be a great scenario.

I'm also looking forward to working with Chuck Oddo, David Barlow and Randy Ognio.

Not even Robert Morgan and Nuk can create a enough divisiveness to derail this train!

Mike King's picture

...once you're sworn in as commission chair and seated with you are two, three, or perhaps four supporters initially no bloggers will be capable of derailing your train. That will be done by you in short order as each of your supporters are back stabbed by you for some petty difference until the same childish behavior comes to commission meetings that occurred in Peachtree City while you were mayor.

One tidbit of advice, however, as chair you might want to delay that district voting thing else your term will again be one and done.

You do remember being a staunch advocate for district voting, don't you?

Steve Brown's picture

My council in Peachtree City voted unanimously 98% of the time.

McCarty and I have stayed very true to our promise of not supporting district voting. We have done exactly what we said we would do. It would be even better to have a voting majority and get things accomplished ... balanced budget for starters.

I know you will let us know the moment we stray.

Mike King's picture

"My council in Peachtree City voted unanimously 98% of the time." Pretty tall statement considering 2003-2005 minutes are still on the PTC site.

You could retract as an inadvertent exaggeration, or you could admit to having been afflicted with the Haddix Syndrome.

birdman's picture

claimed the 98% vote and I think he is right to some point. The biggest problem, and this is what will haunt all of Fayette County, is he saw the Peachtree City Council, OUR Council, as HIS Council. When Annie McMenamin voted against his desire for a 1% sales tax for the Avenue (that's right, Mr. Anti-Tax proposed a 1% special sales tax JUST for the Avenue), he stated at a Rotary Luncheon that she was not one of "HIS team." This is the same thing he is trying (with McCarty's help) to set up with the Commission. He wants to load up the Commission with his lackeys, get elected Chairman, then institute HIS agenda. He will call it "his" Commission, totally disregarding that it is actually "OUR," the TAXPAYERS Commission. It is supposed to represent ALL of us (yes, even the Jack Smith's of the world), and not be "King Steve's Court of Jesters."
But woe to the poor sap that ever goes against Steve. Remember his "good buddy" Dan Tenant? They were great supporters until Dan had the audacity to vote against Steve. Then Steve, both at meetings and in this newspaper, conducted an attack of Dan that Joe Stalin would have been proud of.
Yep.... it's beginning. Hang on to your wallet folks. Under Steve Brown and "His" Council, Peachtree City taxes went UP 22%! And what did we get??? Two Ethics Violations by Steve, One Ethics Violation by his minion and fellow Councilman Steve Rapson, a number of law suits, a Special Prosecutor that charged us $50,000 to find NOTHING wrong with our Development Authority, a default on a loan, Insults by Steve to surrounding communities, the degrading of a World Class Tennis Center to a No Class Tennis Center....... and I can go on.
But..... what the heck..... the die is cast. Brownie will get HIS Commission and be crowned King.... and then Fayette County can find out what we in PTC found out, and then we'll resoundingly through the bum out.... AGAIN!

mudcat's picture

When I think about "his" city council and Rapson and Tenant and Weed and even poor Annie, I wonder why DirectPAC got such a bad rap. At least they did something instead of just watching the freak show. 1 year of "his" county commission there will be DirectPAC 2 meetings.

The real danger in all this is that "his" commission will have to take the lead on the NAACP lawsuit about District voting. That should have him twisted up like a pretzel given his multiple positions on district voting and the certainty he would not survive his next election from a PTC-dominated district.

Well bird, it will be entertaining. I hope it won't be expensive.

I guess voting for the sign buddies - Huddleston and Hearn would be an option.

birdman's picture

wait until Steve loads HIS Commission and the lackey's anoint him the "Second Coming" and crown him King! Then, as in all kingdoms, the "turncoat" surfaces (as Dan Tenant did). WOW.... can't wait for King Steve's rant and harassment in the Citizen. Poor.....who will it be....McCarty? Barlow? Ognio? It's funny how Steve can be a "Uniter" as well as a "divider." He united DirectPac..... he trashed Dan Tennant so badly that even I felt sorry for him and came to bat. It'll be a ride for sure. Only hope it won't be too expensive. I sorta think I won't feel the pain as I did in PTC. Have to wonder what he could possibly screw up. Wondered that in PTC, then we found out....EVERYTHING!!
Gonna be a long few years. But certainly fun, in a "gee a toothache is fun" kinda way.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Bost and his trained politicians on the bench - Smith, Maxwell, Horgan, maybe Hearn if he loses, Steele, Dunn, Pfeifer, etc. That group can cause some trouble if they put their minds to it.

I think among the first to be alienated will be the mayors - remember how Dunn when he was chair cut off or reduced PTC's share of something or another- sales tax maybe - just to throw it back at Brown who was PTC mayor at the time? I doubt Brown forgot that one. I guess he would target the new mayor of Fayetteville first and anybody that supported T-SPLOST.

