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Race: One part of equation in drawing new lines

As the Fayette County Board of Education prepares to consider closing some schools as a cost-cutting measure and redrawing attendance district lines, one of the known quantities that likely will enter into the final equation will be the racial makeup of each school’s student population.

Racial tallies required to be kept by public school systems show that the Fayette system features an overwhelmingly white instructional staff — upwards of 90 percent — teaching a student body that is increasingly minority — 43 percent of the total student population.

Three charts (attached below as pdf files) show the numbers for elementary, middle and high schools by individual school, reflecting numbers from May of this year. (Click on the two attachments at the end of this story to view the elementary, middle and high school charts.)

Figures maintained by the school system show black students represent nearly one of every four students attending Fayette public schools.

The raw data show the Fayette system with a student enrollment that is 56.2 percent white, 23.9 percent black, 8.8 percent Hispanic, 5.8 percent two or more races and 4.6 percent Asian.

The tally of certified staff such as teachers shows school staff at 88.1 percent white, 8.1 percent black and 1.9 percent Hispanic.

The schools’ racial makeup mirrors the county’s changes in diversity over the years. For example, in 1980, Fayette’s non-white population was 4.9 percent of the total, 7.5 percent in 1990 and 14.9 percent in 2000.

By the 2010 Census, Fayette’s non-white population registered 28.87 percent.

School systems across the United States routinely track a substantial amount of state and federally-required data. Portions of that data relate to racial and ethnic numbers of students and teachers.

To that end, The Citizen requested the ethnic and racial numbers from the Fayette County School System and compiled those figures to indicate that breakdown on a school-by-school and systemwide basis.

The figures provided by the Fayette County School System were tabulated at the end of the school year on May 25. The data reflects the ethnic and racial breakdown of students per school. Also provided is the breakdown for certified staff, such as teachers, in the elementary, middle and high school categories.

What follows is the report on the numbers reported by the school system to the state and federal governments.

Taken as a whole, the population of Fayette schools as of May 2012 totaled 20,385 students and was made up of 56.2 percent white students, 23.9 percent black students, 8.8 percent Hispanic, 5.8 percent of two or more races, 4.6 percent Asian, .5 percent Alaska Native and American Indian and .1 percent Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander.

The racial makeup of instructional staff is significantly different from that of the student population.

The same breakdown for certified school system employees such as school teachers shows 88.1 percent white, 8.1 percent black, 1.9 percent Hispanic, 1.2 percent representing two or more races, .4 percent Asian, .23 percent Alaska Native and American Indian and .06 percent Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander.

A further breakdown was accomplished looking at elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.

Across the county’s elementary schools, the demographics show the student population at 55.9 percent white, 22.9 percent black, 10.4 percent Hispanic, 5.1 percent Asian, 4.9 percent two or more races, .6 percent Alaska Native/American Indian and .2 percent Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.

The breakdown of certified staff at elementary schools showed 88.8 percent white, 8.1 percent black, 1.5 percent two or more races, 1 percent Hispanic, .41 percent Asian and .14 percent Alaska Native/American Indian.

The demographic breakdown at the county’s middle schools showed a student population that is 55.4 percent white, 25.2 percent black, 8.4 percent Hispanic, 5.7 percent two or more races, 4.8 percent Asian, .03 percent Alaska Native/American Indian and .01 percent Native Pacific Islander.

The breakdown of certified staff at middle schools showed 89.8 percent white, 7.6 percent black, 1 percent Hispanic, .7 percent two or more races, .5 percent Alaska Native/American Indian, .2 percent Asian and .2 percent Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.

And at the county’s high schools, the demographics for the student population showed 57.3 percent white, 23.8 percent black, 7.2 percent Hispanic, 7 percent two or more races, 4.1 percent Asian and .6 percent Alaska Native/American Indian.

The breakdown of certified staff at high schools showed 85.7 percent white, 8.4 percent black, 3.8 percent Hispanic, 1.3 percent two or more races and .6 percent Alaska Native/American Indian.

As for Fayette County’s population as a whole, the 2011 estimated federal census numbers showed the ethnic and race breakdown in Fayette as 67.2 percent white, 20.1 percent black, 6.5 percent Hispanic and 4.1 percent Asian.

Those representing two or more races accounted for 1.9 percent while American Indian or Alaska Native totaled .4 percent and Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander accounted for .1 percent of the Fayette County population, according to



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Somewhere buried in this article has to be the reason it was compiled in the first place. Certainly I must have overlooked it. If we (Fayette County taxpayers) want to maintain a quality school system, the solution (redrawing lines, closures, staff reductions, realignment, concessions, whatever), must be driven by what best serves the educational needs of the students in our county, and is fiscally responsible. Race has no place in that discussion.

Obviously, someone requested it, or someone has a lot of time on their hands and likes to make charts. My guess for this information? The "new" school (after shutdowns and relocations) will have faculty/admin demo ratios that match student demo ratios. This is a preemptive move to let the taxpayers know what is coming.

So we should fire the white teachers that have been here for 20 years or more because the demographics of the county is changing??? I guess only minority teachers can teach minority students.

