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"Ant-Man" now looking for extras

Fayette’s first film studio is getting ready to roll film. On Wednesday night, New Life Casting issued a casting call for the Marvel Comics movie “Ant-Man” on its Facebook page, according to

“New Life Casting is looking for people to play the roles below in a feature film beginning late August in the Atlanta area. Please submit to Pictures need to be well lit and as clear as possible. Please upload a headshot, waist up and full body shots. If you have already submitted to us, please do not do so again. Also, please don’t be alarmed if you don’t get a confirmation email stating your submission went through. Our data base is undergoing surgery right now. If you submit, we will get it,” reads the Facebook entry.

The casting agency is looking for military looks with some experience handling weapons, along with scientists, business looks and ravers ages 18-23.

“Ant-Man”is slated to be released next summer. The film is directed by Peyton Reed and stars Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd.



Does anyone know what they pay an extra?

Pay is about $ 70.00 a day. Extra if they use your car or you work overtime.

The days on set can last 10-12 hours. Breaks down to less than minimum wage is some cases.

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Ant-Man extras may get paid in bread crumbs.

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote Democratic.

Maybe they can make a few bucks and stay active.

$350 a week doesn't go far.

When will we see the $80k a year jobs for locals?

I have yet to see any production extras casting call around Atlanta call for "retiree types". Do not think Ant Man fans want to look at the grey haired extras when they go to the movies, either.

Seems Tyler Perry is going to spread out in sw Atlanta. Maybe he will share some 80K jobs he is going to create in that low rent part of town...(eyes rolling).

Those high paying makeup artists can do wonders.

Doncha need 4 years plus of higher education to become a makeup artist? I guess I gotta go get me one of those degrees. Four years from now after spending 80 grand to get that degree, well, maybe I can get one of those high paying jobs and be an extra. Or a make up artist.

Why many states dropped the tax incentives. All the local jobs were low pay. Other states built film schools too. The schools made money, the studios still paid low wages, and those who invested on this education are doing, what?

It's amazing to me that not one of the smart folks here has shown any of these concerns. Has anyone provided any guarantee that someone investing $5k in a film education will be able to afford a house in the county, pay off his debt, and raise a family? I can't find any website that provided job descriptions and pay scales which tells me they try to sell people on the glamour and pay poorly.

We will see what happens when I send my head shots.

Most craftsmen in the movie industry are UNION. (A dirty, dirty word in the south) There aren't many 'local' folks who have had an opportunity to have experience in the 'movie industry'. Now that the college and the movie industry are here in our wonderful FC, shopping areas are revitalized, housing is picking up, etc. What is wrong with this?

David's Mom, had to say about the jobs etc? And she would know--she knows all, sees all, tells all--well almost tells all. Anyway, the pay will be high, all ethnicities will be hired, everyone will be happy and everyone will join hands with Opie and Perry and sing an uplifting song. Remember you heard it right from the horse's mouth, or at least David's Mom's mouth--this is the new south.

Do you feel that the scenario you credit to me is harmful to the 'new south'? Why? Careful - you're getting close to revealing your 'true' self. Some former participants already surmised who and what you really are! LOL!

There is no concern there for me. It seems you are the one everyone is on to. Just read back all the answers almost everyone has posted in reply to you. Therein lies the answer as to who is on to who? if you are honest enough to admit it. Your agenda was figured out long time ago by a lot of people on this site and their opinions have not changed.

Tyler Perry has shared his fortune with a multitude of 'low renters', since he's been homeless himself. He and Ophra are highly regarded by the vast majority of Americans for their ability to create jobs for ALL Americans. Their productions hire on ability and represent the diversity found in our country in 2014. Keep your eyes rolling - their is much to see in the 'new south'.

The craftsmen who work in the movie industry make good money. Check it out!

Why is everyone so negative about this studio? I personally know people who have moved to Fayette County and purchased homes with the plans of raising their families here. These people are working at the studio.....being an extra is sure not going to make one rich but it does buy groceries and help people who are out of work feel like they've contributed in some way. Even if for just one day.

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