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'Are you sure about this?'

School is back in session today at all of the schools in Fayette County and, while some students expressed a desire to stay home and some parents shed tears at the sight of their babies growing up, the overall excitement was palpable. Photo/Michael Boylan



What a poignant photo. Thanks.

Now if we can just get these beautiful children unburdened from the backpacks that are almost as large and heavy as the child, we can say we've done a good thing.

I agree about the back-packs!
I never carried as much as a lunch bag to school except a notebook with some homework and a pencil. The books were at school. We didn't have to study for "tests" by the government. Too busy learning common sense and logic.

What is in there anyway that can be so necessary? ( dope, snacks, extra gadgets, phones, computer, sweaters, raincoats, shoes, games, alcohol, tickets, forms, medicine list, flute, walking shoes, extra underwear, hat, umbrella, six days of dried rations, whistles, and girlfriends stuff!

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Did they have books when you went school?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Paprus ones, yes. Some on velum paper. One newer one which Abe used had a fireplace burn on the edges.
Most of our schoolin were from vocal methods and with a slate blackboard which sum got to eraise and clean the eraiser by poundin hit on a rock.

My child came home last year with his backpack so Heavy he had to drag it home. It was so torn up where he could not use it anymore.


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