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UPDATED: 2 males found dead at Ardenlee home in north PTC

UPDATED 1:45 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 8 — Peachtree City Police are investigating the deaths of two unidentified males whose unresponsive bodies were found in a home Tuesday morning.

Causes of the deaths are undetermined at this time, but police with a search warrant were at the residence in Ardenlee subdivision in north Peachtree City and were searching

the home as of 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to Department spokeswoman Capt. Rosanna Dove.

Peachtree City police and fire units converged on 246 Clifton Lane at approximately 9:50 a.m. this Tuesday morning. Two males were then transported to Piedmont Fayette Hospital. The two are now officially listed as deceased, Capt. Dove said.

According to county property records, the property is owned by Timothy and Andrea J. Ruberg. A woman, age 24, from that address was listed on a Fayetteville arrest report Aug. 2 for DUI.

Dove said units arrived at the residence and soon began working on the two males who were both in cardiac arrest. Dove said the men were subsequently transported to Piedmont Fayette Hospital.

An investigation is currently underway to determine the circumstances behind the two men being found in a condition requiring police and medical response teams, Dove said.



This is terrible. I hate to speculate but a search warrant combined with two men having heart attacks at the same time makes me wonder if they swallowed drugs that were the subject of the police presence to begin with. What a horrible situation for the families, the neighborhood, and our city. Very surreal for Peachtree City.

BUT I will.

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Let the cops do their job. Sometimes they can't instantly figure things out.

Could have been a gas leak. Cardiac arrest means their hearts stopped and breathing is suspect but may not even be there either.

If you "hate to speculate" , then don't.

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I think what we have here is a drug deal gone bad. Overdosed when they were sampling the product. The DUI chick was probably at the bar in Aberdeen where Logsdon goes. Hope he is not involved because it may hurt his lawsuit against Haddix.

The alternative is one of those gay sex strangling things and I don't want to see that on Channel 2 Action News. Bad for Peachtree City.

Best solution would be 2 old guys playing poker who has heart attacks at the same time. Anybody heard from carbonunit or roundabout today?

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The carbonunit is just fine. Your speculations have established a new low point for you in the opinion polls taken of the carbonunits on this blog site. Impressive.

Dear Mudcat,
I know that people like to speculate, and to post something "clever". This is a tragic situation. Both families are kind, decent, loving people who have tried their best. Parents and siblings are in shock, paralyzed, and devasted. These young men were sons, brothers, and friends to many in this community. Indeed, they grew up in this community, were schooled in our schools, attended our churches and, despite their problems, were otherwise kind, loving young men. Please don't let how their lives ended define them in the public space. We can't control what reporters say, and how they prey on grief and sensationalism....but we CAN control how we act and whether our comments are well-mannered and designed not to cause additional grief to families who may, inadvertently, read them......

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No, we won't let how their lives ended define their lives. For sure we will acknowledge that they were kind loving young men who grew up in the community. And thoughts and prayers for the family.

You made an ass of yourself even more than usual! Channel 2 and PTC aren't very important when compared to this severe problem.

I don't think I have had any comment about this. I know nothing about it except what Rosannadanadove said!

No matter what happened, the family/families must be grieving. To attribute wrongdoing in a public forum - with no knowledge at all - is not only mean, cruel, and petty, it's also small-minded.

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Live free or die!

[quote=inquiringmind]No matter what happened, the family/families must be grieving. To attribute wrongdoing in a public forum - with no knowledge at all - is not only mean, cruel, and petty, it's also small-minded.[/quote]

You are right inquiringmind. Very short-sighted of me. If it had been one of my family members, I would not appreciate speculation on the circumstances. Consider myself duly corrected and if I offended anyone, please accept my apologies.

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Whether inhaled or ingested they must have received the poison around the same time.

I wonder who made the call for help.

Was it one of the victims or a third party?

Has anyone else been treated in nearby emergency rooms for poisoning around that time?


at some of these comments! DISGUSTING!

at some of these comments! DISGUSTING!

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It appears that the farther outside the perimeter I get, the more judgmental the people become. You Fayetteville people never cease to amaze me. You need an olympic gold medal for your "jumping to conclusions" skills. Really.

Why do you think all these comments are from Fayetteville people?

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[quote=halfdollarandlost]Why do you think all these comments are from Fayetteville people?[/quote]

In all likelihood, Fayetteville people would read the Fayetteville paper. You got any better ideas? ha!

Perhaps whomever has this "gold medal" would be willing to share it with you, RKS. First, the paper's readership is not limited to Fayetteville. Second, even if the print version was read only by those in Fayetteville, the online version has a wider audience. Third, and you'll excuse me for pointing this out, but I think you may have jumped to a major (erroneous) conclusion yourself.

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