Internally, Oddo is most likely to stand up to Brown from the get go. Sure wish there was a way to have him as Chairman. And of course Brown has already dissed Hearn and Huddleston big time, so if one or both get elected, the fireworks will start immediately. As I said before, an elected official should just keep out of other people's races. Barlow denying Haddix's help is just funny because Haddix won't have much interaction with Barlow. But Huddleston and Hearn have at least a 50/50 chance of being on the same commission as Brown. And Brown being Brown has set up an unfriendly environment - on purpose, I believe.

An elected official should stay completely out of it, IMHO. At the very most, just endorse someone without further comment and certainly without trashing their opponent. Come to think of it, you don't hear any trash talk from anyone in PTC or Fayetteville. Oddo is being classy. Even McCarty just endorsed somebody with minimal comment. So at the least the majority of our pols are acting like adults.

Live free or die!

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Perfect going away present from Frady, Hearn and Horgan. Settle the suit or lose it deliberately, create total and pure district voting, Brown for sure goes down the tubes next election and as a bonus maybe even some of the newly elected will find themselves out of their district. Funny stuff.

Of course that weakens county commission by creating geographical self-interest and of course it enables even more marginal candidates to get elected by fewer people and worst of all it kowtows to a racist organization - Good old Herb and Robert wouldn't do that to the county would they? Have to check in with Bost Hogg and see what he thinks about all that.

Live free or die!

Just ask Dan's first wife what a backstabber he is! Birdman we'll take Jack Smtih who came in third over slime ball Tennant.

You guys are just a bunch of spoiled little bed wetters who don't do a darn thing other than barf your opinions all over this web site. Nothing but divisive idiots!

"barfing" of comments all over these pages. I get it.

I asked him above for some of "his" ideas on issues. We'll see how far that goes.

49 out of 50 votes? No dissenters?

When did you flip flop back against district voting?

Steve Brown's picture

Spyglass, we could have 40 or more items for votes in a single meeting. There were loads of votes throughout the year.

Councilman Steve Rapson actually did the math one year and there were just a handful of votes where someone went the other way.

When Judi Rutherford and Stuart Kourajian came on board to replace Annie McMenamin and Dan Tennant we got a lot done.

I liked Annie and we voted in line on the overwhelming majority of things.

Stuart was a huge improvement and I was very impressed with his ability to travel so often for work and still keep on top of things with the city.

Now that the alliance between Lee Hearn and Sheila Huddleston is official, a lot of people see that is not the path they want to travel. We do not want four more years like the past four years.

Lee Hearn's record is very clear:

1. As the county's Public Works Director, he was written up for poor performance on numerous occasions. He was severely reprimanded for misuse of a county credit card in order to thwart county procedure. He resigned in light of what many believed would be his inevitable termination.

2. Hearn has consistently supported deficit spending. To make matters worse, he has actually voted to increase expenditures when revenues were drifting down.

3. Hearn is one of the most ardent supporters on building the West Fayetteville Bypass. The road to nowhere has wasted tens of millions of our tax dollars. (It was Hearn, as Public Works Director, who said the East Fayetteville Bypass was our number one priority, but he kept pushing the West Fayetteville Bypass as an elected official.) It was later found out that Hearn's relatives own a large number of acres of undeveloped land near the West Fayetteville Bypass.

4. The Board was presented with a resolution to ask that Fayette County be removed from all regional and state mass transit plans. Lee Hearn along with Commissioners Frady and Horgan voted it down.

Or do you just choose not to answer the question?

Oh yeah, all it would take is a handful of votes out of every 100 to easily lower the percentage below 98%. You don't seem to dispute that your 98% claim is just pie in the sky rubbish.

I have never seen a local politician think that the only way to get ahead is to TRASH other candidates. Let me rephrase, I have never seen it work for long.

What about some of your own ideas?

What about traffic issues? Access to and fro to Coweta County is not good.

Crime, any ideas on crime? Do we have enough Police?

Taxes, what can be cut and how much? Or do we need more taxes to maintain our standard of living?

I would be all ears on these issues, but all you seem to be able to do is trash other candidates, and you're not even running for office.


mudcat's picture

I do think that Brown wants his new buddy ($150) Barlow on county commission to gain control of the chair, but I doubt we need Hearn back just so he will be a Brown nemesis. Ognio is harmless to the county and I seriously doubt he will be a brownie like Barlow and McCarty. So if you vote Huddleston and Ognio you get 2 new people on county commission, actually 3 with Oddo and a good chance Oddo will be the new chair.

Barlow refuses to denounce Brown, nor will he write a "back-off, dude" letter to Brown like he did to Haddix. So, I'm thinking he is spoiled goods. And a religious zealot.

Huddeston and Ognio - all the way.

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