Cyclist's picture

According to the Huffington post, a black principal suggested they're unfit to teach to black students.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Philadelphia? Please. I'm sure there will be professionals who will do the right thing for all students in Fayette County. Is there a group in PTC that is dedicated to stirring up hate? Sad. The schools in Fayette County represent their community - and for the most part are integrated. I've never heard a black or white teacher/adminstrator here in FC make such a comment regarding white/black teachers. However - all children need good role models - and FC has them!! No wonder Kevin King left the discussion.. Do you take your coffee black? Well - on to the meeting with my fellow criminal Democrats!

PTC Observer's picture

If the whites in this county don't like blacks in their schools, then they should just move out. You know like they did in Clayton, DeKalb and most of Fulton. Then we'll finally have some quality education for our children!

Let them go......that will show them!

Fear indeed! What we have here is hate. Right? Pure and simple these people just don't like black people.

In visiting some of the schools in Fayette County, including PTC, I have seen American students sitting side by side in their classrooms learning how to respect one another without too much concern about the color of skin! One has to be carefully taught to hate. All whites don't have the same ideology, all blacks don't have the same ideology. Criminals don't give a darn about ones ideology. The enemy is the criminal - and with the average home price in Fayette County remaining above average, it will not turn into a Clayton. The under 50% of minorities in Fayetteville are just as concerned about their property values and safety as the majority. I would imagine that PTC is not too different.

Cyclist's picture

All I did was link to a story from that esteemed liberal newspaper - The Huffington Post.

Anyways are you inferring that the Philadelphia school system is less than stellar?

BTW, was my buddy Kevin at the demo gathering? Come to think of it, was our dear old and infamous liberal guy "basmati" aka "sniffles" present as well?

I could not make the coffee thingy this morning so, till the next one.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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...Public Schools, didn't they?! LOL!

Please explain. They fired all the white teachers in Atlanta? Nothing funny about that. I never heard that before.

Fayette County Board of Education just had to bring "race" into their business. Why? Why bring it up? Everyone is supposed to be colorless. Going to start redrawing districts. Why? Want to start trying to get more blacks in as teachers? why? Why not let any black teachers get their jobs just like anyone else. If they want on the school board then they can go about it like everyone else. Apparently black people are moving to Fayette County because they like something here. When the fools start trying to jockey voting districts to insure a black representative for that district they are setting up that person and that area as being different and standing out from the rest of the population. You uneducated officials associated with the board of education are concerned with minority and majority percentages and you are labeling these groups. " We want you to have a representative" is this country's most ignorant racist attitude. Look at Clayton County. The political air there is there must be proportionate minority representation on all boards, government jobs, etc., whether qualified or not. Affirmative action at work. Overlook qualifications just redraw the districts! Fayette County is doing its best to get to the same status as Clayton, Dekalb and Fulton, by starting to recognize classes and color of people. Naacp does more to damage the black people than any organization. It sets them apart and demands more than equal status. A black person appointed, elected, or hired with the help of government in any way affiliated with race is automatically lowered in status and respect and they know it. Fayette County in all of its business and schools and other needs to drop and refuse to discuss anything applicable to race. Let the people be recognized by name only.

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It is the goal of the state to wipe out individualism, the whole notion of individualism is the antithesis to the state's aims. The state's tool, education, is used to further its aims to spread collectivist thought and an egalitarian society.

The state using distrust of the races, classes and religions; advance these aims. It mandates separation and distrust justifying its actions in the name of "the common good", "justice" and "equality".

State sponsored schools shape our children's minds, teaching the right way to "goodthink". In our schools, unionized marginal instructors that themselves have been taught by unionized marginal instructors, suppress freedom of individual thought and expression. Uniformity of thought and conscience is essential in controlling the population's actions transforming them into sheeple. Incapable of thinking beyond their "education" and common "conscience" they accept and seek the trite costly "solutions" put forth by the state to solve state identified "problems". In the end they enrich the few at the expense of the many.

If the intellectual elite retain power, individual freedom and individualism will someday be a state crime. The Socialist Nazis and the Communist Soviets controlled individualism by declaring those poor souls "insane". If we don't demand our freedom by instituting a smaller representative republic, we have ahead an Orwellian future in America.

While our board of education attempts to make education "fair" and "reflective" of our community, it falls into the typical pattern of state sponsorship of our schools. No one should be surprised by its actions in the future, they will be predictable.

You are so right and the reality is that certain people keep the Race issue alive to further their own agenda. Try as we may to avoid it, New Democrat Party continues to use race and other labels put people in groups...and they have succeeded with a large % of the population. We have seen since the 60's how the war on poverty has only enslaved a portion of the population. What was it that LBJ said?

I believe this country was built and will succeed based in part on Rugged Individualism. Treat yourself and others with respect and you will earn respect, regardless of skin color, regardless of your religion, regardless of your sexual orientation. Stick your finger in my eye and I will retaliate with vengeance regardless of the color of your skin, religious affinity, sexual preference, etc. etc.

I believe that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN has the absolute best system in the world EVER. Hopefully we can keep it.

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