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Tyrone officer walks away from wrecked patrol car in high-speed chase

A Sunday afternoon traffic accident on Ga. Highway 74 in Tyrone involving a police patrol car and an SUV resulted in the two drivers being treated and released from area hospitals and the driver of the SUV charged. The Tyrone officer was chasing a speeder on Hwy. 74 when the accident occurred, causing his patrol vehicle to barrel-roll. Lt. Eric DeLoose walked away from the accident after being cut out of the patrol car.

Tyrone Police Chief Brandon Perkins said the accident occurred on Sunday at approximately 5 p.m. as DeLoose was traveling north on Ga. Highway 74 with his flashing lights and siren on in pursuit of a speeding vehicle, which got away.

The collision occurred as the driver of a Jeep SUV traveling southbound on Hwy. 74 attempted to turn left onto Tyrone Road.

The front of the SUV collided with the driver’s door of the patrol car, resulting in the police cruiser barrel-rolling one or two times, Perkins said, adding that DeLoose had to be cut out of the vehicle. DeLoose walked away from the vehicle after being extricated and was transported for medical treatment, said Perkins.

The driver of the SUV was also transported for medical treatment. Both DeLoose and the driver of the SUV were subsequently released, Perkins said.

The accident is being investigated by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office is nearly complete. Maj. Bryan Woodie on Tuesday said the driver of the SUV is being charged with failure to yield right-of-way.



Tyrone officer walks away from wrecked patrol car after unsafe speed trap antics. Having said that I am happy all are safe. I know it was not dark this time but they sit just off the road in the dark in a dark car no lights on, no reflectors at night stalking speeders and its unsafe how they park and no I have never gotten a ticket in Tyrone. I am surprized more accidents are not caused by these actions.

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself

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